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Senior Scottish clergyman says gays should be able to marry in churches

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 13 Jul 2009, 5:45pm

    Now, if this Senior Scottish Clergyman says Gay couples should be able to wed in Church? Who are we to argue with that?

  2. Very welcome comments!! Thankyou Reverend! :)

  3. A rare species- the true Christain espousing values of loving thy neighbour etc. We ned more of his kind in the church.

  4. Very Reverend Kevin Holdsworth, born 1966 – an interesting man. Do a web search on him. he’s also in Facebook, go figure.

  5. What a generous and charming individual!

  6. Pete & Michael 14 Jul 2009, 8:02am

    Well said!, we have always stated that a Civil Partnership is not equal to Marriage. Is a Civil Partnership recognised in other countries? No, but Marriage is. We turned our backs to the church a long time ago because of their outright discriminations, if same-sex couples wish for a church blessing or marriage that would be their personal choice. We personally just wish for Same-Sex Civil Marriage that has full equality with Civil Marriage and recognised as such in other countries.

  7. Tim Hopkins 14 Jul 2009, 8:23am

    There’s a big campaign in Scotland to get same-sex marriage, supported by the group I work for, the Equality Network (national Scottish LGBT organisation). Supported by Kelvin too fo course!

    This comment system won’t let me post the URL, but if you search on equal marriage Scotland, you’ll find the campaign website!

  8. This is ‘high church’ whereas most of Scotland is ‘low church’. But most congregations accept their clergy is almost all gay, including the catholics. Don’t have much option do they!

  9. There is hope for religion

  10. What a breath of fresh air! What a loose cannon in amongst the religious mess, eh? I bet there’s hundreds within the church heirarchy who will gun at this one for having dared to break ranks. Good for him. As much as I pity anyone who believes in supernatural nonsense of any kind, it has to be acknowledged that this guy is being brave!

  11. Tim, #7, it is possible to post a URL in these Comment threads but only by using slightly complicated HTML. The easy way round the problem is just to eliminate the first part of the address right up to the end of www, for example, just write:

  12. Tim Hopkins 14 Jul 2009, 11:06am



  13. Have just noted that in my County Council’s guide to getting married or getting “civil partnered”, it states:

    “Unlike marriages, Civil Partnerships are just that, Civil.”

    There’s something strangely unnerving about this statement. The paragraph goes on to state that getting “civil partnered” in a church is not permitted.

  14. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 2:37pm

    Steady Eddy,
    Most things are a mess nowadays in the UK. Politics? Eight Soldiers killed in 24 hours? You Eddy? I think you are more to be pitied than blamed. You swan around the Pink threads giving some good but mostly bad comments. You are quite un-thinking about other peoples’ feelings generally. You would like to dominate and dictate situations but your interlect (such as it is!) lets you down. Try to loosen up a little. Be more laid-back in your approach to life. Truly Eddy, I really like you.

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