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Facebook tribute to murdered Liverpool teen disappears

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Reader comments

  1. I’m a member of Liverpool Gay Quarter and I too, will write to Facebook about this.

    I am not pleased atall.

  2. I will email facebook as well to ask why the page has been removed


  3. There’s been a new group set up about it. Binsteel’s Mother has been posting a lot on it, which as you would imagine, has turned it into a massive flamewar. Maybe she tried this on the previous group too and that’s what led to it bieng shut down?

  4. Just been to explore about complaining myself. It looks like we need the exact name of the Member. I don’t know what to put there… whether it was in the name of Michael Causer, his nephew, or someone else.

    Maybe somebody who knows could tell us, so we can all complain.

  5. michael liverpool 14 Jul 2009, 7:13pm

    Hi there, I help to run the Liverpool Gay Quarter group. Little bit disappointed that there’s no instructions here on how to complain to facebook. So, to clarify…

    The group which was removed was titled ‘Michael Causer’ – dedicated to Michael Causer and his family. The group had:-

    6892 members, 35 discussion topics, 906 wall posts, 64 photos, 19 links, 1 admin (Christopher Gledhill), and 1 video (A Pansy for Michael Causer).

    People can contact facebook at these email addresses:-

    appeals at facebook dot c o m
    warning at facebook dot c o m
    login at facebook dot c o m
    privacy at facebook dot c o m
    disabled at facebook dot c o m
    info at facebook dot c o m
    help at facebook dot c o m

    and they can also be contacted here w w w .facebook. com/help/contact_generic.php (put the letters together).


  6. michael liverpool 14 Jul 2009, 7:14pm

    I’ve had to type the email addresses like this as the system won;t let me post links. Hope it’s clear??

  7. michael-causer dot gonetoosoon dot org/ this a permanent website dedicated to Michael

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