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Gay support group told: ‘Gay men are confident enough already’

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  1. They’re both Tory councillors.

  2. I can understand how he reaches that opinion, from what he sees around him. What he needs help understanding is what he doesn’t see. Because it’s the people who need the services of a support group like this who don’t have confidence and esteem. They’re very much in need and that’s exactly why he’ll never see them.

    But… I would also like to see a genuine gay “community”, where we *do* help our own “family”.

  3. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 2:23pm


  4. Surprisingly (or unsurpisingly), considering the proximity of Essex to London, there is very little in the way of activities or support for LGBT in Essex.

    I’ve never encountered Essex Gay Men, although I’ve seen them advertising for volunteers on a charity site. It’s absolutely disgusting that gay men in Essex should have their support service refused a paltry £500 support grant based on “gay men are confident enough already”.

    Firstly, we’re not all Graham Norton or John Barrowman! Judging our community just by those that are visible is plain wrong.

    Whilst it is true that all gay men strive to go about their lives with confidence, Essex needs a local gay community, not reliance on the London scene which is isolating in it’s very nature.

    Clearly, Essex Gay Men is aimed at supporting not only out gay men, but also those who can’t or do not want to come out. Surely these men are the most vulnerable of all, and really need support. To this end, this move by the two councillors is blatantly prejudiced.

    I will be writing to Andrew Cain to this effect.

  5. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 10 Jul 2009, 4:18pm

    We need to show them the vulnerable – but unfortunately most of the gay media – especially now Pink Paper no longer exists does NOT show, or report on small community groups. But rather focus on London, celebrities and commercial opportunities…

  6. jonnielondon 10 Jul 2009, 4:42pm

    The affluence of LGBT people is a complete myth. Attached is recent research on this: Because of the prejudice and discrimination that gay and lesbian people face, our job prospects tend to be more unstable and limited, and our pay is lower. Another study I found indicates that women in general earn 66% of what men make, and lesbians earn up to 13% less than their straight female counterparts!

    As for outward self-confidence, appearances are deceiving! Most people want to put their best foot forward and come across as confident as possible! Studies indicate that LGBT people are at the greatest risk for bullying, harassment, anxiety and depression, not to mention low self-esteem. Tell these goofballs to do their homework.

  7. #3
    Surely that was …”…a man after midnight…”.?

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