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Gay men ejected from Texas restaurant for kissing

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not surprised by the police response. What I would hope to get from a police attendance would be formal documentation of the evidence: ie. to end-up with a copy of a form in writing which confirms the group were ejected because two of them kissed. That at least gives the basis of future action.

  2. USA. The land of the free. Not.

    Is Texas what they call a ‘flyover’ state?

  3. they used a law that isn’t on the books to support homophobia! the police and others need punishing

  4. Edward in Los Angeles 10 Jul 2009, 12:36pm

    When an officer tells someone that it’s illegal for men to kiss in public, then the situation is NOT in control. Someone should sue the sh**t out of that restaurant.

  5. Pathetic.

  6. Simon Murphy 10 Jul 2009, 12:54pm

    Has the police officer who told the gay customers that it was illegal for gay people to kiss in public been put on desk duty pending an investigation into his lack of knowledge of the law and his homophobia. Isn’t is also in Texas that the police almost killed a guy in a gay bar on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall.

    Texas seems like a homophobic s–t-hole

  7. Thats pathetic. But I guess u can expect that in texas…the redneck plaza.

  8. My partner and I communicate a lot by the different ways we kiss, and we kiss evey day without fail.

    When we dine out and we see a straight couple cuddling and kissing, even if it’s just a peck, we look into each other’s eyes and imagine that we are kissing too.

    The closest we can come to kissing in public is holding hands at the movies. The sight of two guys kissing makes me swoon. Call me a hopeless romantic.

    It’s alright for guys to brawl in public, though, isn’t it.

  9. jonnielondon 10 Jul 2009, 1:36pm

    What’s disturbing is that they call the police for assistance, if only to document the events, but end up being threatened with a charge. Thank goodness many cities have “gaybashing” hotlines where LGBT members can get assistance if they don’t trust the community police. I only hope these guys: 1) don’t have to pay for the meal; and 2) that the ACLE sues the ass off the restaurant and the police force!

  10. I’m no homophobe – “-phobe” is a suffix meaning “fear of” and gay men don’t scare me – BUT seeing them kiss repulses me to my core – repulsion does not equal either fear or hate. Anyway – a peck on the cheek in public is one thing – mining for tonsils (even if you’re straight) in front of children and family is entirely another. Sure, we’re a country of freedoms – but let’s not forget that one man’s freedom is no better than any other man’s freedom: his freedom to kiss as he wishes certainly cannot over-ride my freedom not to have to see it in public – gay or straight. This is not a discrimination issue – its an issue of society and morality. I do actually have one recourse I always follow: I never give more business to an establishment that openly allows such behavior. If no one will stand up for decent public behavior, then those who do care can just spend their hard-earned money elsewhere.

  11. Henry Collier 10 Jul 2009, 4:04pm

    What else would you expect from the ‘grate’ State of Texas? Is it still true that many a ranch boy’s first sexual experiences are with a calf?

  12. John Corvino 10 Jul 2009, 4:51pm

    Sounds really familiar to me, sadly:

    I hope these police officers get a similar reprimand.

  13. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 5:30pm

    I have never seen Straight couples kissing in any restaurant I have been in and if they did while I was eating I would Object. I would also Object to two Gays kissing instead of eating. There is a time and place for kissing and that’s not any restaurant I want to eat in…ALRIGHT?

  14. Commander Thor 10 Jul 2009, 6:07pm

    Brian Burton, you don’t know what you’re misssing out on.

  15. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 6:26pm

    Commander Thor,
    Don’t be silly, yes I do! who needs It?

  16. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 6:33pm

    Commander Thor,
    I’ll ignore that!

  17. Poor old Brian – maybe one day the world will become a little less straight-laced and cheerless for you.


    It’s so good to see you on PinkNews.

    I saw a photo of Chaz and his girlfriend on 365gay dot com today, and you know what? He looks good! And healthy. And happy!

    I’ve been reading you for a few months, and I do believe you have your head screwed on right. Also, I appreciate your comment on this issue.

    Imagine calling the police for protection and being victimized by them when they show up. Sounds like a scene from a Monty Python black comedy. Texas, need I say more.

  19. Simon Murphy 10 Jul 2009, 9:07pm

    No 12; Brian Burtonb; You say: “I have never seen Straight couples kissing in any restaurant I have been in and if they did while I was eating I would Object.”

    That’s all very well. But you live in a christian nursing home don’t you?

  20. John Corvino (11):

    I just read your story ‘Kiss and Tell’ on pridesource.

    How can the Texan gay lovers be contacted to tell them about how you resolved your encounter with police homophobia? You were wise to move away from the troopers.

    If a law against kissing in a restauraunt exists, shouldn’t it be posted where everyone could see it? Otherwise, the restauraunt owner is acting arbitrarily, isn’t he/she, and that, to my way of thinking, is illegal.

    As jonnielondon mentioned above (9), I hope the gay couple didn’t pay the bill.

  21. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 9:58pm

    Simon Murphy,
    You should’nt fall over yourself to berate me and spell my name wrong you Irish Ass.

  22. Hello brothers & sisters ! ! !

    Do a web search for JOHN CORVINO ! We have ‘royalty’ on this thread !

  23. Actually, while I don’t agree with him, Brian Burton’s comment isn’t all that shocking.

    Here, people not only never kiss in public, but they act like stepford couples. If only anyone did kiss from time to time. But it’s one of those things virtually no one does, gay or straight. Along with routine hugging in public. It’s “inappropriate”, because there are always always young children present (because each family seems to have twelve of them – everywhere you go is like a giant daycare center). Gay people ought to have the right to public displays of affection with other gay people. …Now if only straight people actually did anything affectionate so they couldn’t claim gay people want more than equal rights in practice. As far as I know, openly gay guys can’t be arrested for shaking hands in public, because that’s all straight people ever seem to do around here. It’s both technically equal…and sadly pathetic at the same time.

    Well, all the best of good luck to the Chico Five and their equal rights.

  24. Simon Murphy 10 Jul 2009, 11:50pm

    I’m not berating you Brian, dear. But you quite an old fashioned invert aren’t you?

    Don’t mind me. I’m just being reflective.

    You English fart.


  25. SteveDenver 11 Jul 2009, 12:19am

    Sue the police for false representation of the law — get some “go away” money from the district attorney.

    Sue the restaurant for emotional hardship and public embarrassment, subpoena everyone on staff that day. Start in small claims, one suit per man. I’m sure they can close the restaurant and come to court every couple of weeks.

    Start a campaign so queers and our friends will skip the place (there go the good tippers). Let all the anti-gay churches and hate organizations know, too, so they’ll pack the place. Horrible tippers and lots of untamed brats.

  26. david Tran 11 Jul 2009, 2:07am

    Oh, Texas. The state never fails in stupidity.

  27. Michael W. 11 Jul 2009, 6:00am

    I just wish I had a boyfriend to kiss!

  28. The actions of that police officer and the restaurant should not reflect the opinions of Texans. Being a gay Texan myself, I have witnessed a great openess to homosexuals in my community. Actually, right in the heart of Texas, -Austin, there is a very large LGBT community and they are very welcoming and gay-friendly here

  29. Brian Burton 11 Jul 2009, 8:55am

    Michael W.
    Go out there to a cruising spot nere or far. Stand there and Sing: ” Luck Be A Lady Tonight”……You know the words?

  30. We should stage a demonstration where we all go down and kiss inside this taco shack.. Make it a destination for gays.. Add novelty to this place as a gay tourist stop for kissing.

  31. Thankfully in the UK if a restaurant tried this we have laws in place to ensyre they would get into serious trouble.

  32. Brian Burton 11 Jul 2009, 4:09pm

    Ray from Texas,
    Exactly, I do not think people here realise how vast Texas is in relation to Uk.
    These Goonies will demand sex on resarant tables next, they have been named selfish Bastards by ‘wiser council’ over here and Boy, was he right!

  33. To Brian Burton ! IT WAS JUST A KISS ON THE LIP!, it wasn’t like they were making out! you dumb fuck .

  34. I’m not crazy about anyone kissing in public, gay or straight, but this is outrageous. They need to sue the restaurant, sue the police department, and sue the outfit that provided the rent-a-cop. It’s the only way these bastards will ever learn that they can’t walk all over us with impunity anymore.

  35. Being a gay El Pasoan myself, I’ve never felt like I’ve been discriminated against because of my sexuality. I find this to be an isolated incident and don’t think this reflects much on Texas being a homophobic state. Still, I hope the security guard, officer and police spokesman all get reprimanded for this!

  36. John Corvino’s article (#11) is excellent. Well done on getting justice in that case.

  37. It may be a cultural thing, but there are places where a smack & a hug in public is common place. We’re anot talking about hormone action here; a simple and spontaneous show of affection, that’s all.

  38. Well I for one fully support Brian Burton. There is a time and a place for everything, and I for one do not want to watch two people stuck to each others faces while I’m trying to eat my fucking dinner.

    I understand it was wrong and totally OTT for the restaurant to call the police, but whether the couple were gay or straight, they should have been asked politely to cease and desist such lewd, provocative and disgusting acts in public. ;o)

  39. it’s a burger bar Rob, not a mosque ;-)

  40. RobN:

    Maybe I should have my eyeglasses changed, but I understood that it was the gay guys who called the police, not the restauraunt owners.

    Also, where I’m from, straight people hug and peck anywhere, even while stopped at a red light. Jeez, it’s a great thing for kids to see. It’s bloody violence in sports that should be illegal and censored, not a harmless expression of love.

    My opinion, of course :7)

  41. Brian Burton 12 Jul 2009, 6:42am

    It’s great reading all the posts on this thread. All different and I would hope so. If we all agreed on everything, what a bore!

  42. Simon Murphy to Brian Burton, #18, “But you live in a christian nursing home don’t you?” Simon, that repost caused me to erupt with loud laughter! A good quip – with a touch of truth to it! (I hope Brian takes the point, but I notice on another thread he’s just left for The United Reformed Church with his partner, where presumably they wouldn’t dare to even hold hands!)

    John Corvino, #11, thanks very much for your account of your similar run-in with homophobic officers in Texas. Though you had the strength and conviction to go through with making a formal complaint, it’s clear the situation must have been highly disturbing and upsetting, as you admit. You handled it very well, and probably because of your constant application to the gay rights business. With reference to another thread that’s getting a lot of comments here at PinkNews at the moment, if it hadn’t been you but a couple of gay guys who had chosen instead to respond to those troopers with high-camp theatrics, I doubt if the situation would have been panned out anywhere near as well!

    Click here to read John’s account of how he dealt effectively with homophobic Texas troopers

  43. Brian Burton 12 Jul 2009, 5:45pm

    Try pulling your head out of Simon Murphy’s Arse ocasioally, but that would be a laugh if you did!

  44. Brian Burton 12 Jul 2009, 5:51pm

    Try pulling your head out of Simon Murphy’s arse occasionally, but no, that would be a laugh if you did!

  45. Brian Burton 12 Jul 2009, 6:00pm

    Good-by Kissing Cousins, I Love you All!!!!

  46. @raul – i can back that up, i’ve been to el paso, it never struck me as a homophobic place at all. you can find bad apples anywhere – something quite similar happened not too long ago in a supermarket in my part of the UK.

  47. Nothing funner then suing bigots.

  48. Don’t blame Texas, in places like Dallas and Fortworth, gays and lesbians are accepted. there’s places like this restraunt all over the world. It’s the reastraunt people at fault, not Texas.

  49. I agree with Raul

  50. Hahahaha! At least some people in this world have there head on STRAIGHT!!! LOL

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