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Doncaster mayor’s decision to cut Pride funding brings ‘record interest’

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 5:11pm

    This cranky Mayor ought to take lessons in how to win friends and Influence People.

  2. Brian: I taught him everything I know… ;o)

  3. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 10:36pm

    Sydny Greenstreet to Humph. in ‘The Maltese Falcan’: “You are a card sir!”

  4. Quite a clever man is Mr Peter Davies, using reverse psychology to help boost his town.

  5. PCG, Germany 11 Jul 2009, 10:54am

    I hope the mayor does not get a single penny from the profits. Good luck for the organisers.

  6. What a silly old prick. I suppose he’d rather see more St George’s Day celebrations which, from the evidence I saw this year, consisted mainly of fat ugly men wearing flags and getting drunk. Certainly made me proud…

  7. I hope they make paper-mashier models of this joke of a mayor to parade through the town. I think it would be quite fitting to display this mayor at Doncaster Pride for the joke he is. Maybe throw in a music remix of his now infamous radio interview for good measure.

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