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Conservatives’ grouping with homophobic Polish party ‘will give them more power’

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Reader comments

  1. Good old reasoned, seasoned and polished Tories.

  2. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 5:40pm

    The point is, apart from Vulpus rex, Will the Gay Vote be garenteed to the Torys after climbing into bed with the Polish Homophobic Party?

  3. Let’s hope not, Brian. I mean, if somebody wants to vote for Tories, go right ahead, but don’t pretend that’s not going to be detrimental to the interests of LGBT people in this country (and outside). If that is none of your concern, that’s fine, but let’s just call a spade a spade.

  4. The only thing the Tories will get is the lose of the next general election

  5. Simon Murphy 10 Jul 2009, 8:54pm

    This just proves what we all knew already. Homophobia is perfectly acceptable to Tories. If they get into power gay rights will be up for sale if it suits them. Still though. What do you expect from a party with such a blatantly fake leader?

  6. Simon above has sussinctly made my point.

  7. Stuart Neyton 11 Jul 2009, 12:47pm

    How could it possibly give them more power? I don’t want to sound boring, but in the last parliament tories had some extremely high-ranking and influential positions as a direct result of their membership of the EPP, the largest group. Edward McMillan-Scott was vice-president of the parliament, Neil Parish was head of the agricultural committee, Jonathan Evans and Giles Chichester were head of the delegations with the US and Australia respectively, John Bowis practically shaped the EPP’s entire health strategy, as did Malcolm Harbour with the internal market. These jobs are only given to members of the main two groups. How could they possibly have more influence in a group smaller than the greens? (Not that i’m criticising them, I voted for the Green Party). This also completely ignores the unsavoury people they’ve just jumped into bed with, which will likely hinder cooperation with larger groups.

  8. The tories will pay lip service to equality if they think it makes them look more attractive to voters, but as soon as it advantages them they will sell us down the river. They have no genuine interest in furthering equality. They have NEVER had one policy that proactively pushes the equality agenda. They may jump on the bandwagon and say they agree with things that have happened, but they would never implement anything themselves. If they get elected we can wave goodbye to any progress.

  9. Homophobia, clearly acceptable to Tories.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Jul 2009, 2:58pm

    This will be a case of “I told you so” once Cameron gets into number 10. Gay tories are ok with his of course just like their republican gay Log Cabiners in America, supporting a party that votes against them.

  11. vulpus_rex 11 Jul 2009, 8:34pm

    The Polish chap quoted in the article says that the polish party concerned are opposed to gay marriage.

    So are the Labour party, that clearly makes them monster, raving homphobes too.

  12. and this is poland, imaging what is going to happen when turkey is going to join the EU

    Gobble Gobble…

  13. SImon Murphy 12 Jul 2009, 12:36am

    Indeed Labour may be opposed to gay marriage Vulpus Rex. But the leader of that Polish party thinks that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation. And the Tories are chums with them. It just goes to show that despite ‘Dave’ PR Cameron’s statement that the Tories are no longer homophobic it’s quite obvious that they are still typical Tory bastards.

  14. Yeah, Simon is right. To compare the Labour party with the ultra right wing nutters in Poland is off the scale stupidity.

  15. In the magazine section of the Sunday New York Times there’s a profile of David Cameron. His closest adviser is quoted as saying something like gay equality is a dead issue or gay equality has gone as far as it’s going to go. Either way, it’s pretty clear that the Tories aren’t going to do anything to advance gay equality and in the unlikely event of a bill allowing gay marriage reached the Commons, I’m pretty certain the conservatives would vote against it wholesale.

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jul 2009, 3:47pm

    “Among Republicans in the United States, the difference between the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Huckabee wings is wide. In Britain, by contrast, many Christian conservatives have been ready to compromise on social issues. Montgomerie is willing to support gay unions, albeit without any great enthusiasm. “Politically,” Montgomerie says, “the gay rights issue is over. Completely over.” By recognizing that, Montgomerie says, Cameron has actually done the social conservatives in the party a favor. “He has bought permission to talk about a pro-marriage agenda,” he said.”

    Slightly mis-quoted Darrien ….

  17. @Adrian T

    Off the scale stupidity is, of course, vulpus_rex’s speciality.

  18. More power eh? More Right wing power leads to the destruction of Human Rights and democracy(and you think its bad under Labour; watch this space!)

  19. Thanks for the catch Sister Mary Clarence

  20. When it comes to european political groupings,the tories seek out quantity rather than quality! If this is the best grouping they feel content with, then heaven help us post next general election! Can those gays who voted tory at the last election, kindly inform us 1,why and 2, will you at the next election? Given that the tories don’t seem to have a positive LGBT agenda apart from allowing a tory mp on gay pride and Cameron saying its ok to have gay tory MPs, i’m keen to hear why anyone from the gay community would want to activly vote tory…..and why?!

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