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Bisexual MP Simon Hughes consulting lawyer over News of the World phone hack

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 9:32pm

    Simon Hughes, Not the most openly Gay-Friendly type. But, as they say, it takes alsorts…!

  2. Some people are bisexual Brian Burton deal with it!

  3. Brian Burton 11 Jul 2009, 2:23pm

    What are you talking about? As for myself, I’m saying he’s not a friendly person–Has the penny dropped yet?

  4. Abi1975: “Some people are bisexual Brian Burton deal with it!”
    Yeah, and some people are full of shit and want their cake and eat it. He’s a fucking fag that wants the respectability of a family to keep his MP’s image up. Bisexuals generally gay people either too scared or too up their arses with their own arrogant self-importance to own up to it. I would have thought this is one LibDem that would have learnt a lesson from his predecessor, Jeremy Thorpe.

  5. Simon Hughes’ campaign for Bermondsey was disgraceful against Peter Tatchell back in the early 80s. I have never seen him as sincere. However it is wrong to slur all bi people as being similarly disingenuous. Some people can love all holes – and good for them.

  6. AdrianT: “Some people can love all holes – and good for them.”
    It’s like having rice and chips on the same plate. It just ain’t right. On top of that, it’s just plain downright greedy.

  7. @RobN: hey leave the biphobia out of this please. you say its greedy but im bisexual and im not getting both sexes at the same time. “it just aint right” sounds like the homophobes dont it?!

  8. I agree ray ray. Those of who you feel its ok to bash at bisexuals should take a look in the mirror – any and ALL homophobia is WRONG!!!

  9. Brian Burton 13 Jul 2009, 10:10am

    Nay, Nay, and thrice Nay. RobN is not against Bi-sexuals and certainly not Homophobic, that word you people seem to bandi- about when It is far from the truth. RobN is entitled to his opinion. I’m glad It was I who told you this, RobN’s language would be more colourful.

  10. Whatever someones sexuality or political views (unless its terorists!) we are supposed to have laws stopping this sort of thing! This is not even the “Powers that Be” but media hacks! I am suprised the Met will not be doing anything about it. I bet if it was the Commisioner who had been tapped they would be bashing down the doors of the reporters and dragging them down to Paddington Green! (By the way is it Bi Month or something; everyone seems to be coming out as Bi!?)

  11. i think calling bisexuals “greedy” says it all…bisexuality is anything but greedy, its love not bound by gender. both me and my girlfriend are bisexual and comfortably so. if we were gay we woulda said but we are not.
    at the end of the day its the lesbian, gay, BISEXUAL and transgendered community right?

  12. Brian: Colourful? Oooh Missus! Titter ye not!

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