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Trans woman who went on hunger strike wins funding

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Reader comments

  1. Good for Debbie Davies I know she exhausted every avenue with Nottinghamshire PCT over several years.

    Its a sad state of affairs when people are forced to take extreme action to get treatment availible in other parts of the UK.

  2. Good to hear it, Debbie. You will become who you are, you will, you will, you will!

  3. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 9 Jul 2009, 3:07pm

    I say congratulations on getting the support – but I really don’t like the last quote “As long as I fulfill my part of the bargain and live as a woman for two years, then it’s there.”

    It’s as if changing gender is a flippant decision. I think this causes an extremely negative effect on Transpeople – no wonder transphobia exists. I wouldn’t want my thousands pounds of taxes to go to someone who then changes their mind…

  4. good for her,

  5. Oh get real, she only did it to get the “Slimmer of the Year Award”, you know what these women are like.

  6. theotherone 10 Jul 2009, 12:29pm

    fvck off robN.

    We need more role models for young Trans people like this – people who won’t role over and die.

    If I had her adress I’d send her a box of Mars Bars to build her up again.

  7. Seven days for the PCT to cave.

    Those of us in Wales are taking notice.

  8. I’m not keen on any form of “blackmail” to get what you want, no matter how good we think the cause is.

  9. good on her i say and i think if your so desperate you have to do something like this when other nhs areas will fund treatment shows how stupid this post code lottery is!

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