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Mother’s letter inspires gay marriage protest outside Irish parliament

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 9 Jul 2009, 11:05am

    For UK readers who’d like to give the Irish Prime Minister (Brian Cowen) a little reminder about how important tourism is to the Irish economy, and how legislating for civil partnerships in Ireland is sending a very bad signal to the world aboutn Ireland’s commitment to equality for all its citizens can I suggest you drop him an email along the lines of:

    “Dear Mr Cowen,

    I am from ______ in England / Scotland / USA / Whereever. I am a regular visitor to Ireland and have always enjoyed the Irish hospitality and welcome.

    It was with great sadness therefore that I read that your governmment intends to legislate for civil partnerships for the gay and lesbian community thereby denying them access to the legal contract of civil marriage. In the 21st Century it is entirely inappropriate to be denying equal access to marriage to a law-abiding, tax paying minority group. This sends a very negative message to the world about Ireland’s commitment to equality for all its citizens.

    I urge you to scrap the proposed Civil Partnership legislation in favour of access to full civil marriage for gay people.

    I look forward to paying a return visit to Ireland when the gay community has achieved equality in terms of access to civil marriage.

    Yours sincerely”

    His email address is

    If you send it then please copy the Minister for (in)Justice (Dermot Ahern) also – his email is

  2. Thank you, Simon! Done. To both. Tweaked your template a good bit to make my letter more individual. Also referred to my Irish heritage! :-)

  3. I also send the email and mentioned how much I liked living in Ireland for a couple of years. Thanks for the template. Helga

  4. Simon Murphy 9 Jul 2009, 8:55pm

    I wonder if the Irish government will invent some terrorism excuse to ban protests outside Parliament. I hope not. I like the way you can just turn up and protest outside the Dail in Dublin.

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