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House of Lords votes today on anti-gay hate speech

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Reader comments

  1. don’t expect miracles, since the lords is full of bishops and other geriatrics.

  2. they’ve voted 186 to 133 to remove the amendment….but i thought they were voting to remove the incitement to hated part of the bill as thats the way the BBC broke the news ?

  3. and the christian institute are claiming victory saying their right to free speech has now been protected on a news story on their site giving those vote numbers! so i’m very confused now!

  4. I hope they do the right thing and the christian bigots lose

  5. Mihangel apYrs 11 Jul 2009, 11:14am

    theotherone: I was comparing coxes with bramleys, the slippery slope argument does apply.

    At what point does nasty comments become bullying? I’d say when someone feels degraded and made to feel insecure, I’d welcome your interpretation. Repeated low-level sniping does have an affect: being called a “fucking queer” once can be ignored, being called “Mary” (unless your name is Mary) on a daily basis, especialy by someone with authority over you can grind youi down.

    Being told continuously that youi’re sick evil and going to hell because you’re gay, especially by youir church or teacher does come into the bullying category. It also validates physical violence

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