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Swedish study finds gay brains resemble those of opposite sex

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Reader comments

  1. Lezabella 8 Jul 2009, 4:13pm

    Not only that, if you google something along the lines of ‘homosexuality genetic’ there’s an interesting Wikipedia page with links and snippets of information from a study wherein it states that:

    Lesbians have an inner ear structure the same as men and longer fingers than straight women.


    Gay men have, on average, longer penises than staright men.

    Seriously, it’s not a joke!

    Looks like we WERE built this way eh? :)

    Hugs to you all!


  2. Nick Weeks 8 Jul 2009, 4:27pm

    Rather a prejudiced way of thinking and reporting it – why not say that people who are sexually attracted to men have slightly different brains to those who are sexually attracted to women?

    The reporting does rather suggest that the authors think that “men” only means straight men”.

  3. Brian Burton 8 Jul 2009, 4:32pm

    I am a Dalek and I exterminat all humans…exterminate…exterminate…!

  4. I look forward to responses to this work from other neuroscientists. It doesn’t sound right to me.

    There are aggressive muscular men who you would think are the epitome of heterosexuality . . . but they prefer other men. Do they have brains that look like those of women?

    There are passive feminine women who you would think are the epitome of heterosexuality . . . but they prefer other women. Do they have brains that look like those of men?

  5. David Griff 8 Jul 2009, 5:31pm

    I’m pretty sure numerous studies have already found this, and while it is important to keep repeating studies to reinforce the findings, it’s hardly news every time a study comes to the same conclusion.

  6. I am skeptical . . . this all a bit “black and white thinking” with no grey areas, as if life was that simple.

    Ontologicaly speaking the world consists of more that just striaghts and gays sexuality wise. . .

    bisexuality, bicurious being the grey areas which never seem to be considered, even though Freud argued as earlier as the 1890s that we are all inherently bisexual in our unconcious. . . I remain skeptical

  7. So, when will they find the cure to make the brains right?

  8. It’s fucking genetic, all you fucking religious zealouts that lurk here. Nature>Nurture.

  9. i wonder where this leaves us lesbian transsexual women…..

  10. I wouldn’t deny my brain has some feminine-like qualities. But for certain, I like being the sensitive masculine (but not macho) male that I am. So this study comes as no great surprise.

  11. With you on that one Dermot. I love being gay.

  12. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jul 2009, 9:52am

    I am rather worried that they are still trying to find the “reasons”, since that could lead to them seeking a “cure”! A cure that could involve aborting gay foetuses.

    I thik we need to start pushing the fact that nature/nurture is a red herring: we’re as we are, let them get used to it, and let them make the necessary acommodations to it.

  13. Xaria . . . exactly – they seem incapable of dealing with the complexity of human sexuality, not that I am against rigourous empirical studies; but they may be in danger as I see it of misssing the wood for the trees if they pressent sexuality as a crude system of binary opposites.

  14. I’m just a transexual lesbian hermaphrodite trapped in a man’s body.
    I’m confused.

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