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Polish Law and Justice Party confirms it’s still homophobic despite joining forces with the Tories in Europe

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Reader comments

  1. Of course they haven’t changed, how can they?!

    The Tories have really aligned themselves with oddballs and crackpots; the Czech Civic party’s leader, and former president denies climate change is happening; and the Christian Union in holland call for creationism to be taught in schools and called for funding to go to an ex-gay group last year. A real lunatic fringe.

  2. Well it’s a satellite state of the Vatican, waddya expect.

    Expect this…’wypierdalej’..!


  3. I do hope their voices get drowned in the rest of EP, however nasty this may sound.

  4. John (Derbyshire 8 Jul 2009, 8:07pm

    Lets face it-these are the REAL views of the REAL British Conservative party! Anybody who has ever attended an after-dinner speech given by William Hague will already know that is it is peppered with homophobic comments. So-c`mon everybody-get real-IF you vote Conservative-this is what you are really voting for!

  5. And just as I was beginning to believe that western civilisation was built on homosexuality!

  6. And how about the political party in Latvia Cameron has recruited into his nasty little group? Yes, the party that to this day pays hommage to the members Waffen SS. So the Tories are joinng the lunatic (and dangerous) fringe of Eastern Europe politics. Thanks, Cameron … but no thanks.

  7. Birds of a feather etc

  8. Brian Burton 9 Jul 2009, 7:08am


  9. Simon Murphy 9 Jul 2009, 9:49am

    Ask the Tories about this – their website has a very user friendly feedback form:

  10. wW knew this all along. Mr Hague was trying to convince us the Tories were not gay phobic! NO WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU WILLIAM! If you join in with the likes of this homophobic and rascist party in the EU parliament how can we believe the Tory’s love gays! Takes more than Potty Boris in a pink cowboy hat at Pride methinks. As for Mr Obama – what an insult; this man is respected more than most US presidents.;

  11. And if Cameron thought he’d get away with it, he’d probably strike an alliance with Nich Griffin & Co of the British ‘Nazi’ Party … and think of how many loadloads of gay they could sink!!!!

  12. I think that the Tories may regret their decision to allign themselves with these EU crackpots. It has rather blown their cover, and proves that underneath they have not changed at all. Vote Green and leave Labour and Conservatives to rot!

  13. Marian Blaszczak of Law and Justice is leading the opposition to a concert in Warsaw by Madonna.

    Expressing his disappointment that Lech Kaczynski, the Polish president, has failed to ban the concert he said:

    “This concert shouldn’t have been arranged, her behaviour is immoral. The president, who calls himself a patriot, is a complete disappointment for me.

    “The concert by an utterly obscene vocalist is on the polish army holiday and the anniversary of the Miracle of the Vistula, which is of national significance”.


  14. At last – final proof. I just couldn’t believe it that the Torys said these crazy Poles had somehow suddenly become liberal like magic over night. So far the Torys have systematcially fantasized and blatently lied to the public at every turn. They carelessly hold the public with contempt and are already corrupted with the arrogance of power and bad intention. It’s going to be such a bad idea for this country to vote this lot in. You should vote to create a hung parliament.

  15. I eagerly await Sinister Mary’s rationalisation of this alignment. Vulpine Rover also screams Labour are evil, and maybe they are, but this article shows how the conservatives are as bad, if not worse. I’ve never heard any of William Hague’s speeches to the end; I find him a wondeful cure for insomnia.

  16. Brian Burton 10 Jul 2009, 10:25pm

    Well, If one single Gay in Uk Votes TORY, then that Gay person will really get what they vote for.

  17. Cllr Stephen Ellis 10 Oct 2009, 1:59pm

    The European alignment is based on centre-right parties coming together in a new coalition which believes Europe should be a collection of nation states and not become a new country called ‘Europe’.

    The UK Conservative Party has made it clear that it doesn’t share the views and policies of some of the Parties in that Alliance – especially those policies about gay and LGBT issues. I am sure that David Cameron in Government will work with those Parties across Europe to change such views and policies.

    I should also highlight that Labour won’t agree with all the policies with their European counterparts and neither the Lib Dems with theirs. These are the policies by which those MEPs have been elected by their voters. And while I’m sure most people on this site will not share and would indeed condemn such views, we have to respect their freedom of speech and the democratic mandate they’ve been given by their electorate.

    There is much work to be done promoting equality across Europe and beyond. Creating false propoganda that this is something to do with UK Political Parties is not helping the matter. It’s another case where we should also be working together on LGBT issues for the greater good.

    Stephen Ellis
    Deputy Chairman, LGBTory

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