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Gay actor John Barrowman says bishop who said gays must change should “stop talking rubbish”

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 8 Jul 2009, 5:23pm

    Well it’s about time some of the Thousands of Gay Actors and actress’s ‘came out’ and conemed the rotten old Bish.

  2. Good for you, John! Well said! Let’s hear more from you and other well-known gay and lesbian people on things like this.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Jul 2009, 6:09pm

    Time to start a movement to disestablish the C of E cult altogether. Nothing but a bunch of parasites sponging off the tax payers. Who needs that crap? Get some more democracy and oust state religion once and for all. Its irrelevant to 21st century living anyway.

  4. Thank you Mr. Barrowman.

    But Mr. Barrowman is only one man, albeit a celebrity.

    What he has said, has been said time and time again, on here, by Mr. Mrs. Miss. & Ms. Ordinary Gay.

    He may very well reach a huge audience in one fell swoop; great and again, all thanks.!
    But it is not just one man that has been outraged and offended by the disgraceful words of this bishop; it is thousands who are left confused, hurt and suffering by the abandonment of the principles of his Founder, in his (this bishop’s) quest for Pharisaical moral rectitude, rectitude according tho the law of Nazir Ali; or if you are a Roman Catholic, rectitude according to the law of Jozef Ratzinger and pre-decessors.

    Those thousands backed up with the support of publicly recognised gays need to encircle Rochester next year and ‘Pride’ the purple-garbed cleric into a re-think if not into a full apology.


  5. Good to hear that Mr Barrowman is concerned about the Bishops rantings . . . lets encourage other prominent and out LGBT celebrities to feel that they can respond to current events and make a differnece.

  6. Will the Scouser 8 Jul 2009, 6:28pm

    Yes, he’s absolutely right. No doubt we’ll be reminded that the Church of England (or the Roman Catholic Church etc.) isn’t a democracy. “It’s not a matter of whether we WANT to change our teaching on homosexuality, so there’s no point in discussing that; it’s that, even if we wanted to, we CAN’T. It simply isn’t possible.”

    You hear this kind of argument in other fields that have nothing to do with either religion or homosexuality, and it’s amazing the speed with which, once it’s fully realised just how inconvenient “CAN’T” is becoming, what was once called “simply not possible” miraculously becomes possible.

    There was a time when a person who felt a conflict between the teaching of his/her church and the fact of having a gay member of the family would cling to the Church and become, at best, somewhat semi-detached from his/her gay son, lesbian daughter, gay brother etc. Now it’s the other way round, and the churches are going to have to come to terms with that sooner or later.

  7. Who even listens to Bishops nowadays? I say “Ignore them!” :)

  8. Well done, JB! He got his message across absolutely clearly. Not that the bishop will listen, but I hope others do.

  9. “Stop talking rubbish.”

    Well done, JB! He got his message across absolutely clearly. Not that the bishop will listen, but I hope others do.

  10. @ Natalie

    If only we could ignore them.

    The problem is that as of right, twenty six CoE bishops (including Nazir-Ali) sit in the upper house of the UK parliament and therefore get to influence all manner of legislation and ultimately vote against equality laws.

    Until the House of Lords is reformed in such a way as to exclude such non-elected funny hat wearers, we are therefore forced to listen.

    Lobby your MP in favour of the current proposal for a 100% elected second chamber.

  11. We need more Gay Actors and Actress’s to speak for gay rights. If only Fry would do the same rather than feathering his nest with the BBC.

  12. Brian Burton 8 Jul 2009, 9:53pm

    Fry feathering his nest at the BBC?… So what, Fry works
    for the BBC as many other Gay people do. Like anyone else, Fry can choose what he wants to do in life, and that may not include supporting ungreatful twits like you!

  13. John Barrowman is right, of course… lots of people spurn the Church because of its views on homosexuality. And quite right too.

    But he’d be wrong to imagine Nazi-Ali and his fellow bigots give a damn about that. They don’t care about splitting their Church. They don’t care about pressing the nuclear button on their own Church. And like Barrowman says, they don’t care for a moment about the teaching of their supposed God.

    In the end, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot. Bigots gravitate to religions, like rats gravitate to sewers.

  14. Brian Burton . . . strong words there.

    In what way is Craig an . . . “Ungrateful Twit”

  15. Bishops in the House of Lords! 26 of them! Holy Smoke and Mirrors, Batman! Why not replace bishops in the C of E with reform-minded MP’s and John Barrowmans at the next Lambeth? ZONK !!! A stage is a stage is a stage.

  16. Bentham: Yeah, Why not replace all the Bishops and Hereditary Lords with arse-licking Labour yes-men? Oh shit. Too late. They already have.

  17. Not sure anyone would call Craig an ungrateful twit. Carig is right to say that more actors should speak up for equal rights.

  18. Thank you John Barrowman – more of the same.

  19. Bishop Ioan 9 Jul 2009, 6:28am

    This “bishop” is a scandal so far as I am concerned. There is so much hatred in the Churches…this is why I left mainstream Christianity. I would, were I able, to say to his face: “You are sinning against Jesus’ teachings of love and acceptance. It is YOU who need to repent, not LGBTQ people!”

  20. Brian Burton 9 Jul 2009, 8:05am

    Like TESCO says, ‘Every Little Helps’ Toodle-Loo!

    Actually, I hate Tesco. I think Tesco are cheeting the public and they get away with it!

  21. Ever the wag, Brian, ever the wag…hahaha

  22. Lezabella 9 Jul 2009, 9:49am

    ASDA is well cheaper than Tesco anyway Brian! :)

  23. Brian Burton 9 Jul 2009, 11:46am

    I ment to ask you about Liverpool. (Have you heard the song I’m Your Long Haired Lover From Liverpool?) Golly-gosh dear, it’s about 40 years old, that one! Liverpool has become a place of culture and Doddy’s Diddy men don’t carry much weight now. I had a couple of Lovers from Liverpool and they still said things like ‘Drop ya kecks’ I should’nt think liverpudlians talk posh now, just because of the wonderful culture thing there?

  24. John Barrowman is not only good looking but popular with men women and kids; more than this silly old bishop can say eh!!! Well said John! (but what IS Captain Jack up to I ask?????Maybe we could send all the naughty kids to the aliens and save on ASBs!))

  25. Dearest Brian-

    I have indeed heard that song before, if I recall it’s one of the Osmond lads who sang it?

    We still say things like “‘Drop ya kecks”, as I still call trousers and jeans ‘kecks’ ha ha!

    I think the younger generation in Liverpool speak a much more faster and aggressive (whether they mean to or not) version of scouse.

    I, too, slip into this version now and again, especially if I’m annoyed or drunk! But you see, I’ve had to refine and tone-down my accent so much because my girlfriend is an Aussie, she can’t catch a word I say if I talk ‘normally’ ha ha! :)

  26. Reality Check 21 Jul 2009, 6:11am

    Jeus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the father except through me.”

  27. Reality Check 22 Jul 2009, 2:13am

    KS4 – it is thousands who are left confused, hurt and suffering by the abandonment of the principles of his Founder,

    And what are those principles Keith, the ones that he established not the ones that you make up….

  28. Spot on John Barrowman! Nazir-Ali is the one of the Anglican bishops wanting to cast us American Episcopalians from the Anglican communion, for our steps toward full inclusion of GLBTs in the life of our church.

    and also an American fan of Torchwood

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