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Lesbian couple win £22,000 over sexual harassment at work

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Reader comments

  1. Typical male sexual aggression towards lesbians.

    Wanting control over a part of female sexuality that has nothing to do with them.

    And who was the tool who brought the Jews into it?! How thick and ignorant can some people be?!

  2. Very glad they won. And you’re absolutely right, Lezabella – ignorant, aggressive, offensive sexual comments. What was quoted in this article is pretty representative of the kind of verbal abuse many lesbians get from ‘men’ who think that women exist purely for their pleasure.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 7 Jul 2009, 1:23pm

    not enough money for losing your job, and “hurt feelings” make it sound trivial. Insulted, demeaned, humiliated are words that describe some of the comments.

    The work place is supposed to be a safe and professional place, where, even if you despise somebody, you get on with the job. For the manager to take such a hostile attitude says a lot about him.

    If they had insulted people of colour this way, I believe that their feet wouldn’t touch and the COMPANY would be deep in it!

  4. “lesbians had never and would never suffer in the way that Jews had”.(words of Stephen Baker-Joy)

    How dumb can one man be? did he not know that hundreds of thousands of gays and lesbians went to the gas chamber also under Hitler’s Nazi genocide!!!!!

  5. Brian Burton 7 Jul 2009, 4:11pm

    Lezabella, Goody Im glad this couple won their case and recived £22,000. It will make other employers sit-up and take notice of this kind of harrisment.

  6. Lezabella 7 Jul 2009, 4:28pm

    I agree Brian, hopefully people will now behave as professionals in work.

    Abi1975- I agree, not only were homosexuals persecuted, but the Jews have nothing to do with this situation whatsoever. You can just imagine the ignorant div coming out with that sentence thinking he was really clever!

  7. Jen Marcus 7 Jul 2009, 5:43pm

    I agree with Mihangel apYrs they should have been awarded a greater amount in monetary damages for their loss of employment, emotional trauma and distress for the humiliation they suffered in the workplace. I also, agree that if they were people of color and treated that way they would have received a greater compensatory award and perhaps even punitive damages. Maybe they were offered and received less because of the intrinsic gender and homophobic discrimination by the defendants ,and God forbid , maybe the approving Court of the settlement?

  8. I’m glad they won they’re case, and although they’re not together I wish them the best. Also, it’s good to see so many lesbians comment here! Not something I often see and helps make this place “pink news” rather than “gay news”.

  9. tony (Queer and proud!) 24 Feb 2011, 6:10pm

    doesnt surprise me the two lesbians have split up – lesbians tend to go through more partners than a dose of salts.

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