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Gay couple ‘backed out of foster plans after negative media coverage’

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  1. Somebody please make up my mind !

  2. so the couple backed out themselves because of pressure from the catholics, which the media appear to have bowed to ?….oh this story just gets worse!….bunch of kiddy fiddling priests have no right to lecture anyone on morals

  3. No yup yup, the Daily mail is not a catholic organisation, it is a national newspaper.

    In January, I think the Mail did about five opinion pieces on it – attracting other ghouls like Peter Hitchens, Richard Littlejohn, Melanie Philips and egged on by the Christian Institute, all calling for the gay couple to be named.

    The Mail is really a nasty piece of work, with an agenda to stop gay adoption.

  4. i know it’s a right wing newspaper Tom…..i remember the episode….right wingers and catholic priests seem to make such a good couple though, sometimes i forget whether the Daily Mail is gunning for democracy or christian fascism…silly me

  5. The Daily Mail supported the Nazis at one point as well didn’t they?

  6. Mihangel apYrs 7 Jul 2009, 7:01pm

    I thought it was difficult to place 10 year old children and older, because nice straight potential adopters only want babies (to mould and train).

    No doubt this kid will get adopted because those nice Xians will do everything they can to make it happen: sod all the other kids who won’t get gay parents because they will fear being outed by Xians and the Daily Hate and its writers

  7. Ian M Laughlin 7 Jul 2009, 8:11pm

    You are quite correct Jack. The Daily Mail openly supported the Hitler regime in Germany, approving of its activities right up until the eve of World War II. I am told that the Daily Mail opposed the UK granting asylum to Jews fleeing Germany during the middle 1930’s as well. The Mail remains an implacable enemy of gay people, single parents, gypsies, travellers, the Irish, minority language groups, the young, immigrants, and all manner of dissidents. With its vindictive campaigns to name individuals such as altruistic gay foster parents, it encourages vigilantism and – frustratingly – just about steers clear of prima facie hate crime.

  8. Brian Burton 7 Jul 2009, 10:21pm

    Never become involved with Children or animals especially if a nasty Daily Mail Journalist gets hold of the story.

  9. Amanda Platell is a wicked, evil, homophobic Australian who should be removed from this country.

  10. I’m beginning to see the light. I read the Amanda Platell piece in the January issue. The Daily Mail is to journalism what the BNP is to politics and the KKK to social organisations.

    The gay couple backed away from the adoption because this paper would have published their names. And the market for the Daily Mail is alive and well even after its sympathy for Nazism and its anti-semiticism.

    Smells like a real skunk.

  11. Simon Murphy 8 Jul 2009, 12:23am

    And The Mail sells millions of copies every day. No wonder the BNP and their ilk are gaining popularity.

  12. you can’t blame them, the media can be pretty cruel, not to mention the community

  13. Pumpkin Pie 8 Jul 2009, 1:55am

    It’s stuff like this that makes me want to leave this country. Far too many cretins out there dragging us down. Thing is, when I think about it, what other countries out there have a more “enlightened” population than the UK? Seems like stupidity and hate are global afflictions.

  14. There certainly is some truth in that. Many people are brought up in stupidity and hate, but few are as articulate as the British. That’s just an observation, not a compliment, so you don’t have to be wary of it, guys.

    Still, it is a shame that the extreme right-wingers have the power to shape society away from the inevitable. Real lives are being affected negatively and that’s enough to drag anybody down, let alone a wholesome gay couple who has qualified to become foster parents.

  15. Brian Burton 8 Jul 2009, 6:57am

    Pumpkin Pie,
    Supidity and hate have always been global afflictions. Starting with the rise of Nazium in the 1930s. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the late 1950s/60s. Many (brush) wars and genocides in recent times. Oh! yes Pumpkin Pie, stupidity and hate are never far from any of us!

  16. Bishop Ioan 8 Jul 2009, 8:28am

    Unfortunately stupidity and hate appear to be part of the human heritage. It’s a shame that this couple has been harassed into dumping their plans to adopt. A hard-to-place child has lost a chance at a loving, nurturing home…DISGUSTING.

  17. How despicable that the Daily mail and bigots can dictate what happens with regard to children’s welfare. I wish the couple could have got some kind of injunction protecting them from being named. I understand their fear. And how sad for the child. I wonder what their thoughts are?

    What worries me is that now such bullying has won once, other haters will be encouraged to use such tactics.

    (Ian – eye-opening info about the DM. I had no idea about its Nazi sympathies :o )

  18. The Daily Mail have gone too far this time, surely they are inciting hatred??!! Isn’t that against the law?

  19. So Platell and the Daily Mail stirs up hatred and yet they don’t seem to be getting penalised – the Daily Mail is a bigoted hateful paper
    it’s a tragedy for the kid
    the Catholic Church doesn’t care about kids as they closed the adoption side rather then being fair to everyone

  20. quote from the guardian, 21st may 2009, Re Daily Mail UK circulation revenues fell by 6% to £35m at the division. The company said that April trading saw UK advertising revenues remaining at 36% below the equivalent period last year. Recruitment revenues in the UK were down 63%, with property down 54% and retail down 11% year on year. However, the company said that other categories were “at or above” previous months.

    The evil rag is in the red and losing money fast, thought it might be of some interest.

  21. Interesting to find here that Amanda Platell is mixed up in all this. I haven’t been aware of her for years, seems she’s not so much on television these days, or at least I haven’t, thankfully, seen much of her.

    Anyway, having lived for a number of years in Australia I would like to share with you all my insight into Ms. Platell. She is quite simply a natural motor-mouth, a gobster. Where does this come from? She’s what intelligent heterosexual men think beautiful – and she was more so ten years ago, about the time she started working in this country. She’s also from a privileged Australian background in which she was raised to have great confidence in herself. Australians generally are without British reserve, and so she arrived in this country a very out-going confident well-educated Australian conservative. Into the Conservative Party she went, assisting them with PR I understand, and from there she has gone on, connection by connection. Her kind of reactionary backwardness does not generally go down well in Australia and so she has quite a market here in this country: and she’s fully prepared to bolshily say what most Brits would shrink from saying. And thus she’s found her niche: at The Daily Hate (thank you for that better title Mihangel).

    As for a couple of gay men deciding not to adopt the child in question because of then becoming the focus of certain media (and certainly the target of media like The Daily Hate) it is indeed a tragedy.

    This is BULLYING. This is HOMOPHOBIA pure and simple. Platell’s statement demeaning gay people as parents is hateful, spiteful, diminishing, and riven with homophobia.

    Let us be ANGRY about this, and let our anger FUEL positive action!

    What we gonna do?

  22. Simon Murphy 8 Jul 2009, 11:21am

    Well one method of damaging the Daily Mail is to target their advertisers and ask why they are advertising in a newspaper which promotes hatred and intolerance.

    A few years ago a right-wing US radio shock jock called Dr Laura Schlessinger was given a TV talk show called The Dr Laura Show. This vile creature had stated repeatedly on her radio show that gay people were a ‘biological error’. US gay activists were furious that Viacom (who own several TV stations) would give a blatant bigot a national platform to promote her facist views. So an activist Jon Arovosis decided that it was time the gay community exercised their freedom of speech to ask companies that advertised on Dr Laura’s show why they were associating with bigotry. They further exercised their freedom of speech to inform these companies that products would be boycotted as a result of their links with a bigot like Dr Laura. The campaign was hugely successful and within months her show was cancelled – partly to do with falling ratings but more to do with the fact that companies were not buying advertising time on her show. I think the webpage can still be seen on archive –

    That could work with the Daily Hate. The fact that they are bigots cannot be changed (a paper which has Nazi sympathies is not going to suddenly decide that gays and foreigners are suddenly good people). However if they could realise that their hatred is harming business then that could work.

    Some bright eyed web expert should start a StoptheDailyHate website and start listing their big advertisers and their contact addresses and emails and telephone numbers


  23. Tragic and appalling, and you can hardly blame the gay couple concerned. The Daily Mail and its ilk are almost an argument against freedom of the press.

  24. The Daily Mail is an aggressive rag with bigoted undetones like racism, homophobia and chauvinism. They have headlines in giant letters like:

    “IMMIGRANTS: RUINING BRITAIN!”- then in small print it will say ‘according to a report’ from some obscure ‘University’.

    Or here’s the other common theme:

    “WOMEN: KIDDING THEMSELVES IF THEY WANT A CAREER!”- says some random housewife from hertforsdhire.

    Every day they have a story about some poor man who was falsely accused of rape, horrible as that is, why do they not report of the fact that conviction artes for REAl rapes are at just 6%? Or how thousands of REAL rapes happen every year- where are all of these reports??? They focus on how a handful of men are victims to a few nutters who deserve prison, yet ignore thousands of women who have been raped and murdered.

    It talks non-stop about how hard done by straight white males are; yeah it must be really difficult getting paid more than your female counterparts for the same damned job, or being given more job opportunities when you leave school/college/uni even though females attain higher grades than males every year in exams, it must be hard really hard having the overwhelming majority of MPs representing you, and the overwhelming majority of company board members/directors/well paid jobs respresenting your demograph.

    The other day it has ‘GAY CONMAN SWINDLES THOUSANDS’, erm, why is it important that the man is gay?

    It’s a vile newspaper. Absoloutely vile. If it’s front page doesn’t have immigrants/terrorism/Muslims on the front cover then it has poor Lady Di splashed over it. Awful paper, awful

  25. Simon Murphy 8 Jul 2009, 12:55pm

    It’s an awful paper that is bought and read by millions of people every single day – its daily sales are over 2 million. The largest paper in Britain is the Sun. So the 2 biggest daily papers are The Sun and the Mail. The Sun is pretty dodgy as well but not as motivated by naked hatred as the Mail. The Sun is motivated by naked boobies but is still pretty right-wing and reactionary.

    The government is scared of these papers.

    Therefore the only way to take on the beast that is the Daily Hate is to target their financial bottom line and to inform them that this is a direct consequence of their neo-facism.

  26. “encouraged” into a lifestyle which is against her beliefs”

    but I bet she loves the fact she’s more than likely a whore who sleeps with everybody etc. What a sick bitch

  27. Lezabella and Simon, I was invited to a dinner party given the other night by neighbours, all very nice people, who accept my gay outness, apparently without any problem. There were seven of us and all having a hilarious time at the table, as you do. Then all of a sudden while we’re talking about newspapers, one guy, standing by his convictions sticks up for The Daily Mail. “It’s what people WANT, isn’t it!” he says. “It’s what the people want!” Remember we have a dinner-party situation here, we’re only halfway through the evening, everything has been going so well, and these are neighbours I have to live with. So I gently suggest that there are better papers. I start cautiously, “Papers like The Independent and The Guardian tend to give you facts . . . “. But he jumps right in with, “Independent? Guardian? You can’t READ them! What do they mean? You can’t understand them! What are they on about!” Well, there was no going any further. Clearly this man doesn’t have the wherewithal to read longish lines, biggish words, or live without endless pictures and bits of celebrity gossip. But the episode reminded me: a lot of people read the likes of The Daily Mail and The Sun simply because they are papers which are SIMPLE and EASY. There are one hell of a lot of people in this country who can barely read! They genuinely do not have the brainpower and the will to comprehend the text in a decent newspaper!

    Anyway, Simon, I think you’re suggestion is the way to go. Simple newspapers will be read by simple people. So let’s force those simple newspapers to clean up their act. Hurt them where it hurts: their pockets. Get at their advertisers.

    So who can do it? Who will set up a simple website called “”?

  28. Lezabella 8 Jul 2009, 1:58pm

    Brothers and Sisters – I have found a site which you may like. :)

    Take a look at Google and type in ‘angrymob’ dot ‘uponnothing’, it seems like an anti-Mail website exposing their bigotry.

  29. Jean-Paul 8 Jul 2009, 2:21pm

    Keeping in mind that a million people showed up for the Pride Parade only a few days ago, it seems to me that with the support of the posters on this thread we could put a serious dent in the Daily Hate’s market by developing Simon Murphy’s strategy into phase 1, phase 2, etc.

    Does anyone know how to set up a website like StoptheDailyHate? I’m guessing that many Brits who lived through the Blitz, as well as its competitors, would help to bring down this hate mongering ‘newspaper’.

    Focusing our anger on positve action, as Eddy has pointed out, is constructive thinking. If we went about it systematically, without getting all emotional like I would be inclined to do, we could set up up objectives with approximate deadlines. This will not happen overnight. Months, maybe years.

    I’ve done enough committee work to know that the biggest enemy of concerted, organized social action is personality conflicts among members. This needs to be a concerted effort and you know very well that people will drop out if there is too much conflict among ourselves. It’s a complex affair, and it would help if our objectives were well thought out and written down, possibly modified along the way.

    The enemy has been identified: homophobia. That is an enormous target; how can we miss it?

    Does a gay organisation aready exist that would add this onto its agenda. Maybe we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If it takes money, let’s organize a fund-raiser – hello drag queens!

    The paper is already bleeding; the government is ‘scared’ of this paper – these factors will work in our favour.

    If we can just keep calm about it, it could be done, and it’s perfectly legal. I suggest looking for a leader among the elders if only to keep our zeal from torpedoeing the project.

    I don’t have all the answers, but I could bite into this project.


  30. Let’s not get too excited, let’s get organized, let’s go.

  31. A word to the wise: we can take it for granted that the ‘fundies’ have been following this thread. Do we care?

  32. I had my shopping delivered by Tesco yesterday and i received a free copy of the above mentioned paper, that’s the first time i have got hate mail!

  33. Simon Murphy 8 Jul 2009, 4:15pm

    Hi Rodders. Did you write to Tesco’s head office to request that they stop sending hateMail to you? That if they ever send such a neo-facist rag to your house again then you will not shop at Tesco again?

  34. Lezabella, great! Yes, there appears to be a whole galaxy of anti Daily Mail blogs and sites out there.

    Click here for excellent run-down on Ms. Amanda Platell!

    Then visit the home-page to get a general idea of this excellent site.

  35. And another website, Mailwatch, is today covering this very story we are talking about here. The Mailwatch site is more likely to appeal to the simple-text-loving readers of The Daily Mail – because, as it states, “We are here to show them that they are being lied to”.

    Click here for gay adoption story at Mailwatch

  36. So much of the groundwork is already done. I’ve already visited ‘angrymob’ and will visit the other sites.

    Let’s shake up the Daily Hate. Let’s bring out the skeltons from the closet, e.g. pro-Mazism, anti-semetic, etc.

    The rag is already bleeding financially, so we know where to strike.

  37. david skinner 8 Jul 2009, 4:51pm

    What is being suggested here -and by Brighton and Hove Council itself – is that they did not bow to the mother’s request for her son be raised in a normal family, consisting of a mother father, out of deference or recognition to the legitimacy of her religious views, or even out of deference to reason and common sense, which in fact they do not recognise, but that they were intimidated by the Daily Mail. It was through homophobic bullying. It’s not fair!

    But this same charge can be laid against Stonewall and the present government. Parents and teachers will not bow to the gay agenda, because they assent to the Hegelian philosophy behind it, which states that there are no objective moral values or absolute categories; it will not be because they respect evolutionary humanism and secularism but out of the fear of heterophobic and Christianophobic bullying.

    The government’s ultimate tool against voicing criticism of homosexuality is fear. In this the government has been spectacularly successful, by deliberately creating a climate of doubt with regard to what sexual behaviour is open to criticism and which sexual behaviour should be openly celebrated, such as dogging and sado- mascohsim. The public is being put at a severe disadvantage. Having been ordered to abandon our Judeo Christian conscience against which we were able to tell pretty well whether something was proved good or bad, right or wrong, we are now totally dependent on the subjectivity of a magistrate or Attorney General. Never knowing whether what we will say will land us in court, we, the public have become compliant and silent. We are not prepared to gamble on being deemed homophobic when, with the threat of seven years in prison, the stakes are so high. This policy of creating doubt, uncertainty and unknowing is being deliberately and cynically pursued by this government.

    Since the passing of the Sexual Orientation Regulations in 2006 there is nothing for which the LGBT have demanded, that has been denied them. The benefits, rights and status of marriage are extended to them; children are handed over into their tender keeping and one only has to accuse them of breaking the speed limit, fraud or in fact any major crime and they cry” homophobia.” Consequently charities are shut down, teachers, magistrates, and foster parents are thrown out of their jobs – just so that the absolute rights of gays to “whatever they want when they want“ ( Gaydar battle cry) can trump everyone else’s rights, especially those of children.

    Do not imagine that the public, when they finally wake up to the self -serving and predatory agenda of Stonewall, are simply going to continue being deceived by the tyranny of “tolerance“, “equality,” “diversity“, “inclusion” and “non- discrimination“. No ladies and gentleman; and I shall do all in my power to educate them.

  38. Lezabella 8 Jul 2009, 5:31pm

    Did someone hear something?

    A really, boring repetitive speech that we’ve heard 1000 times….

    …..Oh, must be the wind.

    Anyway, remember everyone, don’t feed the trolls- otherwise this thread will end up 125 comments long and steer completely away from the subject WE are discussing.

  39. I heard nothing ;) But thank you everyone for those links. I’m going to have a look at those.

  40. “No ladies and gentleman; and I shall do all in my power to educate them.”

    That implies that you have an education in the first place, which clearly you don’t. You’re one of the most stupid and uninteresting peepople I have ever seen on this site.

    You understand so little of the world, who would listen to you, Skinner? No one will listen to you is the sad reality for you. And all the while we gay people are achieving so much, and so quickly. Its a long war, but the battles are being won by us, one by one.

    The sum total of your power on this planet is ranting about how schizophrenia is caused by demons and promoting your very narrow world views on a gay site.

    Well done. Quite the hero.

    The only thing you could educate is yourself.

  41. david skinner 8 Jul 2009, 6:15pm

    Lezabella and Iris what you seem to forget is that this site is not your own private property, a gay -only blogg for the in crowd that discriminates and is intolerant of those of differing views. It is in the public domain; and all I am doing is offering a reasoned debate as opposed to your one liner sound bites. Why would you assume that I had even the faintest hope that you could or even wanted to engage in debate. No mam, I don’t write with you in mind but for those who silently observe. – and maybe think.

  42. Dave North 8 Jul 2009, 7:13pm

    #36 – David Skinner

    “Consequently charities are shut down, teachers, magistrates, and foster parents are thrown out of their jobs”

    All publicly funded.

    I am part of that public.

    They either abide by the law or remove themselves from public service.

    Exactly the same happened when the USA got over its skin color issues in the 50’s/60’s.

    Simple really.

  43. One response only, DS. I DID respond to you initially (I’m more than willing to enter into discussion with people who hold beliefs different than mine) but I stopped because, from what I saw:_

    1) You didn’t reply to people who raised points I presume you found it difficult to answer, or you responded in part but omitted the ‘difficult’ questions.

    2) You’ve derailed threads by provoking and goading people to respond to your posts, thereby drawing discussion away from the topic in question and, usually, towards religion or anti-gay propaganda (yes, I chose that word carefully. I really do believe you’ve been taken in – not by the bible, but by those who ‘interpret’ it to promote their own agenda which is far-removed from Christianity)

    3) Your points/arguments often don’t make sense and the ‘proof’ you cite is from anti-gay sites so not objective.

    4) I simply don’t understand what you’re doing here on a gay site. Atheists don’t spend hours posting abuse on religious sites; racists don’t spend hours posting hate on black rights sites or similar. Don’t you have a life? Are you unhappy/lonely/feeling hard-done by?

    5) I feel sorry for you and don’t want to encourage you. How can you possibly think schizophrenia is caused by demons, for example? I don’t imagine you leave this site feeling any better than when you came here. You must know people are laughing at you – NOT because of your religion, but because of the way you write and what you write, your supercilious manner, etc.

    I’ve responded to other religious people but I believe you’re here to disrupt and that’s why I don’t respond to you. You can hardly say you haven’t been given a fair go. Lots of people entered into prolonged discussions with you (eg Will) but gradually stopped because of the hate-filled rubbish you post.

  44. david skinner 8 Jul 2009, 10:26pm

    Dave North, what is it that they say, “ smell the coffee.” The avant garde gays have long since abandoned appealing to genetics ; they are quite happy for the remaining 98% of the population to play the game of arguing over whether it is nature or nature , but your true gays appeal to nothing more than the absolute human right to identify to be ever they want to be – a tea pot, cross- welsh dresser , a grand father clock or whatever. And who is to disagree with them?

    Have you not heard? Have you not seen that Peter Tatchell and other peddlers of sound bites have denied that homosexuality is natural. Read his article in Spike on line and the Guardian.
    I can spot a black man at a quarter of mile, whereas a sodomite has to tell me ; he has to “ out “ himself; or some else has to “out” him. Failing that he has to demonstrate his orientation ( not his nature) by his actions and behaviour. Apart from that I would never know.

    The black community are not too happy with the fact that gays are likening their crusade to theirs. Check it out.

    I will tell you also what is not natural and that is death. As far as I know, no gene has been found for this. If they had they would have conquered it. Death is a consequence of sin against God. We are all under judgement and we either acknowledge what Christ did for us by taking the punishment that we deserve and turn away from those things that took him to the cross on our behalf – we repent – or we pour contempt on Him and pay the price ourselves – eternally. To me this is a no brainer.

  45. “No mam, I don’t write with you in mind but for those who silently observe. – and maybe think…..”

    ……yeah, think that you’re a fool. No on here will take you seriously, your idea are ill thought, without proof, and down right silly in places.

    Who in their right mind would listen to someone who believes the ills of the world are caused by demons?!?!? I mean, seriously! You’re a joke. A parody. A buffoon.

    Lets have a look at one example of your stupidity in that last “comment”:- “I will tell you also what is not natural and that is death. As far as I know, no gene has been found for this”

    You’re ignorance is astounding. Simply astounding. Did you even go to school???

    Every hear of Senescence? This is a process induced by evolution into an organism’s genetic make up so that it may live to its healthiest until its reproductive age and die slowly and gradually thereafter.

    All scientists know this, and have known it for some time. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, you only quote science when you think it backs up your stupid theory’s… silly me.

    What’s more in question is your mental retardation. That must be genetic too. “Death is a consequence of sin against God”. What a load of nonsense. With each post you prove yourself to be a bigger fool than we already suspected. Go read a book, for heavens sake, you’re ignorance is offensive.

  46. Adrian Underwood 8 Jul 2009, 11:02pm

    Ha! Marvellous! And once again Iris and Will prove David Skinner to be a paragon of intellectual deficiency with their superior knowledge of science and the rational. I commend you both for showing this piece of filth as all bigots usually are: appalling uneducated and downright foolish.

    Although I do feel somewhat embarrassed with the ease it takes to discredit David’s warped views, as Skinner is exhibiting signs typically associated with a psychosis. A study by Pfeifer (1994) in Switzerland found that one third of psychiatric patients thought their illnesses were caused by demons or spirits. Seems David is one of these.

    David, you are outclassed, out matched, out witted, out smarted, and out of your league here. Run along, and take Will’s advice: read a book. Preferably a science book. One with pictures.

    Better yet, go seek the medical help you clearly need. You’ll feel better for it.

  47. It’s about the Daily Hate. Let’s focus on that. There will always be parasite ideas to distract us. Izabella & Iris are right – there’s a breeze in the leaves, ain’t that pretty.

    Now, let’s get to work.

  48. david skinner 9 Jul 2009, 12:18am

    Will you keep demanding proof and yet never offer it yourself for homosexuality being genetic and thus immutable. As you well know no one can offer proof for anything , only evidence for what seems to happen uniformly. Iris mentioned abuse and I do find your personal attacks and temper tantrums tiresome. If your arguments were sound why do you have to shore them up with ad hominems?

    Coming back to senescence (and thank you for introducing me to a subject of which I am not familiar). No one has yet discovered why cells -apart from single cells, like bacteria,- cease to divide and thus continue to live indefinitely. Even if scientists found a way of continuing life expectancy to that of Methuselah , a person would still die. Senescence may be the mechanism for aging and eventual death but what causes senescence? And please don’t say evolution for evolution merely puts forward a theory of how something occurs without saying why. But perhaps, for you, death is no problem with euthanasia being a human right?

  49. “evolution merely puts forward a theory of how something occurs without saying why”

    Wrong. Evolution is a theory in name only. My job is not to educate you, that’s your responsibility.

    “Will you keep demanding proof and yet never offer it yourself for homosexuality being genetic and thus immutable.”

    I already gave you this proof. You rejected it because you don’t understand it. Your stupidity is not adequate counter argument to something which is proven to be true.

    “Coming back to senescence (and thank you for introducing me to a subject of which I am not familiar).”

    You don’t understand science, or any logic for that matter, so why would I care you don’t understand this concept?

    As I said, you ignorance is astounding. Truly awful. Its shocking that something like you has managed to slip thorough the education system with such a deeply impaired ability to think on even a basic level.

    Don’t insult my education or intelligence by trying to bate me into some silly argument with you based on your fractured and selective understanding of science. My understanding of science is clearly impossibly past your ability to comprehend. I will, however, continue to prove you the fool you are at every encounter, as you deserve no less than to be seen for the small minded idiot which you demonstrate yourself to be on a daily basis on this site. It’s of deep comfort to me that you and I know we “homosexuals” are winning this battle with your kind, and people who believe in demons are no more than a fading echo in the darkness.

    I would argue with you the way I would a 5 year old child. When you can produce proof of your infantile statements, I’ll up the tempo.

    Lets be honest. You’re a bigot. And a very, very stupid one at that. This is not “ad hominems”. This is fact. Proof is in your comments, not our assessment of you. You don’t deserve the privileged of rational debate when your argument consists of demonic intervention as proof.

    Adrian is right about one thing, if you are not a psychiatric patient, then you should be, at least for the safety of normal people.

  50. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!!! I was enjoying reading these comments until it got derailed.

  51. Men !

  52. Leilah, I am not “feeding” anything. What I, and others, are doing is countering the offensive ignorance that pervades this site by the likes of David Skinner. I make no apology for standing up to their hateful bigotry and their stupidity, for silence allows them an unopposed voice which they don’t deserve. And I for one will never sit silently by while some dim witted degenerate like Skinner dares to say I have less of a right to exist, when this same person seems to have the IQ of a turnip. Its insulting to my own intellect and hard earned scientific education NOT to stand up to them and highlight their awful stupidity.

    So, if you have nothing constructive to say to show up this Skinner for the fool he is, please do not object to others when they are doing it for you.

  53. Will:

    You’re not doing anything wrong, my friend. I admire you, I really do, you know that. I just don’t like to see Skinner pulling your leg just so he can get some attention. He is a troll.

    On the up-side, take a minute and read a new-comer on the threads: John M.J.

    You will find him at the very end of the thread entitled ‘Senior Church of England Bishop says gays must ‘repent and be changed’. And bring Skinner with you, by all means.

    Don’t ever let us us stop you from being who you are, OK.

  54. Lezabella 9 Jul 2009, 9:33am

    David Skinner-

    There is no ‘seasoned debate’ with you as you make one statement based on ‘God’, we refute it, debunk it via scientific fact or other means so then you move on to another subject. You jump from one topic to another and take absoloutely no notice of the answers we give you. That’s not debate. That’s you ranting and us trying to catch up and correct your latest rant which has no relation to the first!

    For example, Will has already stated that evolution is not just a ‘theory’, the word “theory” in normal usage means a guess or a hunch. But in science, a “theory” is a belief that has been generally accepted by scientists as a result of actual experimentation and/or observation and yet you stil, choose to dismiss is as it proves the Bible’s teachings as incorrect. So seriously, what’s the point in debating you? You don’t listen. Your ‘debating style’ consists of spouting off one topic, ignoring the answer, then spouting off another, ignoring the answer again, David it’s circular and has no point

    ” can spot a black man at a quarter of mile, whereas a sodomite has to tell me ; he has to “ out “ himself; or some else has to “out” him” – You have a serious obsession and infatuation with gay men. This is an LGBT website, with LGBT people, me and Iris are both lesbians, and yet you still focus on male homosexuality; I think you should ask yourself why.

    Also, David, since you’re so knowledgeable about ‘sodomites’ in the Bible, what happens to a heterosexual man who has anal sex with a woman? Is he too, a sodomite?

    If you directly answer any of my points listed above, I would enjoy a debate, but we all know that you won’t. You’ll spout something compeletely off topic to try and engage me in another of your run arounds.

    So, everyone, anymore Daily Hate websites?

  55. “If you directly answer any of my points listed above, I would enjoy a debate, but we all know that you won’t. You’ll spout something compeletely off topic to try and engage me in another of your run arounds.”

    Nail on the head, Lezabella. He just doesn’t seem to have the capability to answer a question…. the hallmark of someone boxing above their weight, as they say.

    And interesting you point out his obsession with male homosexuality, I only noticed that after you mentioned it…. or to be accurate, his obsession with “sodomy”…. I wonder if anyone as told him obsessions like that are not “normal” for a so called “heterosexual”. Without question, Skinner should be under medical observation, there seem to be very little “normal” about him, not least his diminished capacity.

  56. PS and thanks Bentham. Yes, I read John M.J. postings. Impressive. And David is as much od his depth with the bible as with science. Curious. Basically Davis is just a cut’n’paster…. zero substance in his understanding beyond his self appointed preaching, in every area! His computer is probably the only thing that can stick his company for more then 10 minutes….

  57. David Skinner wrote, above, “Death is a consequence of sin against God.”

    Jesus F–king Christ and Almighty Mohammed Allah! David Skinner exists on the same level as that insane hysterical and very dangerous mama in that video where a young gay man is subjected to the most horrific trauma. Skinner and that Mama are ONE AND THE SAME! The same low impoverishedand brainwashed form of life!

    F–k off to your church Skinner, wiggle your tongue with gobbledegook, go into hysterics, and convince yourself that someone up there actually loves you . . . because I am as sure as death itself that nobody down here does!

  58. Lezabella and Iris, do you know this gay-obsessed Jesus-Worshipper has been polluting these threads for months with his irrational nonsense?

  59. Friends, forget this Skinner twat, there’s much more interesting dinosaur over at The Telegraph to have fun with! (Thanks to John K’s directing us to it several days.) Please take a look. His name is Winston Smith. Unlike Skinner he can reason. He doesn’t resort to quoting nonsense from primitive superstitious old texts. His knowledge of human life though is clearly lacking. I can only imagine he’s one of those tight suited little chaps clutching briefcases and hurrying A to B, B to A, over London Bridge everyday, from office to wifie, wifie to office – and never stopping to raise his head and see the wonders of human existence!

    Click here to go to the Telegraph thread

  60. Eddy:

    Did you know that David Skinner is a member in good standing of MyPinkNews? Check out his profile by clicking on ‘MY’ on the front page.

    We can take it for granted that he is all ears on each and every thread, occassionally ‘cutting & pasting’ when he’s done a bit of ‘research’.

    I do believe he thinks of it as his ‘calling’ to ‘straighten’ us out, no matter what, ’cause we are such ‘clever devils’.

    As TomPaine, Will, Simon Murphy and the others have said time and again, he has a right to voice his opinion, but not all opinions are of equal value. He’s way out of his league…and you know the rest…God will put words in his mouth…z-z-z-z-z-z-z.

  61. Bentham, thanks for opening the “MY” world to me. Never knew it existed! Will investigate more tomorrow. (Off to see a French erotic thriller right now!)

  62. Eddy, yes – I must admit my heart sinks when I see David Skinner disrupting a thread. I’m not sure that he does want to ‘correct’ us. I think he’s here to disrupt – notice his random jump to euthanasia “And please don’t say evolution for evolution merely puts forward a theory of how something occurs without saying why. But perhaps, for you, death is no problem with euthanasia being a human right?” in order to provoke responses.

    And, yes, he does have an obsession with sodomy – maybe that’s the cause of his self-hate?

    Thanks for the Telegraph link :)

  63. Well done Will, Iris, et al for defending reasion, decency and common sense. But you are all bashing your heads against a brick wall (almost as pointlessly as jewish people do in jerusalem). I cannot make head nor tail of david skinner’s gibberish. It seems a waste of time trying. I think skinner’s reactions are a symptom of sexual starvation. He has all the time in the world to fill threads with nonsense on here. When is the last time, if ever, that this freak dated anyone?

    White Robes: White Noise.

  64. “When is the last time, if ever, that this freak dated anyone?”

    Tom, who woudl have him??? If he has a wife, he must have picked her up at an out patient clinic, or else she’s Helen Keller. Seriously, this Skinner creature is beyond salvation, the rest of humanity left him behind. The reason he has an issue with evolution, is because he’s not as evolved as the rest of us.

    Still if I’m banding my head of a wall with him, I do it in the knowledge he’s doing the same with a great sense of futility. That and the cheap giggle I get from the fact he hasn’t the marbles to keep up with even the most basic argument. Its like watching a car crash… :)

  65. I think Hellen Keller would not be fooled either – I’m sure she would have been perfectly able to tell the difference between hard and soft :-)

  66. A hard or a soft nut, you mean? :)

  67. Iris and Will and others: so good to see people seeing through the mental wreck that is David Skinner.

  68. Erik the Kiwi 11 Jul 2009, 8:15am

    Wow, I was so suprised by this story. I really thought (and I’m not sure why) that gay rights were quite advanced in the UK.

    My partner and I are a male couple living in New Zealand, and over the last 11 years we have fostered about 20 children with the full support of family, friends, social workers and the legal system! Our youngest (a nephew to my partner) had just turned six when he moved in with us and is now 16! My partner is even the chairperson of our local school board, and we are totally ‘out’ in our community, and no we do not live in a well-off area of our city, in fact our neighbourhood is fairly much a blue-collar and can be rough in areas.

    I would say to all you folk in the UK, keep pushing those boundaries and there is no end to what you will acomplish! Live your lives with pride and not in fear.


    PS. Only one of the kids has turned out to be gay… all the others are WAY too heterosexual for their own good (we’re talking hot and cold running boyfriends and girlfriends and all the teen dramas here!).

  69. Erik, and Ian, thanks for the link to your website. What a beautiful place you live in! And what an interesting community!

    I can imagine your surprise at perceiving that things in the UK are not as progressive as in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country which has never done things by halves, it seems to me. You debate issues passionately, you have as great a proportion of nay-sayers as we do, but if something gets carried, then that’s it, there’s no looking back.

    Have a wonderful Civil Partnership day!

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