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Police appeal after homophobic attack in London

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Reader comments

  1. Christina Engela 6 Jul 2009, 2:14pm

    Somebody in the pink community should start giving self-defense classes – preferably some Tai Kwon Do – or some other dangerous sounding martial art that will make these fuckers think twice about assaulting innocent people minding their own business.

  2. KB Kick Boxing – lesbian-run self-defence classes in London.

  3. Public transport in the capital sucks. I won’t get on a Number 29 bus after 8pm. Bet the N94 is a bendy bus.

  4. BouncerManInBlack 6 Jul 2009, 2:35pm

    Why do you think that the amount of Gay or Bisexual Bouncers are increasing?

    I work as a bouncer in a very large (3,000) straight nightclub and nobody is permitted to be sexist, bigoted, racist or homophobic within my areas…. even the mildest ‘offender’ is promptly removed from the venue – with a lecture as to why they were being ejected and that it isn’t tolerated!

    The same occurs out in public, even if directed to others, and any such behaviour is quickly questioned by myself and they are usually too stunned to continue after my open and direct verbal questioning.

  5. unfortunately homophobia crosses boundaries…as does extremist ideaology (including religion) take a look at the type of religious extremists in Poland at the moment…banning gay pride marches, issuing similar statements to the pope….it’s not where people are from it’s their perverse religious and political right wing ideaologies we have to combat….you could block all immigrants from getting into the country, still wouldn’t change the words coming out of C of E bishops, BNP members, the pope etc….with the media today those sorts get their message spread…it is that message that needs tackling…and some immigrants do come here for a better life, to work here in relative safety in comparison to their extreme homophobic societies…don’t forget that

  6. @ BouncerManInBlack
    You sound great- we need a few more like you.

  7. The joys of immigration…just as we largely win the hearts and minds of the indigneous UK society (although yes, there’s still a long way to go) and make huge advances in equality in the last 10 years, we now have ever increasing numbers of people from greatly homophobic societies, who hold these views, here. London has great levels of homophobia now because of this.

    The main problem are extreme Christians from eastern Europe and Africa and Muslim fundamentalists. We should not tar everyone with the same brush and acknowledge there are many decent immigrants from these countries (some of whom will be gay themselves) but we should also not ignore the problem that a sizeable number hold extremely homophobic views that were acceptable in their countries of origin (where gay sex could have even been illegal) so it’s hard to change such ingrained views.

    And I’m speaking as someone with an arab immigrant boyfriend (who btw has seen 1st hand the homophobia in these societies)!

  8. Simon Murphy 6 Jul 2009, 4:25pm

    James – you should NEVER refer to the indigenous population of Britain as you are excluding pretty much everyone who cannot trace their ancestry back to the Celts.

  9. Simon, I know where you’re coming from and I agree with you, but you need to bear in mind there was another bunch here before the Celts, and the Celts finished them off! And the Celts originated from that area of Europe that is now roughly Austria.

    Further ammo to completely annihilate all the racist nonsense, innit? Even blue-blodded landed Tories can’t claim to be truly “English” OR “British”.

  10. Simon – You could say the same about every country apart from the area in Africa where man originated, since yes, obviously “immigration” has populated everywhere else at some point, whether 300 years ago or 2000 years ago.

    Perhaps ‘indigenous’ was technically the wrong word to use. However if you’re implying the wave of out-of-hand immigration from faraway lands we’ve had over the last nine years is comparable to anything in history you’re terribly naive.

    I am well aware through my boyfriend and some of the immigrant friends we have, of the UK’s soft-touch reputation around the world. I don’t blame them; if I was in their shoes – in a poor, hopeless country – I’d probably do the same. I blame NuLabour’s shambles of an immigration system and in time the chickens will come home to roost with increased homophobia and other problems caused by huge numbers of people with ideas and cultures incompatible with western values.

  11. Simon Murphy: Why is it every time someone claims their heritage or country of origin, tossers like you pipe up about Anglo-Saxons etc? If you want to nitpick, you and Eddy could follow your evolutionary origins back to an amoeba, and in about three fucking steps. I think itfair to say if you don’t have at least three grandparents of British descent, you are still mixed race.

    I am seventh generation English and proud of it. That’s not being racist, or nationalist, it is just a fact. Why is it that “patriotism” is deemed a dirty word and some leftie wankers consider waving a Union flag to be racist?

    If you don’t like my country, fuck off elsewhere.

  12. Proof that London is one of the most homophobic cities in the world because of immigration… I thought London would be a forwawrd thinking place but left it after living their over 2 years due to the amont of homophobia by so many foreigners that live there.. It’s been brought back to the stone ages cos of people in London being so PC about not wanting to have an opinion on immigration because of some fool screaming racist.. well, if you dont speak soon, you are going to have strict conservative muslims in goverment elected, wanting laws against gay people..

  13. John: Thank you for being one of a few sensible people on here that actually see the elephant in the room. Unfortunately, this country has been brainwashed by all these do-gooder socialist PC tosspots, and now everyone is too frightened to say anything. (Well, apart from me that is hehe) Like, why has there never been a statistic shown to tell us the ethnicity of people committing knife crime? It’s a pretty obvious answer, but nobody dares ask the question.

  14. Oh I’ll join the pair of you and say I entirely agree and it’s something that worries me. The rise of islam in the west and islamification pose the biggest threat to gay rights. Christianity’s influence here is “dying out” so to speak, but Islam is increasing. And as you said, most people seem scared to discuss the effect of this in case they get called “racist”. Pathetic. Look at the hundreds of comments made when a Christian priest or bishop makes a homophobic statement – they are rightly attacked from all corners. But if the story is about Islamic homophobia, the usual PC do-gooders turn up and say “oh well Christianity is homophobic too” and “this isn’t representative of all muslims” or just flat out call any critics racist.

    As a side note, the only countries still executing gay people are the hardline Islamic ones (e.g. Iran). The “milder” ones “only” give you lashes and imprisonment.

  15. Well said James. My thoughts exactly.

  16. i knew there was a reason i travelled with 20 people to and from pride

  17. i don’t think so any one can help to solve the mystery of n94 no one can take fish of becoming hero now a days

  18. Brian Burton 7 Jul 2009, 6:16am

    I’ve read there are 85 Sheite Courts in the UK. Is it because our cardboard system of Justice has collapsed?

  19. Interesting article today in the Telegraph, check it out via their website or directly from the national secular societies daily news board.

    The article is headedlined as

    “Liberal gays are scared to tell the truth about Muslim homophobia”

  20. Err umm can you publish the photos of the perpetrating homophobes?

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