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Mainstream comic world gets first gay kiss

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Reader comments

  1. Neet. We need more gay in comic books.

  2. Debi Linton 6 Jul 2009, 6:48pm

    First gay kiss in mainstream comics? I don’t know about Marvel, but DC comics has featured gay couples – who have kissed on panel – for years. Including the characters starring in both the main and the back up features in the longest runnig title of either company; Batwoman and The Question.

  3. There were a handful of peripheral LGBT characters in “Watchmen” but I wouldn’t say they were gay role models exactly. Silhouette gets bumped off in a homophobic double murder long before she gets a decent slice of the action, and Captain Metropolis and Hooded justice are both racist closet cases.
    As for Batman, the rumours persist…

  4. Not the first. I seem to remember a couple of male-male kisses in the X-Force/X-Statix titles. What seems relevant here is the amount of detail and possible depth of plot.

  5. Brian Burton 6 Jul 2009, 10:45pm

    What a fantastic, mind-boggling comic thing to happen in a comic!

  6. They did gay characters years ago in comics. *ahem*, sorry graphic novels – Note the change that came about when 40 year old grown men had to admit they were still reading comic books, so they retitled them.

    They are still comic books guys. GROW UP!

  7. so rictor finally admitted he’s bi and shatterstar came out. awesome. i wonder how rictors ex gfs will react lol

  8. Pumpkin Pie 7 Jul 2009, 1:54am

    Awesomecakes. Like others have said, I swear there’s been same-sex smoochies before, but being only an occasional fan of comics, that may just be in my head. Given the juvenile, straight male fantasies that persist in the world of comics, I find it hard to imagine that there hasn’t already been any lesbian lip-locking. Not that that would have been in support of social progression, anyway.

  9. Brian Burton 7 Jul 2009, 6:33am

    Now. when I was in the all male Navy revue ‘Come Peep Through My Porthole’ I was invited onto a yacht for the week-end. Prince Edward also was there (Before he was married) The prince just happened to slip down below with a good looking man and the rest of us were told: “Don’t anyone go down below, Edward is busy down there!” HOWS THAT FOR COMIC CUTS?

  10. Lezabella 7 Jul 2009, 9:06am

    Not the first, ‘Batwoman’ (not to be confused with ‘BatGirl’) was the first mainstream LGBT character and she had a relationship with a policewoman.

  11. in the early 90’s doom [patrol had a lesbian transsexual member. course when her creator stopped writing the book she was given a boyfriend, retired and then killed:(

  12. Boi Polloi 7 Jul 2009, 5:59pm

    What about the book “Strangers in Paradise” by Terry Moore? The main character was a lesbian who was in love with her roommate, and there were tons of LGBT issues covered in that series.

  13. Pumpkin Pie 8 Jul 2009, 1:19am

    Technically, this is about the first mainstream gay KISS. Was Batwoman ever actually shown kissing another woman right on the lips?

    Speaking of Batman, I hope Harley and Ivy get it on some time. They’d make such a cute couple. There’s been plenty of hints that Ivy is lesbian – especially seeing as how she’s an embodiment of the “angry feminist lesbian” stereotype. Harley clearly isn’t lesbian, but I’m hoping she’s bisexual on account of being too loopy to really give a damn about trivial matters like gender.

    And I just looked up Strangers in Paradise. Looks interesting. I might check it out some time.

  14. Lezabella 8 Jul 2009, 5:16pm

    “Technically, this is about the first mainstream gay KISS. Was Batwoman ever actually shown kissing another woman right on the lips?”

    Yeah, it was in 2006 when her character was re-vamped, she’s Jewish and during the ‘Holiday’ season in the U.S during Honica, she kissed her policewoman girlfriend, Renee Montoya. Batwoman was heralded as the first mainstream gay charcter with her own comic book series and everything. So it appears PinkNews have got this wrong, and/or ignored it because it’s not a male kiss (i.e females kissing isn’t as ‘offensive’ to most people). Or they just didn’t know.

    As for Ivy and Harley, there have been hints about that aswell, like in the animated series comic they share the same bed, and in the ‘older’ comics they cuddle apparently; also Ivy depises Joker and how he treats Harley.

    Who knows?

    I used to love comics and collect them when I was just a wee tomboy :), so I’m a bit out of the loop now.

    “angry feminist lesbian”lol Pumkin, what’s one of those? :)

  15. Add Runaways to the list of ‘previous mainstream gay kisses that were ignored becuse they were either on a busy news week or between two women and thus ignored’

  16. Thinking about it, Tank Girl is often taken as bisexual, mainly due to her naked appearance in a bathtub she shares with Subgirl and Jetgirl in the first anthology. Shame the movie was crap, but Jamie Hewlett’s original comic still holds up.

  17. Any of the strides and gay media victories won by Peter David in the past is, in my opinion, thoroughly negated by his work with proud homophobe and National Organization for Marriage board member Orson Scott Card on the Shadow Complex video game.

  18. dv comics doesnt sell half of what marvel do so even if in dc comics some gay/lesbian couple kissed next to no one would know…

    their have been other gay couples in marvel & i think this is awesome…

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