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‘God Hates Fags’ church to picket Michael Jackson’s funeral

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Reader comments

  1. What a fine, upstanding example of the compassion of evangelical christians. Keep it up Fred, before too long everybody will be turning away from your god.

  2. Simon Murphy 6 Jul 2009, 12:26pm

    Should be fun. Do the members of this cult not realise how fanatically unhinged Jacko’s fans can be? I reckon they’ll finally meet their match in irrational lunacy.

  3. Simon – I was thinking just the same thing… this is gonna get interesting!

  4. Vincent Poffley 6 Jul 2009, 1:03pm

    I wouldn’t say the two camps are all that equal in their delusions. At least there is some evidence that Michael Jackson actually existed!

  5. Lezabella 6 Jul 2009, 1:18pm

    “I wouldn’t say the two camps are all that equal in their delusions. At least there is some evidence that Michael Jackson actually existed!”

    – lol :) I second that Vincent.

    Also, MJ fans are fanatical, and I hope they give Fred’s old arse a big kick!

  6. Simon Murphy 6 Jul 2009, 1:26pm

    Fred’s Fans versus Jacko’s Fans.

    Live from the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

    The final showdown.

    “Who can howl at the moon in the most unhinged manner” Check it out live on Tuesday 7th July!

  7. Fred Phelps versus Jacko’s dad… now that’s a showdown I’d pay to see!

  8. Rick George 6 Jul 2009, 2:30pm

    Im always a little saddened by the activities of this group and others who espouse similiar views, the stephen greens of this world and others. Christian spirituality does offer some valuable concepts and ideas to the melting pot of the human spiritual experience and though I dont personally follow an exclusively christian spiritual thought system, I do have extensive knowledge of the underlying principles, values and spirituality that underpins Christianity and it saddens me when it is misrepresented and used to justify the polar opposite of its true message and meaning. Just look at the picture here for this story, how old are those kids? 10, 12 years old? Ive been having a discussion on facebook this week about how I think that religion/faith schools should not have a significant role in the education process. That picture is probably an argument in my favor in itself.

  9. John Lameck 6 Jul 2009, 3:10pm

    I see a riot breaking out here caused by the WBC. Don’t they realize how unhinged some Michael Jackson fans, I see the demise of Fanatic Fred and his bunch of loonies!

  10. Simon Murphy 6 Jul 2009, 3:57pm

    I’m supporting Jacko’s fans. They will annihilate Fred’s gang if they appear. They are seriously off their rockers those Jacko fans. Some of them claim to believe Jacko when he said he’d only ever had 2 plastic surgeries. Fred is messing with the wrong crowd here :)

  11. I suspect they’ll show up, but keep in mind that they threaten to attend far more events than they actually end up going to.

    And I bet they’re hoping that Jackson fans annihilate them: that’s why they go to these things, so that people attack them. Then they sue and take the attacker for everything they own. Doesn’t everyone already know that?

  12. I have to say, considering how nuts many Americans are in general, MJ fans in particular, and the profligacy of semi-automatic weapons in the good old USA, I am surprised that nobody from Westbro hasn’t had their heads blown off already.

    Oh well, we live in hope.
    Maybe God might hate them a bit more than he hates us.

  13. Brian Burton 6 Jul 2009, 10:40pm


  14. Let’s not make these religious zealots more important than they are. Let’s face it; it are – well – 50 people or something? Like that is ever going to compare to the amount of MJ fans. Who takes them seriously outside of Topeka, Kansas?

    These WBC members just get way too much attention I believe…

  15. Reality Check 7 Jul 2009, 2:27am

    RG – Ive been having a discussion on facebook this week about how I think that religion/faith schools should not have a significant role in the education process. That picture is probably an argument in my favor in itself.

    Rather a supercilious comment don’t you think? How many years have you taught in faith schools to form your unfounded opnion? Do you want to know the truth or are you happy just pontificating about subjects you have no experience of. Having been involved in the christian school movement for fourty years, I have yet to meet one that states that they hate fags. You are welcome to prove me otherwise with evidence as opposed to opinion.

  16. Brian Burton 7 Jul 2009, 6:42am

    There is one thing very plain to me you reality check ponce. You are very anti Gay but you choose your words carefully in case you fall foul of laws that protect us from scum-bags like you!

  17. I’m surprised no one in the states has blown this family away yet.
    It would be no loss.

  18. I hope this mad lot have bitten off more than they can chew on this one; the MJ fans are likely to string them up from the nearest palm tree on Sunset Boulevard; good riddens! These people make you want to vomit they are so ful of hatred!

  19. And do we really think that they are going to turn up, a few of them to tens of thousands of MJ fans – they prefer to pick on families of killed soldiers who are too distraught to do anything.

    If anything did kick off and one of Fred’s in-bred lunatics did die I wonder how they would ‘rationlise’ that with their belief that they are doing god’s work?

    I know it is wrong to feel it but I so hope they do go to MJ’s memorial service and they do get their just rewards for being so inhuman

  20. Just re-read the story and realised that the picture shows 3 small, innocent, children holding his banners – hope Fred Phelps dies soon and rots in hell for brainwashing the future of humanity with his satanic evil

  21. Simon Murphy 7 Jul 2009, 11:29am

    Did anyone see the Louis Theroux documentary called ‘The Most Hated Family in America’ which is about the Phelps Klan. It was heartbreaking how they would take these 8 year olds carrying ‘God hates Fags’ to funerals and how sometimes the children would get hurt from people throwing things from their car at the nutters. They really hate their own children.

  22. God is Love 7 Jul 2009, 1:06pm

    It is astonishing how full of limitless hate Fred Phelps is. I wonder if he has stopped to wonder whether the God of Love will thank him for associating His Name with Hatred.

    One of Phelps’ sons has written a book about growing up in the Phelps family. He portrays his father as a (now-recovered) alcoholic who brutally beat his wife and kids. Why am I not surprised?

  23. RealityCheck, sweetie..!

    I am only interested in commenting on loo-looze who advocate electro-convulsive therapy and those morons who think that I and others like me should ‘repent and change’… and so I tend not to comment on the greater percentage of the articles on these pages.

    They are above my head, mostly and of little interstate.

    However you say that you taught high skule at sum stage…?

    I do wihs uy wood chekc you sleppingl!

    Although I may verry wel not comtent on much of it, I do like the rest to be at least curtseyously presented and the e-tickst of c’rect splellgine to be adeared two.

    It is ‘forty’ pet.

    Not ‘fourty’

    You naughty likkel RealityCheck, you!

  24. Yours at #15 refers.

  25. These are the same losers that protest at slain soldiers funerals. One word describes these bastards, SICK!

  26. I mean look at that sign on the left side of the pic “Thank god for dead soldiers”. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE F’ING KIDDING ME!?

  27. Rick George 8 Jul 2009, 10:48am

    To Reality Check – comment 15, I have based my opinion about faith schools on recent headlines relating to sex education (Pink News, July 2nd, ‘Teachers Code Reworded After Faith Groups Complain About Gay Issues) and on other reports relating to the teaching of creationism, my own experiences as a child of homophobic bullying at a faith school and how it was dealt with, my own observations of the assertions and pronouncements of various people who identified themselves as religious. It is an opinion and I am open to considering a different perspectives and altering my opinion if it can be shown to be unfounded. I am concerned about religions having a significant role in the education process because of things like this story where children are obviously being taught negative things by a religious group. I am aware that this group is not representative of all christians but its other things Ive heard in the news, on the radio, videos ive seen on youtube, books I’ve read, documentaries such as Jesus Camp that Ive seen over the last ten years or so that have shaped my opinion and its not just christianity I have concerns, questions and doubts about but other faiths which are involved in education and the principles and values they espouse. I have concerns and doubts about whether religions should have a significant role in education. Being as you profess to have such extensive direct experience in faith based education perhaps you could help to allay my fears and those of many others with similiar concerns.

  28. Hopefully someone will bring a machine gun to the funeral to get rid of this crazy creep and his family. Although a good old military flamethrower would be more appropriate, lads.

    And for a funeral, I’d have a public spectacle of tossing their bodies through a tree limb grinder – one of those machines that takes large tree limbs and turns them into wood chipes.

    And have the results dumped into a lions cage. Score this one for the animals – CRAZY christians 0, Lions many

  29. Reality Check 18 Jul 2009, 8:52am

    RG27 – Being as you profess to have such extensive direct experience in faith based education perhaps you could help to allay my fears and those of many others with similiar concerns.

    As i said, I have been involved in this movement for 40 years and as I said not one school has said it hates fags. The last school I was in had one homosexual boy. He was treated no differently to anyone else.

    I have not seen one position statement of any of these schools that say they hate fags. I have not seen one that has said they will not enrol fags.

    Before you can make a case, you will need more than one example or a few headlines. My experience is based on 40 years involvement. If there was a thread in christian schools that they hate fags, I think I would have discovered it long ago.

    At least I will give you credit for a sensible response to my question, unlike Brian Burton(No 16)whose main claim to fame is foul and abusive language and words that are devoid of any relevance. I am not surprised as it is obvious that he has great difficulty in recognising truth. But when you suffer from truthphobia it is to be expected.

  30. Do we have to keep calling this bunch of nutters a ‘church’. I for one do believe in a god of love and my definition of a ‘church’ is a very different thing than this nasty little cult.

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