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Gay Tory MPs miss London Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 4 Jul 2009, 12:12pm

    What a load of ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ the Homophobic Torys are putting up. Gay Torys will not be allowed to ‘show their coloures’ at London Pride……All together Vulpus–LYING BASTARD TORYS!

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Jul 2009, 12:18pm

    Of the two ‘out gay’ Conservative MPs not attending ‘London’ Pride, can someone just confirm how many of them are actually London MPs.

    If I lived in Billericay and my MP spent his weekends marching the streets of Durham, I’d feel perhaps I wasn’t getting the best representation possible. Why should every MP in the country jump because us London queens are haviong a bit of a party?

  3. Brian Burton 4 Jul 2009, 1:17pm

    Sister Mary Clarence,
    Why not ask Alan Duncan MP? And see what the answer is!

  4. “All together Vulpus–LYING BASTARD TORYS!”

    preach it Brian! :) Dam right!

  5. Tim Roll-Pickering 4 Jul 2009, 1:35pm

    None of the three are London MPs. Duncan represents a Midlands constituency, the others are down on or near the South Coast.

  6. Tim Roll-Pickering 4 Jul 2009, 1:36pm

    None of the three are London MPs. Duncan has an East Midlands constituency, the other two represent seats near or on the south coast.

  7. jonnielondon 4 Jul 2009, 3:19pm

    Participating in the Pride parade is one way the out-gay Tory MP’s could ingratiate themselves. Such a missed opportunity, and an indication of their insincerity and lack of support towards their own backers. To Tim R-P: doesn’t matter what their constituency is; Michael Ignatieff (who doesn’t live in Toronto), and Jack Layton, leaders of the Canadian opposition parties have marched numerous times in the Toronto Pride parade, however, our Tory Prime Minister refuses to participate every time. No wonder: he’s a right-wing, neo-con, homophobe/heterosexist.

  8. How is a gay MP attending Pride synonymous with supporting LGBT rights and the LGBT community. Who cares if they go to Pride or not it’s their voting recording on LGBT issues we should be more concern with. I would never set foot at London Pride, have never gone and never will but that does not mean I don’t support LGBT issues.

  9. Does it matter that Jeremy Hunt isn’t gay? I thought you welcomed support from the heterosexual community? If you don’t then I feel quite hurt as I do a lot to support my many gay and lesbian friends.

  10. Well said Sally. On behalf of all but a silly bitchy tiny minority of my gay brethren who sit like Macbeth’s witches cackiling round their cauldren’s spitting venom at anyone that doesn’t share their small-minded politics, I would like to welcome your support and that of our non-gay friends, families and co-workers! As you say, of course Jeremy Hunt’s sexuality doesn’t matter one jot, good for him for turning up and saying his piece.

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Jul 2009, 2:35am

    Thank you Tim – probably more appropriate then that they stay at home and serve their constituents than pander the London gay Labour Mafia, as that’s what they’re actually being paid for surely

  12. Ofcourse they weren’t there, they were probably busy watching a pack of specially-bred savage dogs tear a live fox to pieces, just for ‘fun’!

  13. I can see where many commenters are coming from highlighting that most of these Tory MPs don’t have London constituencies. However London Gay Pride isn’t just made up of Londoners, and it’s actually quite likely gay people from their constituences were there.

    Should they have been too? Personally I don’t think they should have been, but if they wanted to turn round the negative publicity of last week it could have been a good idea..

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