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Sarah Brown marches in Pride parade

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Reader comments

  1. What’s so “BREAKING” in here? Her attendance was confirmed long time ago.

  2. Nice to see. I hope all the campaigners around her are encouraging her to push Gordon into legalising same-sex marriage.

  3. Brian Burton 4 Jul 2009, 4:14pm

    Sarah could have refused to have anything to do with Gay issues if she had wanted to. So I am truly thankful she has shown great support.

  4. Good on her!!!!
    One wonders where Mrs Cameron was??? Oh! Sorry! Silly me – I forgot her husband just talks, never delivers – well he is the Leader of the TORY party after all!!!!!

  5. Pete & Michael 4 Jul 2009, 9:27pm

    So. The Conservatives are giving married couples extended benefits if they win the next election, we bet this will not apply to Civil Partnered couples, the Conservatives only think of ‘family values’to please the majority. Think to yourselves will the Tories further our equality and give us Same-Sex Civil Marriage or will they back-track on their promises and perhaps retract our new found freedoms that the Labour Government has rightly fought for us.

  6. Mihangel apYrs 4 Jul 2009, 11:12pm

    the BBC reported 500,000 marchers.

    And a handful of BNP and god-bothering protesters.

    And a lot of supportive onlookers.

    We may be beginning to be mainstreamed

  7. Pete & Michael 5 Jul 2009, 8:10am

    We did not see any reference to the Pride event in London on BBC 24 or BBC 1, Did we miss it????

  8. Mihangel apYrs 5 Jul 2009, 9:58am

    Pete & Mike: no you didn’t miss it, it wasn’t there! But there was a report of a robery of £80000 using a bulldozer, so we can see where their priorities lie!

  9. Brava Sarah! Well done! Thank you.

    The only news report I caught yesterday was the BBC Radio 4 News at 10pm and it featured a fairly extensive report on the march, including a reference to Sarah Brown’s participation. It also featured sound-bite comments from marchers. These clearly had been chosen to be “mixed”. (One butch-voiced and pretty rough-sounding woman raved on about how she wasn’t convinced by any party trying to get the gay vote.)

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Jul 2009, 10:54pm

    Pete & Michael, check your facts, David Cameron has already made it clear that any reference to the term ‘marriage’ the Torys make includes civil partnerships.

    The story was covered on here quite a while ago, any and all benefits afforded to married couples will also be afforded to those in civil partnerships.

  11. Pete & Michael 6 Jul 2009, 7:52am

    Hi Sister Mary Clarence, we understand your posting, but reluctantly say, don’t be taken in by what the Conservatives say. David Cameron is responsible to the 1922 committee and although we believe in his sayings, we have seen politicians dodging the issues they were elected for, when in power. In other words ‘the worm can turn’. At this moment of time we do not know how to vote at the forthcoming general election, if David Cameron is truly on our side, let him give us an outline of his future policies on gay matters now. Will the Conservatives give us Same-Sex Civil Marriage? No!, we will not be equal until this is passed into law. Civil Partnershipe although a great step forward are not equal.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Jul 2009, 9:55am

    “The Conservatives are giving married couples extended benefits if they win the next election, we bet this will not apply to Civil Partnered couples, the Conservatives only think of ‘family values’ to please the majority.”

    Pete & Michael, apologies I was answering the point you made in your previous posting. Clearly we will have to wait and seen in relation to the points you subsequently raise. He has to be fair though to some extent given some outline in that the Tories will treat civil partnerships and marriage as one and the same.

    Whether we introduce marriage for same sex couple will need to be something that is debated and without debate and consultation I would think that it is something that anyone is going to stick in their manifesto. The ‘view’ of the gay community isn’t quite a cut and dried as the pro-marriage lobby seem to think in my view. Many people, myself included prefer a separate but equal institution, and certainly given the opportunity to formally pass comment, I’ll be opting to stick with civil partnerships.

  13. Paul Brownsey 6 Jul 2009, 12:21pm

    Has David Cameron pledged to uphold all the positive changes Labour has made for gay people?

    If not, why not?

    It is noticeable that while people like Alan Duncan have been vigorously dismissing the idea that the Tories are still anti-gay, none of them has said, “And we will not go back on any of the pro-gay legislation Labour has introduced,” let alone, “Labour has not gone far enough for equality for gay people and we will build on the existing legilsation by doing X and Y and Z.”

  14. Pete & Michael 6 Jul 2009, 4:50pm

    Hi Sister Mary Clarence, if Civil Partnerships were recognised in all countries as Marriage is, we agree that would be OK. Unfortunately Civil Partnerships are not recognised in USA and most European or any other parts of the world. We are not equal. Many Thanks for your interest.

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