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Boos and cheers as politicians address Pride crowds

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Reader comments

  1. The party politicisation of Pride is pathetic.

  2. I totally agree with Mr Tatchell when he says that its about the Torties voting for gay rights, not about their MPs. I don’t care if their MPs are gay or straight, I care about elected politicians giving me the same rights as any straight human being in Britain today.

  3. quote:The party politicisation of Pride is pathetic

    BUt that what pride used to be about, politics, equality and freedom. Not whose got the tightest tshirt and the best hair cut!

  4. dave – note the difference between politics and PARTY politics. The latterly is just a barely concealed attempt to win votes.

  5. Why exactly were Harriet Harman and Jeremy Hunt booed?

  6. I am just back from the Pride rally and I am disappointed and baffled by the way in which all the politicians were booed. Bob Crow from RMT gave a very good speech and was booed all through. Castro’s niece from Cuba gave a great speech, but there were vacuous people there just ignoring her and chatting and then when Scootch cam e on they all jumped up. I despair!!! Don’t these poeple care? I suppose sunshine, booze etc isn’t the best combination to get people interested in listening to political speeches. Plus doing one speech then one pop act was perhaps not the best combination as some people just wanted the speeches to hurry up and be over with so the music could come back. I have been to the rally every year since they started doing it in the square and it has never been like this before. In previous years people have been supportive and interested in what the people were saying. Surely it is more important now!

  7. Crow can’t expect to bring the city to a halt then turn up to Pride and be cheered. Gay or not, I reckon most Londoners find him pathetic.

  8. Julian Morrison 4 Jul 2009, 8:13pm

    Pride was fun but why can’t people be more polite? And Bob Crow can please stop assuming he owns the crowd!

  9. Heckling of politicians is a great old British political tradition. Even the likes of Winston Churchill had to deal with it in the old days.

    Not sure why Bob Crow was heckled though. He doesn’t force RMT members working on the London Underground to go on strike – they vote to do so. It’s his job to support them.

  10. Brian Burton 5 Jul 2009, 7:15am

    Gays, heckling MPs who actally support them? I expect the Gay Conservative MPs are glad they were prevented fron attending, and who could blame them?

  11. Seems to me that people rarely get the chance to directly express their anger and disapproval of politicians in regard to gay rights, so I’m not surprised there was much heckling & even throwing of beer bottles. The party politicians should leave the event under no illusions that we want our human rights, and telling us to be patient, well, we’ve been patient for years! Patience is starting to wear a little thin now.

  12. I have to disagree with Harriet Harman – David Milliband’s much hotter than Bradshaw or Bryant.

  13. I don’t think beer bottles is the way to go… remember that respect is a two way street and if the impression we give our politicians is that we engage in public debate like a mixture of the backwater bar in “The Blues Brothers” and a Big Brother eviction crowd, they won’t be that interested in anything we have to say. Stick to the issues…

  14. Brian Burton 5 Jul 2009, 1:08pm

    Well remarked there. I made my point earlier and it still stsnds.

  15. Wow. I wish I had been there. Quite a line-up of influential speakers. But, yes, it seems that a festive parade is not best mixed with serious political speeches. Some people are there purely for partying and anyone daring to simply speak seriously will be a nuisance and an obstruction to them. Maybe the way to go is for the gathering to take place in a very large area and to put all the tents for the boppers down one end and have a rally-area right down the other end, making it plain to people that if you’re high, got a beer bottle in hand, and you just want to celebrate then the rally end is not for you.

  16. Alan Warbrick 5 Jul 2009, 1:44pm

    As much as I love Pride, I didn’t go to T Square this year (much as I would have liked to have done) to hear the speeches and agree wth some of the sentiments expressed by Tony. In my opinion a lot of the problems seem to be about timing…for instance the parade begins at 1.00 up in Baker street and takes about two hours to come through and then the speeches and rally begins in T Sq at 3.00 ? Fine if you want to watch the parade and then hot-foot it over but no easy task from Baker St. My usual ‘pitch’ to watch the parade is where the main crowds are, draped over the barriers in the Regent St/Piccadilly area. The parade doesn’t reach this point until about 2.00 so by 4.00 when the parade has come through the speeches in the square are mainly over. A much better idea would be for the rally in T Sq to begin at 4.00 giving Pride-goers in the Regent Street/Piccadilly area time to see the parade and get to the Square as well (via Leicester Square and checking out the stage there on the way while at the same time shoving down a squashy home-made sarnie). When it comes to politicians and gay issues, yes it does matter, and Pride is not just one huge party once a year. We are gay, and we have a voice. The biggest oppression we have to face is from the established Church leaders whether Christian or Muslim, and politicians everywhere. They will never agree because each of them wants power in their own particular way, as does Stonewall. What we can do is make our voices heard and we do this not by shouting them down, or by throwing bottles and it’s not enough. When it comes to being gay, the law is still against us in so many ways, as is society. Will it ever change in my lifetime ?, I don’t suppose it ever will and I’m not being defeatist here. I’ve had my share of being part of a homophobic family and it’s still on-going. Suffice it to say that my homophobic mother died a year ago this July and in some ways it was a huge relief, for her and for me. My family could never accept me as gay and we stuck together for years but now got a whole new life ahead of me. I’m Out now and found a whole new family in the gay community and couldn’t be happier.

  17. Pride has become a self indulgent day for hedonism, anything that gets in the way of the party gets a violent reception.

    Your so called loving gay community revealed themselves yesterday lashing out at those politians who foolishly supported your cause.

    We the evangelical christian community stand back and smile when you behave like barbarians. Your not fighting for a tolerant democracy as you claim, where all citizens are treated with respect, your fighting for a democracy where people are forced to agree with your views or shut up, a kinda of pink fascism. The appalling treatment of the speakers yesterday in Trafalgar Square did more for the evangelical christian cause than our chritian bretherens protest at the parade yesterday.

    Drugs, drink and a hatred for all things not gay revealed the heart of your community…

    A intolerant heart that is full of hatred and self interest covered with a thin veneer of false compassion and love.

    What other parade would give a prominent position to a convicted class ‘A’ drug user and violent criminal like Boy George still stinking of prison starch and on a curfew. I hope the carnival float got him home on time before his prison tag bleeped out of time to his DJ beats.

  18. I commented on here earlier about the so called equal rights, tolerant and compassionate ‘Gay Community’ throwing bottles and abusing the invited guest speakers… And surprise surprise its been censored and taken down.

    Pink fascism in action, you guys want a democracy where everybody agrees with your liberal anything goes culture.

    No dissenting voices aloud, censorship not debate, it would seem you derive your tactics not from democracy but from oppressive despots.

  19. Ooh sorry you have put it back up again…

    Come on guys make your mind up. your either for free speech or your not, don’t change tac when it suits!

  20. And yet Max, here you are hanging out on a gay website, providing more evidence for us all that gay-bashers like yourself are 85% probable closet gay anyway. Don’t know what you hope to achieve here but we’ve heard it all before and you’re a twat.

  21. Just goes to show that the “gay community” are no different than any other “community”. Most who attend these kind of events are sadly quite ignorant, when it comes to political causes of the past. Now, as one poster said, its about who’s wearing the tightest t-shirt, and best haircut, and just having fun and getting of your face. That’s equality for you.

  22. George,

    In your fantasies, actually I was brought here by a link on google when reading articles on Bishop of Rochester and his views on homosexuality and the church, I also think in order to have abalanced view on an issue it is useful to read commentary from various sources even when they are contrary to my own opinions. Unlike many like you who like to wallow in your ghettos reinforcing your narrow world views.

    So on here I have been called a twat and told to ‘fuck off by two different people here, that’s tolerance for you!

  23. shaunagus 5 Jul 2009, 8:55pm

    harriett shouldnt have been booed – she is so committed to equality and is the driving force in parliament behind the new equality bill that equalises rights for the LGBT people even more than we have already….unless they were all booed due to the expenses thing, but even so, she is a friend of the LGBT community and advocates for us at the highest level and shouldnt have been treated like that

  24. Nice to see the scum of the earth Bob Crow daring to show his face. The last vestiges of 70’s unionism is still out screwing the general public. The man is lower than pond life; No wonder he got booed off. And I await the rabid retorts from all the lefties on here supporting this piece of money-grabbing shite, but I wonder what you will think on New Years Eve when you can’t get a tube home because him and his cronies what even more on top of their £60k a year for driving a fucking train. Next time they go on strike they should be sacked, and Crow put up against a wall and shot.

    Ah well, I guess he is still amongst friends all mutually back-slapping each other, slagging off Tories, telling all the poofs they are wonderful whilst fiddling expenses, getting golden handshakes and meanwhile wrecking the country in the few hours they actually spend at work.

    Pride should be scrapped. It’s a fucking embarrassment.

  25. Hi RobN, I guess you are one of those “Tory supporting gays” that we hear mention of? Your writing style gives you away.

  26. Got to give it you guys…

    Your definately consistent with your rudeness, must be the hangover from yesterday, I’ll afford you all a litle grace. I’m sure by Wednesday when your brain chemistry has returned back to normal levels after the recreationals you indulged in have left your systems you will all go back to the tolerant Christian loving people I’m sure your not.

  27. Max, re. your comments in posts 18 and 19, you’re clearly worked-up and all-over-the-place and don’t have the fuck of an idea what you’ve done where. Nobody censored your post but being one to rapidly assume a worst-possible-scenario you immediately assumed Pink News had.

    Now, shall we psychoanalyse what kind of sicko it is that claims to be heterosexual but must rush to a gay-politics website to spout evangelical make-believe?

  28. Max, re. your Comment 22, so you claim that you landed here quite by chance because of Google. So there you are, a good heterosexual, plummeted into the heart of a gay political website . . . but you didn’t flinch at jumping right in with the gay lads and spouting some tosh? And when your tosh is rejected you claim we are intolerant! You bet your bloody arse we’re intolerant of the crap you spout! We’ve had enough of it. We’ve had centuries of it! And prats like you are still spouting it. We are tolerant of justice and intolerant of injustice. Get it?

  29. Laurence Bowers 6 Jul 2009, 9:41am

    #24 RobN are you gay? you don’t seem to talk about Jesus but I notice you seem engulfed in such a negative frame of mind.

  30. Andrew Reynolds 6 Jul 2009, 9:43am

    I think it is sad that we seem to have shifted in the last year to a partisan approach over gay rights.
    Tony Blair stood up at the Stonewall Equality Dinner last year and applauded the broad cross party support for changes in legislation that had been evident during his premiership.
    It strikes an odd chord that as soon as the labour party’s fortunes have waned they have resorted to cheap mud-slinging during Pride: “I have never kissed a Tory and never will” emblazoned on the Labour supporters’ t-shirts sums up the level of argument here.
    I hope most rationale people will focus on the real issues – whether about gay rights or the myriad of other policies that affect our lives.

  31. You guys win,

    I’m going to leave you guys to devour each other, literally!

    I’m going back to my broad sheet & Christian discussion threads where you don’t get abused, where moderators don’t allow foul language and the debate stays on message and doesn’t descend to name calling!

  32. Harriet shouldn’t have been booed, she’s done so, so much for us.

    Max- you have nothing to contribute except thinly-veiled insults.

    You’re the type of person who would go to a Liverpool match, hear a handful of people (out of 50,000) shout foul language and then go home and say “You wouldn’t beleive those scouse bastrds. Bloody barbarians!”

    You have no point whatsoever. The mere fact that you still believe in The Bible over 100 years after Charles Darwin is astounding. Your mind is closed and so are your ears, go away.

  33. Simon Murphy 6 Jul 2009, 11:23am

    I wasn’t there so can’t comment on all the heckling save for 1 point. Neither Labour, or the Tories or the LibDems support equal access for gay people to the legal contract of civil marriage. They all support the ‘separate but not quite equal civil partnership’ law. They deserved the heckling they received. It is inconceiveable that in a democracy that a law-abiding; tax-paying minority group are denied access to a contract based on their sexual orientation. I hope they continue to get heckled whlle this discrepancy exists. I think the hecking is also linked to absolute apathy and disinterest on the part of the electorate – not just the gay electorate.

  34. Sorry to say this, but i firmly feel that all Gay politicians plus those who profess to support the Gay cause, should have had this Pride date firmly in their diaries.
    Happy Birthday to young Boris, but sorry, love, Daddy should have been at work on that day,supporting a very important group of our society who deserve his support on principal or even are there to be woo’ed as supporters in the next election.
    He should have then come home and given you one hellovagood party and a great cuddle as soon as he came back through the door.
    As for Alan Duncan and his family together with all the other out Gay politicians, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do – so if you want us to believe in you, then raise your public profile.

  35. Laurence Bowers: Yes, I am a red-blooded homosexual for my sins. (Or so the good book tells me). Oh, and I’m an atheist, thank God.

    Yes Keith, Brian, Eddy – before you pipe up – That was a *joke*

  36. This has made for interesting reading. Most of the posts confirm that the politics have been taking out of Pride. I finally got to T Sq, around 5 pm having had to dismantle our float. I didn’t stay long as it was way too busy and the people that they had on as acts or speakers just didn’t interest me at all.
    The politicians got heckled because of actions of others that went before them. Will the Gay Community ever forget section 28 probably not in our life times.
    Do I think it’s right that people threw bottles then No I don’t but there are people in the LGBT Community that do this, they act first and think of the consequnces later.
    I would have expected more at Politics at Pride this year considering it was a week after the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots where Pride originated from.
    If we are ever going to get Equal rights then we have to look to how we act in our own community first, once we have that in order then maybe just maybe it will come. There is so much inward fighting. Trans organisations boycotted Pride this year. Some of the comments above have people spouting off about others opinions of Pride. Unless we stand UNITED then it’s not worth standing at all.
    As for the comments about LU drivers, they were only fighting for their rights and to be able to do their jobs safely. One of the major things they were fighting for was to assist in the safety of their passengers (so if you use the tube, it was your safety), it wasn’t only the drivers that were on strike the office workers went on strike that day too because of unfair conditions and treatment.

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