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Terrence Higgins Trust tells gay men to get tested regularly for HIV

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  1. Simon Murphy 3 Jul 2009, 12:42pm

    Sensible idea. Once a year testing is common sense if you’re sexually active and not in a monogamous relatioship.

    Now all the THT has to do to be taken seriously is to rethink their support for the homophobic blood ban.

    Does the THT still run those adverts about enjoying ‘extreme’ sex safely?

  2. Brian Burton 3 Jul 2009, 1:12pm

    Are there still idiots out there with the–Can’t happen to me mental block?

  3. Lezabella 3 Jul 2009, 1:28pm

    It’s a very good idea, but unfortunately a lot of gay men I know don’t even think about HIV as it’s seen as in the past and not ‘the gay disease’ it used to be.

    What people fail to notice is that high rates of HIV still exist in the gay male community, ASWELL AS the straight community. It’s not an ‘either/or’ situation, both communities now have high rates of it.

    Just because gays aren’t getting bashed for it as much/it’s not killing as many and the straight community now has it; doesn’t mean it’s been suddenly ‘cleansed’ from the gay community.

    I genuinely hope my gay brothers heed the warnings, too many good men have been taken by it.

  4. Brian Burton 3 Jul 2009, 3:09pm

    First apologies dear, I noticed I spelt your name incorrectly on ‘MPs tout for the Gay Vote at Portrait Gallery.’
    I genuinely hope too that Gays who sleep around will heed the warnings. I remember only too well watching a TV Documentary about the 1980s ‘Gay Disease’ American ofcourse. No actors were used in this TV film. The young men potraid all had preliminary and advanced HIV/AIDS. They pictured two young men walking along a californian sea-shore, laghing and joking to a degree. The next shot showed one of them laying still on his bed with his companion in attendance. The Aids virus had really taken hold of the boy on the bed and his friand was waiting for the end. Thousands of young men died in the 1980s. This is why all the Gay venues started to close and Gays began to withdraw into them selves, so it seemed. That legacy is what you discribed on the (Black HIV thread) Well, thats all, I’m exhausted!

  5. Brian Burton 3 Jul 2009, 5:47pm

    First I apologise for mis-spelling your name on the Gay MPs at the Portrait Gallery thread.
    I genuinely hope too that those who need to be checked will do so.
    It was in the 1980s when the Media classed HIV/AIDS the ‘Gay disease.’ An American Documentary Film was shown on our TVs then.
    The film did not use Actors, but real Victims of HIV/AIDS. They showed two young men walking along a sandy Californian beach. In the next shot (A couple of weeks later) One of the Boys was Laying on his bed with his friend waiting for the end. The whole Film was all about the number of deaths–most depressing. I never want to see Films like that again….Cheers see Ya!

  6. Good on the THT, because previously on these comment threads and other forums, I’ve been disgusted with the attitude that if someone is monogamous, then they don’t need testing for any STIs and think unprotected sex is not a problem. Same goes for straight people of course.

  7. “I’ve been disgusted with the attitude that if someone is monogamous, then they don’t need testing for any STIs and think unprotected sex is not a problem.”

    Hmmmmmm, that makes sens – NOT!

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