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Poll finds 62 per cent of Tory candidates support equal rights for gays

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  1. Brian Burton 3 Jul 2009, 6:37pm

    Allo,Allo, Renee does not belive this twaddle nnd has jumped back into the closet with….not Lt.Gruber?
    Less than two thirds of that dodgy poll goes with Gays and will soon reverse their vote if events dictate it, I have no doubt about that. I have said this on other threads depicting Torys. Faceless ‘Men in Grey Suits’ run the Tory Party. It was them who ejected Margret Thatcher.

  2. John (Derbyshire 3 Jul 2009, 6:56pm

    The truth is the majority of Tories think gays are disgusting people. Their first acts will be to send the police into cruising areas,saunas etc.After that they will start pushing the boundary more and more- with eventually a new version of Clause 28. Enjoy this moment while you can- a change is coming.

  3. Brian Burton 3 Jul 2009, 7:29pm

    Well, John of Derby, It’s a point of view I suppose?

  4. Simon Murphy 3 Jul 2009, 7:49pm

    What is this like in perspective as the poll seems flawed.

    It says 62% of Tory candidates support equal rights. But this is a poll done in the most ‘winnable areas’ ie if these are winnable areas support for equality will not be a dealbreaker. What is the level of support for gay rights among Tory candidates in more marginal areas?

    How does this level of support compare to Labour and LibDem candidates support for equal rights in those 2 parties safest areas. If for example 84% of Labour candidates support equal rights for gay people in Labour’s most winnable areas then the Tories have nothing to boast about.

  5. I’m worried by the fact that 47% of them presumably would have voted for McCain!!

  6. theotherone 3 Jul 2009, 10:10pm

    you are Labour Party Activists (see the Daily Mail) and I demand my £5 nfor spoting you!

  7. Torry, PiS in Poland, birds of a feather – cheap propaganda but true and complete homophobes. Steer clear of these parties and these people.

  8. These Tories are really being crafty! They have a determined and cunning plan in place to deceive us.

    This finding has been produced and publicised by “ConservativeHome”! Who or what is “ConservativeHome”? “ConservativeHome” is one single Tory twat’s website! And the Tory twat in question is a Mr. Tim Montgomerie.

    Cameron’s PR office is clearly working hard. They have got Mr. Montgomerie to produce this nonsense and clearly they have a plan to put out a pro-gay face through all sorts of other avenues as well. They know that we gays are only a small percentage of the population but they also know that a vast number of people will judge Tories by how progressive they appear to be. So by giving the impression that Tories are pro-gay, the Tory PR machine hopes to convince the public at large that it is not the reactionary, establishment, Queen-loving, Bishop-ridden, blue-blooded, fox-hunting load of public-school toffs that it really is at root.

    Click here to see what “Conservative Home” really is

  9. This smacks to me of a tory application process into the inner sanctum. I relate to this as a PR stunt designed to test the skills of potential candidates – perhaps the intent might have been more explicitly worded – ‘are you aware of, and can you say the ‘right things’ to make us look good right in the face of legitimate public suspicion that we might not mean what we say we do on equality issues?’

    Not fooled.

  10. One in three of tory candidates polled believe that gay people do not deserve equal rights and therefor support a two-tier society in which we are second-class citizens.

    Of those two thirds who claim to support equality, how many are just saying that because they know that it is what they ought to say, ragardless of how they actually feel, or vote. Do not forget that David Cameron’s voting record shows that David Cameron’s voting record shows that he thinks gay people shouldn’t be trusted with children.

  11. And the other 38% is their deeply homophobic base and will always win over the 62% who claim gay-frienliness to win elections but don’t really care if “The gays” are treated as 2nd class citizens, and never do anything to upset their base.

  12. And the other 38% is their deeply homophobic base and will always win over the 62% who claim gay-friendliness just to win the election but don’t really care if “The gays” are treated as 2nd class citizens, and never do anything to upset their base.

  13. Julian Morrison 5 Jul 2009, 1:16pm

    Racism is a good comparison. When you drag a large number of people towards a new viewpoint, there will always be a smear of stay-behinds. Given they are such a small minority, they’ll keep it quiet to avoid being sidelined, not least by their public who have also mostly moved on. Soon enough they’ll be aged out. Chill, we won.

  14. Seems like contradictory evidence given that far fewer than 62% of Tory MPs vote in favour of being pro gay-rights when it counts in the houses of commons & lords. Those are the main stats that matter, where the legislative difference is made.

  15. theotherone 5 Jul 2009, 8:06pm

    and, George, what of Gordon Brown’s record on Gay Rights? DC has voted in favour of more Gay Rights legislation that GB has.

    As I have said before: this board is awash with Labour Party Activists posing as Queers. Give it up boys – look where smeer tactics got you before.

    Anyway to this story: so Tory candates suport Queer Rights but they don’t r-e-a-l-y suport them while Gordo’s cabinate vote against Queer Rights and we pretend they love us.

  16. theotherone is right about Gordon Brown’s voting record, in fact, I’m sure I read that he never even bothered to turn up to vote on most legislation pertaining to gay rights as he was “too busy”.
    I suppose his work load (especially as Chancellor) was quite high as he was busy plundering the pension pot and adding tax upon tax to the already high tax burden of the British worker.

  17. So are we to believe that the Tory party are proud of the fact that at least a third of their candidates would deny equal rights to LGBTs?

  18. Good lord, and we reckon that 62% is pro-Tory propaganda, do we? “Vote for us and there’s a nearly two in three chance that we won’t hate and despise you” – not a very catchy offer, is it? Dear baby Jesus, send me a hung parliament….

  19. Kaz and thetherone, keep in mind that Cameron voted AGAINST getting rid of clause 28, and adoption and fertility treatment for LGBTs.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Jul 2009, 10:03am

    Two points here, firstly the poll appears to have asked about only one equal right, not a whole spectrum of them, so is it a really reliable to base an article around an issue that has probably got a lot to do with religious beliefs rather than political persuasion.

    Secondly, are we able to benchmark is against the views of the current governing party?

  21. Torys have yet to support gays in practice. They say they support gays to get gay votes but then they avoid voting on the House floor in support of the equality bills to please their Tory constituencies. The we support you but we must respect the public opinion of our supporters.
    Torys do not support gays. They just say they do. That’s a massive canyon between those two realities

  22. theotherone 9 Jul 2009, 12:44pm

    nicholson: DC and Boris have voted FOR more Gay Rights legislation than GB has…

  23. Brown has NEVER voted against gay rights legislation, Cameron has.

  24. theotherone 9 Jul 2009, 10:03pm

    Brown just didn’t turn up.

    Look at his voting record and remember: an abstention or simply not turning up does not aid the passing of a bill, it blocks it

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