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Gay charities condemn ‘weak-minded’ decision to change teachers’ code on gay issues

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  1. Simon Murphy 3 Jul 2009, 7:44pm

    here’s a test for the allegedly gay-friendly Tories. Can PinkNews or someone ask the Tories whether they would prefer the GTC to revert to the original wording and do they oppose this new text. That could prove the Tories have indeed changed.

  2. Christina Engela 3 Jul 2009, 8:47pm

    No, by all means – let them promote bigotry instead – that is always the “lesser of two evils”, isn’t it?

  3. Change the wording back to what it was and stop messing with young gay peoples lives.

  4. “…teachers are not employed to indoctrinate pupils with their personal opinions, whether religious or otherwise.”


  5. What always seems to disturb me when these bigots object to equality legislation is that they always play the “promote beliefs and lifestyles at odds with their faith” – card.

    I always wonder why these people have such blurred boundaries. Can they not take ownership of ‘their faith’ i.e. belonging to them, and not necessarily any other!

    If they want to believe, in the face of all reputable (peer-reviewed) scientific evidence: psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.. that sexual diversity (example: ‘being gay’) is a sin – then isn’t it for them not to be gay. But that is where the buck stops – they cannot expect everyone else to pander to their agenda……follow the rules of your own private member club, by all means, but please do so discretely and behind closed doors.

  6. Why shouldn’t teachers do their jobs properly when registrars have been told that they do not have religious opt outs? It is double standards…

    Considering the suicide rate of young gay people who have been victims of bullying, then I do truly believe that the people responsible for this have blood on their hands.

  7. religious fundamentalism has no place in educating children…stop funding religious schools….and while we’re at it lets get religion out of politics as well….theres no place for it in a society which has a true separation of church and state….pandering to the religious extremists has to end in this country

  8. Brian Burton 4 Jul 2009, 5:07pm

    yup yup, yes, I have to agree with your view. Religious Fundamentalism is destructive as far as I am concerned and should be got rid of.

  9. Stewart Cowan 4 Jul 2009, 6:29pm

    Tony – “Considering the suicide rate of young gay people who have been victims of bullying, then I do truly believe that the people responsible for this have blood on their hands.”

    Have you read this? – Which Gay Teens Attempt Suicide?

    Maybe it’s the so-called charities that have blood on their hands for using children as pawns in their political games?

  10. Julian Morrison 5 Jul 2009, 1:20pm

    If religions want to run schools, let them stump up the cash themselves. Their viewpoints will be quite free of interference, then!

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