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Number of openly gay Tory MPs could treble

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 2 Jul 2009, 12:59pm

    Good. And what would these people do to counter the vicious homophobia of their chums in the Euro-parliament – the Polish Law and Justice Party whose leader believes that tolerance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of humanity. Will they lobby for the dissolution of the new grouping in the Europarliament if the Polish party starts proposing facist laws designed to outlaw ‘promotion’ of homosexuality.

    Or is the fact that they are Tory an indication that they are only interested in promoting themselves and their rich chums?

  2. Would rather have a few brave men than an army of poodles fighting my cause thanks!

  3. vulpus_rex 2 Jul 2009, 1:48pm

    The repetition of out of context misinformation about european alliances is of practical interest to very few people.

    7 new gay Tory MPs is on the other hand very interesting.

    Best of luck to them if they get elected helping repair the damage of the Brown catastrophe.

  4. The Labour MEPs are allied with outright Marxists and “reformed” Communists. What does that have to do with candidates for Westminster? Nothing. Just like Simon Murphy’s sophomoric comment above. Take the victories when and where they come, dumb ass.

  5. Simon Murphy 2 Jul 2009, 3:36pm

    The alliance of the Tory Party with extremist homophobes in Poland is of enormous interest to gay voters. Labour and the LibDems are already using it to illustrate how the Tories haven’t changed. And the Tories have already gone on the defensive over these sinister new alliances pretending their homophobic, misogynistic chums in Poland are not as extremist as they appear to everyone else.

    Which is great. Gay people have as much right to be disillusioned with Labour as anyone else.

    But only a wilfully stupid gay person would vote for the Tories when they have done nothing to show they have changed their views. They have toned down the bigotted rhetoric but that’s it.

  6. Simon Murphy 2 Jul 2009, 3:38pm

    The best result for the gay community at the next election would be a coalition involving the LibDems with one of the other 2 main parties. The Tory alliance with Polish extremists is 1 very effective way to remind gay voters of just how nasty the Tories remain.

  7. Simon Murphy 2 Jul 2009, 3:44pm

    Clay: #4: “The Labour MEPs are allied with outright Marxists and “reformed” Communists. ”

    True but this is a gay news website.

    None of the reformed communists have stated openly that tolerance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of humanity. Lech Kazynski – the president of Poland and the leader of the Polish Law and Justic Party has made that statement recently.

    His brother (also a leading light in that party) has said that homosexuals are perverts.

    This is the crowd the Tories (not Labour or the LibDems or the Greens) are teaming up with. That of course is relevant and pertinent on a gay news website as it calls into serious question ‘Dave’s’ sincerity.

  8. Lezabella 2 Jul 2009, 4:13pm

    Well said Simon.

    Communists and Marxists generally do not care about sexuality- The Russian Communist Party effectively legalised no-fault divorce, abortion and homosexuality, when they abolished all the old Tsarist laws and the initial Soviet criminal code kept these liberal sexual polices in place.

    It was only when Stalin changed it that the Soviet’s views on homosexuality refused to be liberal anymore.

    And, despite the death toll on both sides; there seems to be something more hateful and sinister at the heart of Facism in comparison to true Communism. Namley, racism, homophobia and misogyny.

  9. Brian Burton 2 Jul 2009, 4:37pm

    I too echo Lezabella and Simon Murphy’s positive views on this apparent trebling of Consevative MPs. Treble Gay MPs is good, but still in minority amongst 600 MPs. The hard-line Homophobs would still have the upper hand.

  10. vulpus_rex 2 Jul 2009, 4:50pm

    Yawn, more outrageous nonsense about Tories.

    The stupid lefties will try any lie they can think of in order to discredit perfectly respectable politics.

    We haven’t heard “Tories will drink the blod of your first born yet”. Why not give that one a go – it is just as ridiculous as teh rest of the specious nonsense on here.

    Not voting Tory is effectively a vote for Labour – given their performance over the last 12 years, one would have to be either raving mad or truly, truly thick.

  11. Ha! So here is something approaching the truth! Only THREE Tories are currently openly gay. (Remember Sister Mary Clarence waxing on about how the Tory party is “infested” with gays?) And now we learn that MAYBE seven more could pluck up courage and show their little Gay Conservative noses sometime prior to the next election. Only seven! And each of them only a “maybe”!

    We need no more proof that the Tory party represents that established vein in British society that doesn’t approve of we hoemoesecksuals.

    [Enter the Sinister Nun now, strongly tempted to screech at the top of her chaste little lungs!]

  12. Simon – I respect your right to hold your own political allegiances but why do you feel the need to denegrate others who do not share your own values – you display an unpleasant and sometimes vicious nature that does your argument no credit at all. By all means promote and demonstrate your own opinions but for goodness sake except that your political views are not the only values that will be held by your fellow gay men and women. Our community is a rainbow of different experiences and idealogies – if you condemn anyone and everyone that does not share your own personal belief system you are no better than the average fanatical fascist!

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Jul 2009, 6:21pm

    True to form Eddy, here I am, you precious little twat.

    I guess you’re still waiting for me to send you that list of every homosexual in the Tory party. Wait on f*ckwit.

    I didn’t say the Conservative party was infested with gay MPs, but no point in muddying the waters with facts when you’re around is there.

  14. Stuart Neyton 2 Jul 2009, 7:27pm

    “if elected, the party may have another seven openly gay MPs.”

    What, is this is every single tory candidate is elected? This is pointless. I live in an area that labour couldn’t lose if it stood a pile of dog turd wearing a red rosette for election. Although I doubt that would spend £15,000 in three years on cleaning products so I guess that would be an improvement.

    I also echo concerns about the Polish Law and Justice Party. Actually, as far as i’m concerned, every tory MP could be gay, but it won’t change my opinion of them until they change their policies.

  15. Once more, I am stunned into silence by the unbelievable brilliance of Sister Mary Clarence and vulpus-rex whose truly amazing arguments, knowledge of politics, humility and originality – expressed in the style to which we are all so accustomed – are of a standard worthy of a best selling publication.

    The Daily Mail.

  16. vulpus_rex 2 Jul 2009, 11:56pm

    Ivan – not quite sure what your obsession with me is but I’m happily partnered up and even if I weren’t have no interest in third rate academics.

    Sorry hon, but could you please stalk someone else?

  17. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Jul 2009, 2:39am

    Staggering isn’t it that even Labour’s back benchers are revolting (pardon the pun) and yet the Labour trolls on here won’t have a word said against Labur and anyone who dares to support to opposition is the devil incarnate.

  18. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Jul 2009, 2:39am

    By the way Ivan, you’re certainly added to the debate … greatly

  19. Vulpus_Rex: “Not voting Tory is effectively a vote for Labour”
    I appreciate where you are coming from, but after the expenses scandal, faith in all three of the major parties is at an all time low, and with talk of major parliamentary reforms, including the possibility of proportional representation, I think now is probably the best time ever to vote for an alternative. The fact that everyone was noticeably frightened that fringe elements like the BNP might get seats demonstrated that. This country needs a bloody good shake up. Cut 200 MP’s, abolish the whips and get us the hell out of Europe.

  20. Can increasing the number of “out” LGB people encourage agencies and organisations to chance their attitudes? It’s been tried in the Police, military etc to a certain degree and there have been suceses. However, the Tory Party in my humble opinion is not the place for Gay MPs. I don’t believe this new cuddly feely hoodie hugging pink frothy old Etonian opposition front bench. Join the Lib Dems if you want tobe an MP!

  21. The Daily Mail is an aggressive rag with bigoted undetones like racism and chauvinism. They have headlines in giant letters like:

    “IMMIGRANTS: RUINING BRITAIN!”- then in small print it will say ‘according to a report’ from some obscure ‘University’.

    Or here’s the other common theme:

    “WOMEN: KIDDING THEMSELVES IF THEY WANT A CAREER!”- says some random housewife from hertforsdhire.

    It talks non-stop about how hard done by straight white males are; yeah it must be really difficult getting paid more than your female counterparts for the same damned job, or being given more job opportunities when you leave school/college/uni even though females attain higher grades than males every year in exams, it must be hard really hard having the overwhelming majority of MPs representing you, and the overwhelming majority of company board members/directors/well paid jobs respresenting your demograph.

    It’s a vile newspaper. Absoloutely vile. If it’s front page doesn’t have immigrants/terrorism/Muslims on the front cover then it has poor Lady Di splashed over it. Awful paper, awful.

  22. Lezabella, yep, The Daily Mail is utterly vile. The extraordinary thing is the large number of “nice” people who read it. Our last neighbours read it, every day, while at the same time always inviting us over for a cup of tea! Can you imagine trying to make worthwhile and genuine conversation with two lonely Daily Mail readers when you are two gay people and they know it, because you’re out. Firstly, they won’t “have any language”, so your expression is gagged, then they discourage any talk of anything going anywhere near sex, and then thirdly they come out with such lines as, “Blacks! Line them up and shoot the lot of them!” Point is: these Daily Mail readers are all round us, they are the nice people sitting beside you on the bus, taking your money at the petrol station. Their heads are full of crap and we’re dealing with them on a daily basis. There seem to be two existences going on in the UK today: the official politically-correct one that is reflected on a lot of TV and radio, and this is other hidden one that is nurtured by the likes of the Daily Mail. What newspaper does your average BNP member read, I wonder?

  23. That list is incomplete, I know for sure of at least one more out Tory gay who is fighting a safe seat on the retirement of the incumbent Conservative MP.

  24. Lezabella 3 Jul 2009, 1:53pm

    Spot on Eddy.

    This is something BNP-ish curdling away at the heart of Britain, papers like The Scum (Sun) and the Mail are exasperating the problem.

    Granted immigration needs a tighter reign on it, especially since Brits are being made redundant, however this logical opposition is being twisted and turned into a pathological hatred of foreigners in a lot of people by the Mail and the Sun.

    My Mum and Dad buy the Mail On Sunday aswell as The Sunday Mirror. They buy the Mail so they read a bit of ‘serious news’ and not sex scandals like the Sunday Mirror; and when I’m there and read it I’m disgusted. The paper is aggressive in it’s style and headlines, and assumes every reader is some Middle-Class div ‘being taxed to the rafters’ (everyone gets taxed to the bloody rafters it’s England!), or my personal favourite and always a prominent feature: ‘False rape claim lost this man his job’- horrible thing as that is, why do they not report on EVERY real rape that happens in Britian, or how the conviction rate is at 6% due to a ‘culture of scepticism in the police’ (Guardian, 2007), why don’t they print cases linked to that- i.e 94% of them?…..because they wouldn’t have enough pages that’s why. Even today it has a headline ‘GAY conman swindled blah blah blah’-why is the fact that he’s gay important or even mentioned?!

    It’s a horrible newspaper obsessed with men and male pride, bashing Muslims, bashing gays and any woman who is not a middle-class housewife.

  25. And whilst we are having a bash at the Daily Mail just what is it with Quentin Letts and his weirdly obsessional hatred of John Bercow. For a so called ‘political correspondent’ his diatribes are unbelievably mean spirited.

    BTW I never buy the Daily Mail but keep an eye on their website ‘to see what the enemy is up to.’ I have responded at times to some of their articles on their readers comments,in a very rational and non-abusive way, but have yet to see one of them printed! Could someone please reassure me that entering their website in no way gives them any monetary benefit?

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