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US government formally apologises to fired gay astronomer

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  1. I can appreciate John Berry’s responsibility to send this letter to Franklin Kameny, but, IMO it would have had real impact if it included the name and signature of the President of the United States of America.

  2. Brian Burton 2 Jul 2009, 6:38am

    I’m only greatful Franklin got the letter of apology at all. Having waited 50 years plus, makes me wonder how many fired Gays was there in those days? I was around in 1957, Lord Montague, Micheal Pitt-Rivers and Peter Wildblood were Jailed for Homosexual offences. When I enterd the UK Army, at one point I told my Commanding Officer that I was Gay. I was transfered from my posting In Bengazi (N. Africa) to Sunny Cyprus. Funnily enough, in Cyprus, I met other Gay Soldiers but all a bit subdued. After all, the ‘Concenting Adults’ Bill was still five years away. In those days, Jail was still used as punishment for just being your self.

  3. I wonder how long it will take for all the fired military personel to get their apologies. It is a bit lame for one hand to send an apology something that the other hand is still doing!

  4. Good to see a Government that has the balls to apologise, but perhaps the apology would be more meaningful if it was accompanied by a cheque for the lost earnings and a career blighted!!

    Seems a little out of kilter for this apology to be made while Lt. Dan Choi of the NY National Guard has just been recommended for ‘dishonourable discharge’ for uttering three small words “I am gay!”

    Sometimes saying ‘Sorry’, while good, is just not quite enough!!

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