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Obama tells gay activists: ‘Judge me by the promises I keep’

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Reader comments

  1. Tell that to Dan Choi Obama or the LGBT in Texas and Calafonia Obama.

  2. California even!

  3. Seems fair… when he finally comes through for LGBT rights I will revise my judgement but in the meantime he looks like all mouth and no trousers.

  4. Simon Murphy 1 Jul 2009, 1:23pm

    He has about 2.5 years to keep his promises. It is only reasonable to expect him to keep his pre-election promises in his 1st term as there is no guarantee he will get re-elected. The final year of his 1st terms is spent on campaiging for relection. If DADT and DOMA are not repealed by Christmas 2011 then he’s broken his promises and the LGBT community should not vote to re-elect him.

    Notice that he did not give any reason for his unacceptable delay in scrapping DADT or his viciously hateful position in defending DOMA (comparing gay marriage to incest)

  5. Har Davids 1 Jul 2009, 2:11pm

    If the president of the US can start a war whenever it pleases him, repealing stupid acts shouldn’t be much of a problem, so why the stalling?

  6. Why can’t he explaint what his plans are, what his timetable is and why there hasn’t been any action so far? I know things can move slowly but people need a bit more than just being asked to trust him and bear with him. I think he genuinely wants to copy Tony Blair and get equality changes through, but how much work has actually taken place on the logistics of making it happen?

  7. Promises you keep! What Promises you keep????

  8. This just breaks my heart.
    I had such hi hopes for this president. I ate up everything he said and believed it with all my heart.

    It’s like finding out a horrible truth about someone you love, you don’t want to believe it even when the truth is right in front of you.

    I agree, short of his competition being Sarah Palin, if he does not fix this and actually fulfill his promises, I will not be voting for him again.

  9. Deal!

    The second you keep one and I’ll judge it.

    Until then I’m going to keep raising hell and keeping the fire to your feet to STRONGLY encourage you to DO, rather than just TALKING about doing, the right thing.

  10. Christopher 2 Jul 2009, 4:55am

    “Judge me by the promises I keep” not by the promises I break. Whaaaaaaaaaaat??????

  11. Lezabella 2 Jul 2009, 2:09pm

    And so, The Cult Of Personality around Obama begins to unravel.

    Well, well, well. I didn’t see that coming, not one bit.

    Pathetic. He was and is financed by the same people who financed Bush.

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