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Film Review: Bruno

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 1 Jul 2009, 7:53pm

    I’m curious to see if the character of Bruno holds a light up to homophobic attitudes or merely reinforces those attitudes in its audience. Will the movie challenge people’s homophobia or merely confirm it? I’ll probably find it funny. Will a closeted 16 year old attending with his homophobic mates feel better or worse about himself after seeing this movie I wonder?

  2. Good point Simon.
    Don’t think I’ll see this- I hate watching people being wound up and embarrassed, even when they’re horrible people. Just makes me squirm!

  3. Stuart Neyton 1 Jul 2009, 9:00pm

    Well, for starters the film is rated 18 for some random reason so these closeted 16 yr olds will have to find another way to see it. But it’s a difficult one; did Borat increase racism? I think, in a way, he’s challenging stereotypes by being so ridiculously stereotypical. He’s making the people he interviews look foolish or backward rather than himself or the gay community. Not that i’ve seen it yet, but i’m sure if it’s homophobic you’ll send them an email; that’ll teach them! ;)

    After Borat, people flocked to Kazakhstan to see what it was really like. I wouldn’t be surprised if more straight people turn out to gay pride events as a result.

  4. I think it will just depend on peoples’ viewpoint as to whether they will love or hate this film. Personally, having watched the trailer, I suspect I will find it hilarious. It seems clear from my own viewpoint that this Bruno character will set up the situations, and let the homophobes show themselves up for the bigots they are. This seems to be what he has done with using this character in the TV spots from previous years, many of which can easily be found on YouTube. I think it will show that whilst there are many people who claim to be tolerant of us gays in public, when cajoled they will display their true homophobic colours.

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