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Chris Moyles and Jonathan Ross attack Graham Norton’s new show

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 1 Jul 2009, 1:43pm

    no doubt you’ll say that J Ross was homophobic for not liking the show…

  2. Simon Murphy 1 Jul 2009, 1:50pm

    The show is utter CRAP. Norton should leave it. He has too much talent to be associated with such rubbish

  3. Matt Gaynor 1 Jul 2009, 2:01pm

    Seriously, is this really the remit of Pink News? This is an article about a truly dreadful television programme and two people making exactly that comment about it. What about that makes it worthy of this news site? The fact the presenter of said show is gay? A somewhat tenuous link methinks…

  4. I have pretty low expectations of the Saturday evening viewing experience anyhow, and I can say with hand on heart that having watched this show all my expectations were met.
    It was never going to be a particularly highbrow affair, was it?

  5. why is this even being reported on by the pink news? all because rgaham is gay? is has no relevence to news what so ever, unless i assume your attempting to label others as homophobic???

    the show is appauling, end of, moyles and ross are only saying what were all thinking! Mayeb pink news should concentrate on actual real stories instead of filling space with utter drivel that has nothing to do with LGBT news or issues!

  6. I think the news here, Drew, is that for the first time, Chris Moyles and Jonathan Ross talk sense – a feat in itself worthy of an article!! Frame the moment, my sentiments exactly.

    One caveat – especially applicable to these entertainment heavyweights – people in glass houses should not throw stones. I never saw the programmes of either presenter as an oasis of deep thought.

  7. Brian Burton 1 Jul 2009, 4:31pm

    Who gives a flying toss as a famous Pink threader would say?

  8. Does anyone really care about the opinions of Moyles or Ross ? Given their own broadcasting reconds they’re hardly qualified to be arbiters of ‘good taste’. The Norton show may well be crap for all I know, but attempting to court cheap public opinion by slagging off someone else just cheapens the ‘critics’.

  9. Well said ‘AndySam’ couldn’t agree with you more. Moyles and Ross are self opinionated/ over paid c**ts..who are just trying gain attention and be provocative by saying this … that doesn’t mean I think that the Morton show is any good….in my opinion it isn’t

  10. This is why I go out and drink on saturday nights.
    Saturday tv = rubbish.

  11. theotherone 1 Jul 2009, 6:05pm

    j: all tv’s rubbish.

    Throw your telly out, it’s only taking up valuable space you could use for books, DVDs, records, whips, cat-o-nine tails…whatever you fancy realy.

  12. I thought it was harmless fun – bought a little fun back into Saturday night TV. Shame the new show seems to be universally hated!!

  13. Brian Burton 2 Jul 2009, 5:54am

    Why is Ross and Moyles given Pink News time, when the two of them contribute Zero to Gay rights or any other facet of Gay enterprise?

  14. Agree the show is truly dreadful, although with regard to Chris Moyles criticism, maybe he should address the utter shite that is his own radio & TV shows first, oh of course, they’re dreadful shows because Chris is in them.

  15. “Who gives a flying toss?” as I was quoted.

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