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EXCLUSIVE: Boris “delighted” that Sarah Brown will be attending Pride London

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Reader comments

  1. I understand he was drunk at the reception and could hardly put two words together during his speech!

    Why did you not put London mayor drunk a gay pride reception or was the supposed to be swept under the carpet! He was hardly being respectful to us as a community by doing that was he?

  2. Brian Burton 30 Jun 2009, 7:14am

    BONKING BORIS, he’ll always be Bonking Boris since being caught with his pants down. Cameron is greatful Boris is tucked out the way in the folds of the Mayor thing. I notice Boris’s Deputy has had his sticky fingers in the cookie jar and has steped down. I surgest Vulpus rex for the pinky ring kisser position. Now thats a quantum leap, Pink News bore to Boris’s pinky ring kisser!

  3. Abi, you couldn’t accuse Boris of having lost his marbles. His choice of Sappho (his recital her works in Greek was impressive) as topic in the speech was an appropriate reminder to the people of Athens that London will not, ever lose its marbles to such a polluted hell-hole.

    I understand there were three whackjob protesters outside – I must have already been in the building by the time they arrived, otherwise.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 9:10am

    The key thing there Brian is that he stepped down. I think the gripe that a lot of us have with Labour is that they do not step down when caught out for wrong doing

  5. I think its a bit rich to describe Boris getting a tad tiddley at last year’s Pride as ‘disrespectful to the gay community’ when literally 1000s of our community can be seen swaying round the streets of Vauxhall and Soho drunk as skunks or high on whatever narcotic is falvour of the week. There is no room for pious monkish twaddle, the Mayor entered into the spirit of the ocassion and had a darn good time. Good On Him. And also good on him putting his son’s birthday first this year or will there be prim little Miss Prism tutt tutting about that too?! It is amazing how so many of my gay brothers love to play both the victim card and hug the self righteous moral high ground all in the same hand. Relax, enjoy life a little more!

  6. Simon Murphy 30 Jun 2009, 9:33am

    Does Boris still believe that gay marriage is the equivalent of marrying your pet I wonder?

  7. How can you tell if Boris is sober or drunk?????

  8. I think Boris is comical, and any of his ‘gaffes’ are not meant to hurt anyone, he’s just a bit of a buffoon! :)

  9. Strange … “due to family commitments” Boris avoided giving a speech at the Pride event last year. There was a Pink News Exclusive at the time in which Boris reportedly said he was committed to Pride in future years. You can search for the article with terms “exclusive boris pride”

  10. Boris is a court jester, not a serious public figure. I’d be amazed if he didn’t get wellied at a public occasion.

  11. @ Thomas. I was at the reception yesterday. Boris, by his own admission, was just back from a wedding in Greece where he had been indulging. He was rather incoherent and what is said was, in my view irrelevant to the situation (you can view his “speech” here).

    The difference between Boris and the swaying 1000’s is that Boris was performing an official function where he is representing London and Londoners. They swaying 1000’s are not.

  12. “I understand he was drunk at the reception and could hardly put two words together during his speech!”

    I think you’ll find that’s how he acts normally.

  13. Drunk you say? Lefties never criticised Red Ken for that.

  14. Boris indeed appeared to have ‘lost his marbles’ because he was intoxicated. Although I suspect his choice of ridiculing the Greeks because of the fuss they made about Sappho was more to do with reminding the people of Athens that they are not getting theirs back, than a tribute to lesbian culture.

    The trouble with Boris, is he can never be serious about anything. You expect his mum to march in at any moment and ask him to tidy his room.

  15. He is hardly a good advoctae for the gay rights movement which is now focussing its energies and equal marriage rights when he described gay men marrying as like a man marrying a dog. What is he actually going to DO for us! Remember how progressive Ken was in his support for gay rights- he set up a partnership register even before there was legislation to back it up. That’s forward-thinking and progressive. Where is Boris’s equivalent to that? Obviously there will never be one as he will just jump on the bandwagon and say he supports Pride because he knows it brings money to London. So it clashes with his son’s birthday? Feeble excuse! Has he recorded a message to be played? Pride is not just one day- it is a weel of events- which other events will he be attending? He is RUBBISH and no friend to the gay community!

  16. Brian – what does “surgest” mean? If you must contribute your senile ramblings, you could at least use english.

  17. @Tony

    OT – Are you Tony Grew? If you are, welcome back to Pink News.

  18. Brian Burton 30 Jun 2009, 2:54pm

    Vulpus, thankyou Kindly. You always swallow the bait and respond in an imature manner!

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jul 2009, 1:36pm

    I find it a bit rich, bashing Brown. So where’s Cameron’s wife, staying home? Better yet, why doesn’t her “partner” march to prove beyond any doubt that he’s pro-equality and pro gay. Prove it Cameron, go that extra mile and embarrass Brown! Not going to happen because its going to offend too many tories and their supporters and cause a hissy fit in the C of E. He and Brown are nowhere near as supportive of full equality than PM Zapatero of Spain or former Canadian premier, Paul Martin and former leaders of Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and South Africa, the real radicals and progressives.

  20. Brian Burton 2 Jul 2009, 5:56pm

    Robert, ex-pat Brit,
    You always hit the nail on the head you do! (Now, an expression I hate!) Right-on Man!
    Are you always going to be ex-pat? Your Country Needs You my Boy!

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