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David Miliband: Our aim is Pride Global

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Reader comments

  1. listen miliband you and your soon to be ex-govt dont want us to have equality in the uk thats bad enough but to lecture other countries about our rights when we’re still second class here, thats just insulting. stfu.

  2. Repellant though his government be, I find David Milliband to be strangely attractive.

  3. stfu – which rights in patrticular are you referring to? Do you think a conservative govt would have introduced the laws that Labour has done over their term in power (soon to be ended I agree) that in fact do stand out as being about the most comprehensive in the world.

  4. Fien to talk about global aspirations for LGBT rights – I doff my cap. But what about allowing faith schools in this very country, to psychologically bully chiuldren with nonsense such as homosexuality being a sin? When is he going to tackle that institutionalised bigotry sanctioned by his own government? And what about gettign rid of nearly 100 Sharia kangaroo courts, operating in this country, too? Let’s hear about how you are going to deal with that, otherwise it almosr sounds like hypocrisy.

  5. paul the tories would have introduced none of them unless they were forced too. but the tories being a shower of homophobes doesnt excuse the labour government for being homophobic (though to a lesser degree)

    if i had the choice id prefer labour in power because we’re less likely to lose the rights that we have been granted in the last 12 years, i just wish that labour people would stop telling people that their for us and equality for us. their not. if they were we’d have it.

    stfu isnt a name its short for shut the **** up.

  6. Yes, there are a few homophobes in the Labour Party, and sure there are Tories, Lib Dems and members of other parties who support gay rights, but since the 1960s it’s been Labour who have consistently delivered on gay rights, especially since 1997.

    There are now no laws on the statue book that discriminate against gay people – and that’s thanks to Labour (and give credit to the members of other parties who supported this legislation).

    There’s no way this government could be described as homophobic as some individuals posting to this site have suggested. Indeed, the revolution in the rights of gay people in the UK since 1997 are probably one of its proudest achievements.

  7. MCC’s totally correct, but as Milliband says ‘Labour’s record on equality is the terrain on which are differences with the conservatives are the most stark.’ Or to put it another way ‘we may generally be war mongering, market worshipping, privatising, union hating suits nearly identical to the other lot – but in eleven years of power we did do ONE good thing because it was right.’ Fine, they did one good thing, but it’s not gonna save them now…

  8. Yes, labour have done a huge amount for the gay community and we should all be thankful for the amazing changes that have taken place and which we benefit from. But it seems as though Miliband is saying that they have provided equality in the UK and will now focus on putting pressure on foreign countries to do the same as them. He says that they will pressure European countries to provide civil partnerships if they do not already do so. BUT what about European countries that do not provide civil partnerships because they already provide marriage equality? Perhaps it is other European countries, like Spain, that should be pressuring the UK to step into line with them and improve their record on equality. There are other issues that need to be addresses other than marriage equality. Homophobia in schools is shocking and institutionalised and government policies of not requiring Ofsted to check on equalities traing etc and policies allowing state funding of faith schools all set back the equality agenda. There is still a lot to do before the UK can set itself up as a shining example to other countries.

  9. Sadly I don’t think our Govt or the US Govt will be able to stop the “Slaughter” of innocent LGBT people in backward thinking nations however much I wish they could. Yes Labour has changed our wrongs for Rights over its term in office; the Tories would not have (or been dragged kicking and screaming by the EU into compliance). But its the Lib Dems who would protect us the best. So thanks, Mr Milliband and all your gay friendly mates but don’t try and make us believe we live in “Fairyland UK”; there are still too many out there who would pull our wings off given the chance!

  10. Nice words David Milliband and thank you but you can’t convince us we live in “Fairyland UK” and everything in the garden is lovley; there are still a few ogres who would pull our wings off given the chance and I sadly feel that nations who want to “slaughter” innocent Gay people will not listen to Mr Milliband or Mrs Clinton’s fine words. And yes, to be fair to labour we are in a much safer and stronger postion than we were under the Tories who would have had to be dragged kicking and screaming by the EU through the European Equalities courts to repleal section 28 etc! The Lib Dems however, need a chance to prove that they too a as gay friendly as Labour if not more so! (and their leader’s better looking than the other 2!)

  11. Global Governemnt is your aim, you mean.

  12. Though not a Labour member, I strongly support them. I would rather die than vote for a Cameron govt. The first thing they would do is grant tax concessions to the rich and limit growth in public services. Secondly, just as it took 6-8 years for the demonstration of very worst homophobia by the Conservatives under Thatcher, a cuddly Cameron is but a surface veneer for the unreconstructed Tory ranks who would chip away at our hard won freedoms. Anyone who thinks the Conservatives would put their weight and influence behind campaigns to tackle homophbia in schools (the root of all homophobic evils IMO) is naive or blind. I can just see the campaign of vilifcation in The Mail and Telepgraph running rampant under a new TOry govt. Section 28 came after a year of a deliberately targeted campaign of loony left stories and hatred whipped up by these stooges. Thatcher threw us to the wolves on Section 28. Think it won’t happen again? I personally dread the resurgence of establisment homophobia under the Tories. So… Section 28, Age of Consent, Armed Forces, Adoption, Civil Partnerships, Discrimination in Employment and Services, Incitement, Laws on Harassment, Programs on homophobia in schools.. That’s not perfection, not total equality, not the end of progression to full equality, but better than most other countries. The claims are not hypocrisy but like all policitians a little hyperbolic. Time for me to stfu

  13. Brian Burton 30 Jun 2009, 6:37pm


    NO! you are a lot of usless blowhards who cannot bring themselves to support anyone but their own selfish positions. Can anyone visualise Fatty Pickles or Bloated Clark or any other corpulent member of the Conservatives, waving Gay flags in the air?

  14. Cobus Fourie 30 Jun 2009, 9:27pm

    “The UK now sets a global standard in equal legal rights” WHAT?!
    Is this a farce or something or does this man believe the ridiculous statement? Domestic Partnerships = Marriage? NO.
    Separate yet equal? – sounds like Apartheid to me…
    Why was Tatchell snubbed by not being invited to the Prime Minister’s quaint little faerie-pretend-land party filled with little sycophants?

  15. J Mathews 1 Jul 2009, 1:42pm

    Pride Global???? hahahahah

    Has he even heard the venomous hatred spouted from the hateful bigotted mouth of iris robinson, MP at westminster??

  16. James Whale 1 Jul 2009, 6:28pm

    How quickly some people forget.

    This government’s record on gay equality is nothing short of outstanding; in 10 years they did away with inequalities stretching back decades, and credit must be given where credit is due. The impending Equalities Bill will level the playing field even further. And while not everyone may agree with civil partnerships being a fair substitute for full marriage, I’ll be damned if I’d trade them for where we were pre-2005 when we didn’t have anything at all.

    I’m so BORED of the one-sidedness of you Labour-haters. You just sit there, waiting for an opportunity to have a go, your default position that of a coiled spring just waiting to explode forth with habitual, knee-jerk venom about how awful this government is, without even taking the time to THINK about the good things – about just how far we’ve come, and how quickly. Your blinkered vitriol smacks of such thoughtlessness – no balance, no need to tell both sides, no need to compare our government with some of the TRULY terrible regimes around the world which actively oppress, imprison and murder their populations. You think you’ve got it bad here? You cynical, desperately-forgetful ingrates. Go and live in Zimbabwe, or Iran, and then tell me the UK government is a bad one. GET SOME PERSPECTIVE – even with the recession, things are pretty damn good in this country right now.

    A senior government minister calling for global pride? Take a step back for a moment and just think about that, and what it means. It’s not only bold – it’s utterly unprecedented. David Miliband should be highly praised for taking such a positive stance on gay equality.

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