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India moves closer to decriminalisation of homosexual acts

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Reader comments

  1. This is desperately needed for so many reasons, it will help India be perceived as a more forward-thinking country, it will aid social progress, it will protect people’s health, it will be a step forward for human rights and justice etc etc.

  2. Ban all indians from the UK and see how quick the governement will change their mind! It’s digusting the UK allows citizens of this country into the UK to spread their hate for gay people..London has become the most homophobic place on earth allowing un skilled people from these homophobic countries enter the UK..

  3. Wishy Washy champagne socialists reading John’s comment will throw their hands up in the air but he does have a highly relevant point. This is an issue which is brushed under the carpet by those that tiptoe around the elephant in the room – the vastly increasing numbers of fundamentalist christians from Nigeria etc, right-wing catholics from eastern Europe and fanatical moslems from Pakistan etc who share exactly the same attitudes and viscious hatred towards gay people as the most far right BNP supporter.

    As these communities grow rapidly (as their birth-rates far out-strip the longer established and more educated populations (and that includes whites, Caribbeans and Indians) the incidences of homphobia and calls to take away our hard-fought for equalities will grow and the apologists for unchecked immigration will realise the disasterous folly of their inaction.

  4. It’s about time

    @John/Thomas – It’s baseless to suggest that immigration is the reason for homophobia. We’re in a country where over 90% of the population is still white, the immigration notwithstanding.

    Narrow minded people can only be enlightened using education. Homophobia in US is even worse, not because of immigration, but because the government is spineless and does absolutely nothing about the white fundamentalists whose votes they so desperately need.

    It’s the same sad story all over the world.

  5. Congratulations to Vikram Phukan, to the members of the Advisory Board and to Ashok Row Kavi of the ‘Bombay Dost’.

    I suspected things were moving in the right direction in India when the UN subsidized the rebirth of your great gay magazine last month. I received my copy in the mail as promised. Love you guys.

  6. @John and Thomas: Uh… you are aware that this article is about India, not Pakistan or Muslims right? “Unskilled workers”? Huh? Most of the Indian immigrants are more likely to be educated and less likely to be on welfare than whites lol.

    No surprise that this has turned into Paki/Muslim bashing since we’re on a British website.

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