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Gay teen exorcism shows “medieval mindset” of ‘ex-gay’ ministries

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  1. Glad to see that organizations are beginning to speak out on this evidence of appalling medieval barbarism taking place TODAY in a developed first-world nation.

    There is no doubt that the young man on the floor was subjected to a dangerously traumatic experience, even though he may have initially “assented” to it.

    I understand that last week there was a report that similar “exorcisms” of the “satanic gay spirit” are currently being performed here in the UK too.

    This behaviour is indescribably outrageous and the perpetrators ought to be the subject of police investigation.

    (A note for the few warped readers who visit these pages here at Pink News: if you’re desperate to experience a palpitating thrill, go pay for a regular bungee jump, and at all costs avoid the likes of the mama in this video – regardless of whatever mama-fixation you may have!)

  2. john sharp 29 Jun 2009, 1:55pm

    I had EXODUS round at my house in indonesia two years ago.
    EXODUS could not hurt me but too true they pray on weak minds
    a ll religious indoctrinations to minors should be outlawed

  3. “There is no doubt that the young man on the floor was subjected to a dangerously traumatic experience, even though he may have initially “assented” to it…”


    Yes, Eddy and at the risk of repeating myself, it is not only the likes of this fringe on the fringes ‘sect’.
    I was told nearly 50 years ago, to go and get electric shock aversion therapy by the priest in charge at the seminary where I was studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood.
    I pondered about it but didn’t fancy the idea and just walked out of the seminary and the practice of my religion all on the same day.
    I am glad I did; glad to God!!
    What would have happened to me had I obeyed the priest’s advice and submitted to that ‘therapy’, I dread to think even now almost 50 years later and it so easily could have happened!
    I was a very devout kid; the priest’s word was God’s word.
    So it is not just the whackoes and Mama Blubberguts in Connecticut, it is every pontiff of the RCC too; no different; just looks a bit more respectable, that’s all; nice vestments; stained glass; all the trimmings.
    But nonetheless dangerous for being ‘establishment’ and non-fringe.
    I hate the bloody lot of the ponces, every last man-jack.
    Sorry to bore everyone silly with this again, but the problem needs to be constantly monitored and sat on flat whether it is from the Church of the Holy Whacko or the Roman Catholic Church; it is the same outrageous abuse.
    It is takes me all my time when I hear of this shite not to take a can of 4 star and set light to the nearest Catholic sodding Church, which in my case is SALFORD BASTARD CATHEDRAL.

    Ashes to ashes…?
    I’d give ’em ashes to sodding ashes!
    Pick the bones out of that.!
    Bastards, I hate them all.

    A priest told me not so long ago that the advice I received all those years ago was bad advice.
    And that would have helped me enormously, wouldn’t it, if I had submitted to the therapy as advised by the priest?
    Oh yes, it’d have been a tremendous help!!!
    I’d have gone through with the therapy in good faith, thinking I was ‘doing the will of God’, on the priest’s advice… and then the Church goes and has a bleedin’ re-think?
    And in the meantime I am left a gibbering idiot?
    Well stuff the Church and all religion, as in ALL religion.
    It didn’t help Galileo either when they decided that the earth might very well be going around the sun after all; another ‘re-think’.
    What did they do to him, prison for yonks was it?

    Kiss mine, not on the north side not on the south side but right in the groove.
    Salford….and I don’t care if the Bishop of Salford learns of my ‘wish’.
    He can carry the sodding can while I fumble with the matches, the bastards.

  4. Oh dear.. whatever next!

  5. Its not just the ex-gay aspect that riles me.
    Also the ex-cancer,ex-blind,ex-arthritis,ex-schizophrenia,ex-cerebral palsy,ex-HIV,ex-scoliosis.
    Ex-nothing! Some people going through these perverse rituals will be dead before they realise it was all a hoax.
    No Keith, you are not boring anyone.

  6. You’re not boring anyone Keith. Well said and well done!

  7. You’re not boring anyone Keith, well said and well done!

  8. Brian Burton 29 Jun 2009, 4:51pm

    These exorcist creatchers who prey on the mentaly vunrable in society, need eradicating before they can gain a cyber foot-hold. It is to every Gay Persons’ detrement when these abomnable exorcisums take place in any Country.

  9. theotherone 29 Jun 2009, 4:54pm

    calm down keith, you’ll drop the matches in a mood like that.


  10. @ Keith – Not boring me at all. It can be cathartic to vent about such matters, get it out the system and all that. I’m always grateful to have got out of Christianity at a relatively young age as well. I shudder to think about the psychological mess they could have made of me had I not. Thankfully, I got out and am very happy with the person I am today.

  11. # 8 theotherone and # 9 George…

    # 8 Hahaha.!

    Is that the normal, eshtuary english ‘calm down’ or is it the Scouse ‘caaarm down! caaarm down, der mace..!’…(tr. calm down, calm down, there, mate!)


    And # 9 George..!

    Lucky you, getting out in time and from that which you say, could I urge any young, newly ordained Catholic priest/religious who might just be reading these lines to jump ship now while you are still young..?
    There must be some young Catholic priest somewhere reading all this and struggling desperately with his own orientation and his ecclesiastical career.

    Leave it!
    Juggle no further.!
    Dump and run, literally for your life, your sanity!
    You were ‘called’ by no-one; it is a trick!

    Being homosexual is in itself ‘calling’ enough to deal with in life.
    Don’t deal with it, i.e. suppress it, and it will end in alcoholism or worse.

    It is a full time job being true to yourself, a point which Ratzinger and his boyff (…they think we haven’t sussed…) Bishop(?) Georg Ganschwein ‘overlook.’
    The anger I feel is that what was written in stone about homosexuality and also about the sun going around the earth, share a common theme; the stone isn’t really stone.

    The undertaking of the – ahem! – ‘therapy’ that I was advised to undergo and the incarceration that Galileo endured, were each some time later the subject of ecclesiastical apologies; that stone turned to strawberry jelly.
    In my case it was later said to me that I had had bad advice handed to me years before.

    In Galileo’s case they realised, and had to admit, that the earth and sister planets went around the sun.
    In my case (and btw, all the other umpteen billion homosexual people on the planet).. I/we are ‘intrinsically morally disordered’, or some such shite, according to today’s popeface and his predecesors.

    Galileo has been vindicated; he has had, albeit posthumously, his ‘Knickers to the pope’ day.

    But we?
    We are still waiting for it to be proved that homosexuality is a natural occurrence, still waiting for our ‘Galileo’ moment, holding on for our ‘told you so’ day.
    And until we get it, (hurry up you scientists!), we have to be ever strident against these Mama Fatguts types, in Connecticut and His Horrendousness in Rome.
    They get away with it, that is the galling thing!
    They are found to be wrong, they apologise and then that’s all right; all’s forgiven.
    What about Galileo’s incarceration?
    What about me and the gibbering idiot I would have become if I had had the electro-convulsive therapy?
    All neatly there-there’d..!
    It’s like the M.Ps and their expenses..
    Oh tusk tusk.!! it was an oversight…an error…an administrative malfunction.
    M.P.s ?
    Shit-head ponces the lot of them!

    Pass me that jerry can of 4 star..!


  12. And how long did the church take concede that Galileo was right? Wasn’t it in the 1990s that the Pope officially said that the Earth revolved around the Sun??

    The Galileo issue is very like the gay , in my opinion. The church quoted chunks of the Bible to ‘prove’ Galileo was wrong too. I just hope it doesn’t take them centuries to concede the LGBT case!

  13. Iris –

    The RCC doesn’t have centuries to’concede the LGBT case’. It is soon going into bankrupcy, and there are more funerals than ‘infant baptisms’. Need I say more.

    Keith –

    You couldn’t bore me, you just couldn’t.

    Eddy –

    Good to see you back.

  14. @ Keith – Science has already proved, many times over by now, that homosexuality is entirely normal in humans and in many other animals. There’s a lot of published research out there proving this. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the church to admit to this, it might take them at least a few centuries to catch up with what everyone else already knows & accepts (not unlike the delay in admittance as occurred for poor Galileo).

  15. Guys venting off about the Roman Catholic church is good for the soul but please try to help the more vulnerable and gullible in the gay community – namely our gay young people and others, to stay away from all and any happy clapper ‘churches’ let us all educate our gay youth, who are our future, to steer clear of these crackpot organisations. Please spread the new and the information – KEEP OUT OF ‘SPIRIT FILLED’ ‘churches’ FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

  16. Keith and Bentham, thank you for acknowledgements.

    Two further thoughts:

    Re. the video of the exorcism. There is a strong parallel between this video and the videos that came out of Iraq shortly after the Allied Forces took control, of Allied troops humiliating prisoners. In fact, I would say the Exorcism video is more horrifying. But where is the public outcry over the treatment of the young gay man and the excruciating trauma to which he has been subjected?

    Re. Keith’s line of thought, that deluded Hallelujah-screeching Mamas in the US of A are no different from vicars, ministers, and priests in pulpils – or, for that matter, mullahs at Muslim Friday Prayers. A few years ago I sought out a priest who had had an enormous impact on me as a child. Every Sunday I sat there in church absorbing his long 45-minute sermons on what was right and what was wrong. And often on Saturday nights he would visit the house to drink and chat with my parents. So he was an integral part of my formation. Anyway, I looked him up – without, of course, indicating a jot of the fact that I had seen the light years ago and completely and utterly rejected all forms of religious and supernatural voo-doo. I was welcomed into his retirement flat in such a way that I knew, for the first time, that this was a gay man, and, furthermore, that he was electrified with excitement at the thought of me re-entering his life. Over a long and boozy dinner he confided that there had been so many moments in his life, particularly in recent years when secularisation has become so strong, when he had thought of dropping it all and going “civvie” so as to be able to find a lover and be free and be gay. All this was said during what he believed was a dinner-time pre-amble to more, possibly even immediately to the bedroom, but clearly and hopefully towards an intimate relationship of some sort. It was while we were doing the dishes that he caught hold of something I said and sensed he had a non-believer in his house, i.e. the devil incarnate. Suddenly, without hesitation, he went into alarm mode: iron doors slammed shut. He clammed up. He got me out of the house and expressed a wish never to hear from me again. I was deeply hurt, of course. But, with a bit of rational after-thought, I realised that he had a major problem. I imagine he’s still here in his retirement flat: old, bitter, gay through and through as he always has been, and now full of regret.

  17. outlandish 30 Jun 2009, 2:18pm

    If you see this video is black folks doing this garbage “gay exorcism”. Black folks doing this? Did they forgot what happened to them back in the days all the way through the 60’s, how dare them oppress. They wouldnt like if someone does an exorcism to rip the black skin and soul out of them. Then the stupid backwoods black woman pastor preaching on CNN dont even know how to talk. I would’ve never thought black folks will do such oppression. A shame.

  18. #14

    Yes Eddy, exactly.

    And I could take you now to two priests, now well into their nineties in exactly that same regret.
    Any young priest out there reading this now?
    You struggling with it all; your ministry; your orientation?
    Get out of it all now!
    Just walk away.
    Throw away the crutch which religion is.
    Be your own man.
    Follow the inner compass which we were all given.
    Answer to no-one but God Himself and you will be fine.
    Religion is a man-made TRICK.

  19. Keith, EXACTLY!

    Yes, all you priests, brothers, and lesbian nuns out there reading these comments: just drop the whole bloody nonsense now and get out there and enjoy your lives while you can!

    Keith, you know one reason why some gay guys get married and some gay guys enter religious communities? It’s so that in decades to come when they are old and grey, if they last that long, they will have someone to push them around in wheelchairs! Yep, I’ve heard it straight from their mouths. Some gay guys get married to have kids so the kids will push the wheelchairs. And some gay guys go into religious communities so they’ll have a spunky young monk to push them around. Madness! They look upon forfeiting the greater part of their lives to nonsense as a kind of long-term investment for a helpless old-age. They think they’re being wise.

    What good is it ending up an old nun in a wheelchair if decade after decade your poor little pussy’s never ever had a single ounce of fun – bar one giving it the odd guilty stroke? :-)

  20. These delusion religious nutters are hurting themselves and hurting us as a species the sooner this religious nonsense is laid to rest in favour of progress and science, the sooner all nations will move further out of close-minded arrogance and be able to free themselves from poverty and prosper.

    Believing in imaginary friends and beings over about the age of ten is considered to be unnatural. It is also unhealthy and unproductive so why do these crazy religious backward thinking morons get to believe in their fairy stories without being questioned.

    Religion is irrational and dangerous and skews clear and logical thinking.

  21. The behavior in this video is truly unsettling. P.S. I am clocking in at a healthy 2 miss-spelled words per sentence.

  22. And how long did the church take concede that Galileo was right? Wasn’t it in the 1990s that the Pope officially said that the Earth revolved around the Sun?? Iris I think you will find that the Church “Forgave” Galileo which is another way of saying they were not in the wrong at the time(?) Ha flippin ha! As to the issue of these dreadful “exorcisms” we need to be aware it happens in this country too and its classed as Child Abuse!

  23. The church in Galileo’s time believed in what was then the view of the scientific community.(Ptolemaic cosmology)And pressed the bible to support it.
    Still,it would seem to me that these crass exorcists could do with a Copernican Revolution themselves.

  24. IAIN:

    Yes, but hadn’t Augustine already advised the theologians back in the 5th century to give scientific discovery a chance to re-interpret biblical stories?

    The Ptolemaic cosmology, as interesting as it is because it represents the primitive, pre-logical world view, was nowhere near scientific but it did support the hierarchy’s power structure and the catholic institution as a business enterprise.

    If Galileo had had his wits about him, he would have suggested how easily the church could have made a fortune with the telescope. Then things would have changed; then the obscurity of the dark ages would have been enlightened sooner, eh.

    You’re right about these exorcists. It would be interesting to know something of their cosmology, e.g. voodoo, I’m guessing.

  25. Now that I think of it, the Ptolemaic cosmology passed as a scientific world view insofar as it was based on the accumulative, daily, naked-eye observations of astologers.
    it was the Old Testament cosmology which was primitive, e.g. seeing the earth as a disc covered with a tansparent bowl, and simmering over the fires below. How else could they have explained the dazzling and scorching heat of the deserts in which they lived?

  26. There is no Papacy. there is only a Satancy.
    And it is all about control. Just a variant of the other control freaks of history – Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, the Iran Clergy, and of course George W Bush.

    We need to include these people and this kind of thing in the list of mental illnesses. The only thing they are good at is gaining control of minds of some people. It is amazing. But so was that guy who was the master organizer. Born a Catholic in Catholic austria. Who used the churches hatred of the Jews to gain total control of Germany,a dn give us 50 million deaths and wWII. And the Holocaust of Jesus own people, the Jews.

    Some day, hopefully, these institutions will be seen as mankinds greatest failure. And their crumbling buildings will be a monument to man’s inhumanity to man.

  27. Rev. Alejandro Ramirez 4 Oct 2009, 10:38am

    Peace and Blessings to all my friends, you are all created in the image of God and therefore my brothers and sisters. I am a Pentecostal Minister and I am in great grief for the horrendous SINS that the Church has committed against all of you. I wish I could hug and kiss every LGBT in the world, dry every tear, and absorb all of the pain that you have had to suffer. As a former child abuse victim, I constantly wish that I could make it up to you for the years, decades, and to some even lifetimes of hurt that you have had to endure.

    Yes, and the Jesus that I know and found in Scripture loves “the whole world”; some of my kind have forgotten that He loves gays and lesbians too. Jesus understands what it is to be crucified by a system that handed him a daily death sentence and an ultimate execution. The church that brands you as sinners unworthy of their patronage forgets that HATE, ENMITIES, HOMICIDES, ANGER, SELFISHNESS, PRIDE, and all these other things they hurl at you are also considered sins in the Bible. We all are sinners, some hanging on to the Savior, others not there yet, but I don’t know why these so-called “Ministries” target you all.

    Forgive me for my long-standing, very personal beliefs about the Bible as pertaining to homosexuality and about marriage. They are deep yet private convictions, and I do not ever preach about them, ever. Rather, I teach the Church we pastor to love everyone else in the World as “…God so loved the world” (John 3:16), which every heretic fails to acknowledge. If we were to apply the “eye for an eye” principle of the Old Testament, then all of these senseless murderers and violent persons who commit hate crimes would have to be dealt with according to the damage they have caused.

    Without getting into a deep theological or doctrinal discussion, many people believe apparently that homosexuals are worthy of death as they found that to mean in the Old Testament. Christians forget that the Bible is the Entire Word of God, but that the first five books of the Bible are particularly Judaism (The Torah) instead of Christianity. And yet modern Judaism is more tolerant than these people! Every teaching of the Old or New Testament has to be evaluated according to the whole tenor of Scripture, according to Dr. Terry Johns at Patten University’s IDP. And the overarching theme of the entire Bible is that God is love according to 1 John 4:7 (H. Ray Dunning, Reflecting the Divine Image, 60). Every so-called Christian who does not love homosexuals and lesbians “as Christ loved us” (John 13:34,35; Jesus gave his body in a sacrifice for all of us) is branded by the Lamb’s Apostles and by Jesus himself as a “false prophet”, a “Son of the Devil”. If they would so willingly convert you all from your way of life, as is intended, why not give themselves completely for all of you? If they don’t do that, please my friends don’t spend your time bringing down Christianity, because they come not from Christ or from God the Father either. If they were really spending time in prayer with God, as is purported through this ministering, then God’s loving nature would rub off on them. Instead, they spend their days in services, conferences, and crusades. I am more qualified than anyone to stand here before you presenting this case, for the testimony that I bear before you, in part because I came from there, and partly because one day I had the guts to stand up to my former pastor in that denomination, and tell him, If the altar of God is Holy, why do you use vulgar swears when talking about homosexuals from the altar? (He used the spanish equivalent for f***t, forgive the horrible term). Since he did not budge and announced that he does not accept counsel from anyone except his wife, I left the church and the denomination. And I am not ashamed to say that I came to the Church of God (Cleveland), the second largest Pentecostal denomination in the World, and now my wife and I pastor a Church in Massachusetts after several years with the organization. At our church, I teach them to love their neighbor. And homosexuals certainly fit that description.

    Lastly, I confess that I am appalled by certain things I notice on the site. For one, I see the movements that are very vocal in their efforts, sometimes to the point of committing some of the same sins that some in Christianity have committed. I deal with the ignorance daily when encountering people from some other denominations (not all), and then I come here and see the oppressed speaking as oppressors. Is that not the vicious cycle that keeps all of this ongoing? Christians are supposed to have an ethic that prevents them from ignorance and stooping down to these extremes by enabling them to effectively love each person, an essential quality of grace and of piety (godliness). To mention that many do not have a clue to God’s mission statement and vision is unnecessary. I even deal with ministers who believe that mental illness is demonic oppression!!! I guess that makes me a living oxyomoron: a demonically oppressed yet Holy-Ghost filled minister! In my previous denomination, I had people that tried to exorcise me from my “demons” when I was going through psychosis (for not complying with treatment). Wait until they catch a cold, that I am going to proclaim them demon-possessed. But anyways, they have a high-above-all ethic, which they ascribe to but do not follow, and you follow Anton LaVey’s ethic: “Do as thou wilt” (do whatever you want). Neither is showing to be a better man by the part. I feel under the obligation to speak up when my Father and my Lord are both misrepresented, and also feel the grieving guilt to apologize when my brothers-in-Christ act this way. I hope you won’t take it to insult if I present that Atheism is the religion of the disenfranchised, Agnosticism is the religion of the forgotten, and Christianity is the religion of the unlearned and the unconstant more and more today.

    If at this point you still follow, thank you for listening to this monologue from a Christian Minister. When I get down on my knees and pray, I generally pray for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, rape victims, victims of abuse and violence, for prostitutes and porn actresses/actors so they may all know Christ and trust in Him as a loving Savior, that He may have the chance to make it up to them personally for the years of sexual oppression and struggles they face from every direction. I am not proselytizing by saying that; it’s just an honest admission of my prayer life with God. And I pray that before asking for my wife for my little boy or for anyone else.

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