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EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Brown to march at Pride London

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Reader comments

  1. Hmmmmm so what will Boris Johnson and David Cameron do to top that outside the London Assembly building answers on a postcard please?

  2. Boris could tell a joke ie “Have you heard the one about the old Etonian who wanted to become Mayor?” And David could moan on and on and on about the state of the nation. Hopefully Sarah will get the cheeers and applaus she deserves; well done her!!!! Nice to have you on side!

  3. vulpus_rex 29 Jun 2009, 1:22pm

    Any show of support is welcome from whoever, but this is hardly going to restore the irreparably damaged reputation of her incompetent, dithering husband.

    Getting your wife to go on a march as a PR stunt hardly makes up for completely wrecking the UK economy.

  4. One word: fake

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Jun 2009, 2:33pm

    Fantastic … that sure fire way of dragging the country out of a recession … send you wife on a Pride march.

    Full marks for thinking out of the box – tosser

  6. “Because of security considerations, the Prime Minister will not be able to march himself” – HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Not “because he will be booed and jeered every step of the way, like he was at the D Day Commemorations, the Prime Minister is too scared to march himself”?

  7. Sarah does a lot of charity work in her spare time.

    So I hope she doesn’t get jeered because of who her husband is.

  8. vulpus_rex 29 Jun 2009, 3:24pm

    Lezabelle – she is there because of who her husband is. If she is there as his representative, then she deserves what she gets.

    I’ll be marching along with the orchestra I play for (LGSO – look us up concert this Sunday) – if I bump into her I’ll be booing for Britain so she can back and tell Brown how despised he really is.

  9. Beau Nosh II 29 Jun 2009, 3:31pm

    shame on you mean-spirited Tory queens who can’t appreciate someone going out of her way to show solidarity. I suppose you all think Dennis Thatcher was supportive!

  10. Simon Murphy 29 Jun 2009, 3:54pm

    All these Tory queens are going to get a rude awakening if the Tories win the next election as the viciously homophobic wing of that party is going to rear its ugly head. We’ve already been warned about this by the Tories teaming up with the Polish Law and Justice Party in the European parliament. The Law and Justice party president believes that tolerance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of humanity. This exposes Cameron’s claims that he believes in gay equality to be an utter sham and a lie.

  11. yep agree with beau nosh… Tories oppose the equality bill a lot of em voted against the civil partnerships bill and they want to av possibly thousands more faith schools allowing even more preaching of religious peoples intolerance down young childrens throats….

    hmmm which would i prefer? Tories who want to kiss the arses of the religious extremists and who av a history of going against gay rights or Labour who’ve actually introduced legislation in support of gays and lesbians? i know that at least when i vote i’m not gonna vote against gays and lesbians interests

    and good for Sarah whatever reason shes doin this for at least shes doin it…thumbs up for that at least

  12. Well done, Simon, very loyal. Was that a straight cut and paste job from the Party Line?

  13. yup yup – thumbs up to Boris Johnson and David Cameron for marching too? Or do your thumbs up only go for the wives of leaders too scared to walk the streets of his own country?

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Jun 2009, 3:58pm

    Beau, she is going in desperation to try and rally a few extra votes from one of the last bastions of Labour support. They’ve lost the unions, they’re losing the BME community, they’ve lost the council estates. Lies and bankrupt polices have got them nowhere, but apparently there are still a few in the gay community who haven’t seen through the smoke and mirrors.

  15. “yup yup – thumbs up to Boris Johnson and David Cameron for marching too? Or do your thumbs up only go for the wives of leaders too scared to walk the streets of his own country?”

    difference is theres no reason to believe the Labour lot are institutionally homophobic and at least it can be believed that Sarah is sincere….Tory leaders and high ranking other Tories trying to prove they’ve changed when their partys votes show differently are somethin else and it cannot be presumed they are at all sincere lookin at the history of Tory attitudes towards gays

    Lib Dems and Greens will probably be marchin too i guess and those parties have a good record on gay rights issues

    my post was based on the sincerity of beliefs within the various parties…and in historical terms Tory leaders marchin would be similar in my book to leaders of the BNP marching…in other words not sincere at all

  16. “yup yup – thumbs up to Boris Johnson and David Cameron for marching too? Or do your thumbs up only go for the wives of leaders too scared to walk the streets of his own country?”

    So that’s a yes then. Thanks for clarifying.

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Jun 2009, 4:15pm

    With all this Brown bashing….why isn’t David Cameron and his wife marching if they’re so pro-gay and pro “equality”?

  18. “So that’s a yes then. Thanks for clarifying.”

    notice you failed to address the sincerity and proof of the Tories on gay rights issues Anon……maybe because it has not been at all proven that they can be trusted in this area yet going off their members votes and previous Tory disregard for this subject…we are talking about a gay pride parade here the Tories should be ashamed of their record on gay rights, not proud!

  19. vulpus-rex:

    I think she’s perceptive enough to notice her husband’s unpopularity, especially among Thatcherites, sorry, Tories.

    My main point was that she’s a good woman, she does a lot of chairty work, and has gone through a lot of heartache in her life.

    Also she doesn’t have to go, so any booing you do will just show how mean-spirited and nasty you are!

  20. vulpus_rex 29 Jun 2009, 4:45pm

    Booing is a socially conventional method of expressing disapproval in a public forum.

    I wonder though, Lezabella, if you also consider those who booed Boris Johnson last year as mean spirited and nasty.

    It is disingenuous of you to suggest that Brown’s unpopularity is confined to those who might support the Tory party.

    He is loathed by vast swathes of the Labour party too, not least those with the guts to to recognise what a disaster he is and register a protest vote at the Euro elections.

  21. theotherone 29 Jun 2009, 5:00pm

    is there no depths brown will not steep to?

  22. Robert, ex-pat Brit, Cameron is going to be there mate! David Cameron has accepted an invitation to appear at an event from gay Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Stourbridge, Margot James.

  23. Brian Burton 29 Jun 2009, 6:20pm

    Oh! what a lot of sour grapes from the ‘usual suspects’ on this thread! Sarah Brown, marching in our name and all you Popinjays can say is Ya-Boo like the mindless prats you are!

  24. The Menstruator 29 Jun 2009, 6:35pm

    Last gay pride obama was in chicago during the city’s pride. He didn’t march. he got his hair did instead. Gays get the political cold shoulder mostly in the us. it’s some sort of stride no? Fake or not, at least it’s happening. It’s supportive on some level.

  25. Ooh I might vote Labour now. NOT.

    I’d have loved to have seen Gordon shuffling awkwardly along with all the queers.

  26. Stuart Neyton 29 Jun 2009, 9:11pm

    “Ooh I might vote Labour now. NOT.”

    What the hell does that have to do with anything?? I hate the Labour Party almost as much as I hate the tories, but we shouldn’t criticise anyone for showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community at gay pride.

  27. I’m sure many readers of this site look forward to the day when Sister Mary Clarence is PM and vulpus_rex the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    With the utter, unbelievable brilliance of their arguments, a depth of knowledge of economics, history and social science that is clear for all to see, a blindingly obvious level of intellectual ability and a generosity of spirit few other humans possess, they would surely lead us all swiftly and confidently into a world very different than that we have now.

  28. Mihangel apYrs 29 Jun 2009, 10:56pm

    @Sister Mary Clarence

    charity Sister. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt that she is actually on our side. We know Gordie avoided as meny votes as he could, but she may be genuine. And being polite to her doesn’t mean a vote for Flash!!

  29. Mihangel apYrs 29 Jun 2009, 11:03pm

    Sorry, I should have read the thread and said “SMC and others”

    I don’t know Sarah Brown’s politics,but she’s not Gordon, so doesn’t deserve the brickbats.

    Boris and “Dave” are career politicinas, she’s not!

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 1:44am

    Stuart Neyton, if Brown wanted to show solidarity, he should have come himself. It is all backfires (and a lot of the comments here suggest it might0, there will be a lot less flack if its the poor wifey marching and getting jeered that Brown himself.

    Its a cheap stunt and all it shows is that they are desperate to scrape a few votes

    More fool her for doing it, she’ll probably end up getting stoned (missiles not drugs)

  31. Got to agree with you Simon Murphy. Gordon Brown may not be the most popular British Prime Minister of all time but he is on our side and so is Labour and he also has some very excellent gay ministers like Lord Peter Mandelson and others who will pull Britain out of the recession. If you want a job done properly and well, ask a gay man to do it. That’s why Gordon Brown has gay ministers because he knows what is good for him politically and for the country. Well done Sarah, nice to have you aboard.

  32. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 9:18am

    “unbelievable brilliance”

    Many thanks Ivan, I would do that far myself, but I very much appreciate youir positive feedback.

  33. “Booing is a socially conventional method of expressing disapproval in a public forum.

    I wonder though, Lezabella, if you also consider those who booed Boris Johnson last year as mean spirited and nasty.”

    Booing may be a socially accepted way blah, blah, blah, but Rex that’s not my point – my point is WHY are you booing her, specifically? She’s not Gordon! She’s there to show solidarity with us, and you repay that by booing the woman? It’s not a Big Brother eviction for goodness sake!

    Yes I do think people booing Boris Johnson was bad, if someone is there to support us and show solidarity then good luck to them!

    As I’ve already said (which everyone seems to conviniently ignore), Sarah Brown does a hell of a lot of charity work in her own spare time, and she has been through a lot of heartache in her life……so why on earth would you want to boo a woman knowing all of this???? A woman, there to support us?! The mind boggles!

  34. Oh dear Gordon Brown, how low will you go. What a cynical, fake piece of political chicanery.

    Why did she not join pride anytime in the past?????

    Why is Sarah Brown suddenly ‘interested’ in Gay rights. Maybe it’s just because her incompetent unelected Prime Minister husband is desperate to cling to power. What next?? Is Sarah going to convert to Islam??? to win the muslim vote.

    A tawdry, dirty, cynical business indeed.

  35. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 1:20pm

    @J Mathews – could not agree more mate

  36. David Henry 30 Jun 2009, 1:31pm

    Oh please invite Hazel Blears too and whilst your at it Fred Phelps so I will be able to divide this box of eggs up evenly between them all. Hate to see poor Sarah caked in a whole box.

    Sarah, get to the back of the march and put an entry form in like the rest of us.

  37. SteveDenver 30 Jun 2009, 3:13pm

    They’re ahead of the Obamas in recognition of gays and lesbians

  38. Throw things at and boo Mrs Brown? Dear me! This is ENGLAND! Lets be more respectful to the lady, people. If you don’t like him, boo him,like the people at Normandy did. She does not have to do this you know.

  39. Well said Mike.

  40. David Henry 30 Jun 2009, 6:09pm

    …that was a dry joke by the way, no offence meant. English humour all the way! ;-) I have no intention of doing such a thing by any means, I was quite uncomfortable when even BNP leader Nick Griffin was egged a few weeks ago. There are better ways to do things but people are angry this year, they are angry with the mess this country is in. Pride started forty years ago after a riot, maybe if things get worse a riot will start after pride.

    After Harriet Harman was rather loudly booed off the main stage last year and members of our own community protested at Stonewall’s refusal to push for full rights and freedoms rather than half-measures, combined with the MPs expenses scandals, bank payouts and bailouts, job losses, cuts in public services no wonder they have security concerns to the point that this will probably the first year ever not a single MP will appear in public at London Pride event. Oh well at least they’ll be sending some smiley ambassadors along instead. Horray!

  41. Sarah Brown is attending Pride because she has been ordered to do so by Bottler’s spin doctors.

    They are desperate beyond articulation to garner some positive news for the destroyer of our economy. Sarah has been told to get down with the poofters and shore up the vote in a once reliable section of the population who if some of the people in here are anything to go by would vote for a monkey as long as it was a labour monkey.

    She might do a lot of charity work, but then I read that Eva Braun was a lovely woman who also had the bad luck to fall in love with an evil, insane dictator who wrecked his country.

  42. Lezabella 1 Jul 2009, 9:35am

    “She might do a lot of charity work, but then I read that Eva Braun was a lovely woman who also had the bad luck to fall in love with an evil, insane dictator who wrecked his country.”

    Some info about Sarah:

    Sarah gave birth prematurely to a daughter, Jennifer Jane, who died when she was only 10 days old. After this devestation she founded charity Piggy Bank Kids, which began as a research fund to tackle complications in pregnancy. In 2003 she gave birth to her second child, a boy, John, then on 17 July 2006 she had another boy, James Fraser. In November of that year, James Fraser was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She is the patron of domestic violence charity Women’s Aid and of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre.

    This woman has been through a lot in her life, and whether she’s been asked to or not, she doesn’t have to go to pride, but she still is.

    All of this, coupled with the fact that she IS NOT Gordon Brown
    gives you absoloutely no reason whatsoever, to boo and hence humiliate a woman who has never hurt anyone!

    And then to compare her to Eva Braun?! Is planet ‘Vulpus’ nice this time of year?

    As I said before Rex, booing this woman would just show your own spiteful side as she just does not deserve it.

  43. Well said Lezabella! There should (I hope) still be some thing called common manners in this country despite everything that might p*ss us off! You see this nasty attitude all the time AND the media loves this “lets boo and be horrid to people.” They boo contestants going into the BB House even before you see them do anything or know anything about their personailties! And the auditions on Britains Got Talent and X factor are like the Gestapo meets the baying Roman Mob! Glad you were joking David Henry about the eggs. As for “sending” Mrs Brown out to play with the poofs, Vulpus, does this mean she has no mind of her own?! I don’t think Sarah Brown could be “made” to do it.

  44. Colm Howard-Lloyd 1 Jul 2009, 1:04pm

    will probably the first year ever not a single MP will appear in public at London Pride event.

    Harriet Harman, Jeremy Hunt and Chris Bryant will be attending and speaking. We don’t want to dominate the proceedings with too many MPs but they will be there; and have been encouraged to stick to relevant and interesting (short) speeches.

  45. vulpus_rex 1 Jul 2009, 1:24pm

    I do not dispute the fact that Sarah Brown is probably a nice person who does a lot of nice things for Charity.

    I do however question her motives for attending pride.

    If she is going at her own volition and in a private capacity then she deserves the respect and praise of the fellow marchers (Myself included).

    If she is going there as a representative of her despised husband and his government, as some sort of cheap PR stunt, then I think she is fair game for a bit of vocal protest.

    The comparison to Eva Braun is a concept known as metaphor.

  46. Lezabella 1 Jul 2009, 3:40pm

    Please, I know very well what a metaphor is Rex.

    I just think it was in very poor taste.

  47. theotherone 1 Jul 2009, 6:07pm

    ‘I just think it was in very poor taste.’ so’s corting the Queer vote with cheap tricks lesabella.

  48. Is Sarah Brown a cheap trick to woo the Pink vote? If you don’t vote labour I doubt one appearance by the PM’s Mrs is going to sway you. Lets just see it as it is. The PM’s wife is supporting gay rights. If she hands out leaflets saying vote labour I might get a bit cross. Where is Mrs Clegg then? or Mrs Cameron?

  49. Lezabella 2 Jul 2009, 2:57pm

    “‘I just think it was in very poor taste.’ so’s corting the Queer vote with cheap tricks lesabella”

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Booing a woman, who I have pointed out, does a lot of charity work, has a sick child and has lost another, seems very mean spirited, spiteful and nasty. She’s going to be there at Pride. Whether she has been asked to or not, who cares? She could of said no, but she hasn’t!

    Then to compare her to Adolf Hitler’s mistress (later wife) takes the biscuit.

    People need to learn a bit of decorum and realise they’re not at a Big Brother eviction where you boo all and sundry for no reason.

  50. Well if she really wants to walk a few miles with semi-naked queens blowing whistles in her ear, whilst ageing fags mince around to “I will survive”, then she is a better man than me.

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