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Man who lied to police about murder of Michael Causer avoids jail

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Reader comments

  1. RIP, Michael Causer, and all my sympathy to the family. Michael will forever be in your hearts.

  2. So sad that he was beaten to death while he was sleeping and unable to defend himself, there are no words for this evil

  3. no words and short sentences apparently.

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  5. Thank you clarkmm for that sensitive, perceptive comment. Its comments like this that make me reverse my opinion and think that mebbe we do need a moderator!

    One of my friends was shot and crippled by his father when he came out. The world has moved on. Not. Its still okay to kill a queer apparantly. We’re perverts, we don’t have rights do we? Every time I think we are human beings, bastions of probity remind me I don’t have the right to life, and so am not considered human.

  6. RIP Michael xxx

    Im around Michael’s age and it scares me that this still happens today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day :-)

    People need to learn to unconditionally love each other whether that is a friend, a parent(s), a relative, a sibling or some randon person in the street.


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