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Lithuanian President blocks homophobic law

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Reader comments

  1. Lovely, happy news to put me in a good mood for the weekend. Thank goodness this disgusting proposal was vetoed. The people who put it forward should be hanging their heads in shame. I hope what has happened will damage their careers and no further similar efforts to remove human rights will take place. Let’s hope that this is a tipping point and that the Lithuanians will realise that they ought to actually be supporting human rights.

  2. President Adamkus has veto power? Here’s me thinking Lithuania backwards. Who knew?? Yea!

  3. @bentham

    So you consider Germany to be backwards because the German president has no veto power?

    Personally, I think that countries of the former eastern bloc would function much better with pure parliamentary system…

  4. Im lithuanian, but i dont think its a finish… they will change a few words in that law and again will ask to accept by new president

  5. Tony, oh no, it will not damage those politicians careers. Actually it will further them.

  6. @Lucius: Actually the german president has the right not to sign laws if he thinks that they act against the constitution. If the parliament vetoes his decision this would lead to a decision from the Federal Constitutional Court.

  7. @Lucius: Thanks for the feed back. I was impressed by the fact that anti-gay legislation could be stuck down by the president in Lituania, and I didn’t think any further than that. No, I certainly do not think Germany is backward, and Germans have given and continue to give great geniuses of all kinds to western Civilization. Vigets.

  8. Well done President Adamkus, you have gained a lot of respect by doing this. Now it’s important the legislation isn’t sneaked in under different wording when the dust has settled.

  9. Simon Murphy 27 Jun 2009, 2:21am

    Nice that the president stopped this proposed facist law. I hope Lithuania realises that facism will not be tolerated. This is good news.

    I hope that if the parliament tries to re-introduce the law that they understand that it means expulsion from the EU and all the money that it involves.

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jun 2009, 11:48am

    I’ve just had a read through the Lithuanian Constitution (as you do) and the proposed law would appear to fall foul of several Articles of the constitution.

    Articles 18, 20, 22, 25 and 29 appear to be impeded by the failed law:
    Article 18
    The rights and freedoms of individuals shall be inborn.
    Article 20

    (1) Personal freedom shall be inviolable

    Article 22

    (1) The private life of an individual shall be inviolable.
    ((4) The law and the court shall protect individuals from arbitrary or unlawful interference in their private or family life, and from encroachment upon their honor and dignity.

    Article 25

    (1) Individuals shall have the right to have their own convictions and freely express them.

    Article 29

    (1) All people shall be equal before the law, the court, and other State institutions and officers.

    Article 40 serves to maintain the separation between religion and state in regard to education:

    Article 40

    (1) State and local government establishments of teaching and education shall be secular. At the request of parents, they shall offer classes in religious instruction.

    Article 28 seems to suggest that the proposed law, in going against various principles enshrined in the Constitution, would itself be unconstitutional.
    Article 28
    While exercising their rights and freedoms, persons must observe the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, and must not impair the rights and interests of other people.
    This is of course all in addition to various UN charters that protect against any similar such nonsense.

  11. We’ll see. For now congrats to the President. MAybe he remembers or is familiar with what fascism is all about, and what it did to his country.

    The world needs a “devils island” for the religious fascist leaders. This would include the churchfuhrer Benedict. Possibly we could actually make a deal with the Islamic devils like the Taliban, and trade these freaks for some quid pro quo.

    It would be fitting.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence:

    Only you could ‘give’ us the results of your exquisite research. I am grateful to you for that.

    Then, to put it in the perspective of the UN! Bravo!!

  13. Tiglathpileser 28 Jun 2009, 12:55pm

    (1) Individuals shall have the right to have their own convictions and freely express them.

    But not if you disagree with the gaystapo

    HOMOPHOBIA: A person who doesn’t agree with the gaystapo.

    FASCIST: A person who disagrees with the gaystapo.

    I must put these new meanings in my dictionary and let Collins know that the meaning they aleady have that of being afraid of homosexuals is wrong.

  14. Mihangel apYrs 28 Jun 2009, 5:45pm

    the hypocricy of people who want to deny to others the rights and freedoms that they themselves enjoy never ceases to sicken me.

    Let me make it clear: removing the right of someone to persecute is NOT persecution

  15. Commander Thor 28 Jun 2009, 7:09pm

    I agree Tiglathpileser, the right to discrimnate and persecute should be an inalienable right! In fact, it may soon be part of the UN Charter of Human Rights if a certain club of Those Who Must Not Be Named succeed in their repeated attempts.

  16. Well done Mr President!!!!

  17. Tiglathpileser-

    HOMOPHOBIA: An irrational dislike and fear of homosexuals.

    FASCIST: Someone who believes in and/or advances a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism).

    You sit around trolling gay sites to spread ‘your word’. A hatred based on nothing….we’re exactly the same as you except we like different things in the bedroom.

    Big deal.

    Get a life you sad bastard.

  18. Aww. Michael Cashman. I used to fancy you!

  19. Reality Check 30 Jun 2009, 8:13am

    Lezabella, the meanings you have posted are in the dictionary, but they are not the ones the gaystapo use. These are the ones that are used all the time. If you don’t believe me read your posts on this web site.

    HOMOPHOBIA: A person who doesn’t agree with the gaystapo.
    FASCIST: A person who disagrees with the gaystapo.

    If you can’t see the obvious you must be in the grip of truthphobia. This prevents people from acknowledging that they said what they said.

    How did you know I was a bastard? Not easy growing up without a married mum and dad. If you say that you are the same as me you must be a bastard as well. One thing I can say is that I am not a sad bastard. People reckon I have gay abandon when I do things.

    What rights and freedoms are you talking about mihangel upyours?

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 9:20am

    Reality Check while you’ve got your dictionary to hand, you might want to look up ‘twat’ and ‘bigot’

  21. Reality Check 1 Jul 2009, 2:10am

    Reality Check while you’ve got your dictionary to hand, you might want to look up ‘twat’ and ‘bigot’…..

    BIGOT: Literally a man with a mustache

    TWAT: My dictionary does not have this word in it so it must be one of your own making.

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