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Gordon Brown writes to gay community ahead of Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 26 Jun 2009, 2:11pm

    A bust Prime Minister writing to a bust newspaper. How appropriate.

  2. Simon Murphy 26 Jun 2009, 2:14pm

    “We won’t ever give up on the fight for equality – we are marching with you every step of the way.”

    Except when it comes to granting equal legal recognition for gay relationships of course.

    And allowing religious institutions opt our from equality legislation.

    Not saying these are MASSIVE problems but just in case anyone is fooled into thinking gayfolk have all the same civil rights as other minority groups.

  3. If the Tories win the next general election, they will try and destroy the new equality bill! But if they do that they will have to re-write into the legislation all of the previous legislation the Labour government brought in!

    This is because all of the other bits and pieces of equality legislation brought in over the recent decade have been trashed to make one piece on legislation.

  4. You have the most outdated picture archive I have ever encountered on a news portal.

    Though it has to be said, his hair does look really nice.

  5. That has to be said – LOL how old is that pic, or has Gordon Brown been drenched in oil of ulay? Because it looks like 25 years have been taken off him.

    Actually the wall paper, definitely from the Yes, Minister set in the background, gives the game away :-)

  6. vulpus_rex 26 Jun 2009, 2:40pm

    Good wishes from Gordon Brown are like the kiss of death.

    His reverse midas touch turns everything he comes into contac with intoto the brown stuff.

    Private pensions – wrecked!
    Economy- stuffed!
    Education – in tatters!
    Gold reserves – what gold reserves, sold at rock bottom prices!
    Employment – get in the dole queue!

    He even opened the Lehman Brothers building in London and looked what happened to them.

    My advice to the proprietors of Pink News is to run like F*ck and don’t let this walking disaster anywhere near you!

  7. It is a timely reminder of all the things the Labour party have done for our community, in spite of the barriers put in their way by the tories. We will loose some of these rights and fail to get any more if the tories come to power.

  8. vulpus_rex 26 Jun 2009, 5:02pm

    Tony – I refer you to my comment @6 – that is what the Labour party have give us largely at the behest of the worst prime minister and chancellor of the last two centuries.

    This country now owes more today than every other government has ever borrowed since the set up of the bank of England in the 1600s.

    It will take generations to pay this back yet Brown the buffoon still talks about spending, spending and more spending.

    The man is insane.

  9. you wont give up the fight? your the one in power! give us equality or stfu.

  10. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 6:14pm

    Vulpus rex thinks his ‘Tory Utopia’ is the answer to our prayers. Bollox! There is no Utopia in Toryisum or their Ilk. Over the years I have observed Polititions of all Parties, spend their time busily devising ways to make themselves multi-millionairs–and ‘aint that the truth. Even Maggie Thatcher, while she was P.M. saw to it that her son Mark obtained £12 million in a Saudi arms deal. She put him down as an ‘Agent,’ what tosh, she lied to the country. Vulpus, all polititions are insane.

  11. Stop all the carping for once! A message like this from a sitting Prime Minister would have been unimaginable when I was younger. There is a great deal left to do, nobody can deny it, but the reforms of the last decade have been extraordinary. For all its follies and vices, New Labour is responsible for huge progress for lgbt people.

  12. Whatever you think of Mr Brown, it is undisputed that Labour has done more for LGBT rights since they’ve been in power than anyone before them.

    Unless the current FPTP electoral system is changed to allow some degree of proportional representation, smaller parties don’t have a shot in hell to be in government and I don’t see how an LGBT person who cares for LGBT issues could vote for anyone other than Labour.

  13. I’m still not voting for you Gordon.

  14. The words just don’t scan like they came from you Gordon nice try though.

    Still they will be less false than the drivel that will be coming from Boris and David Cameron down at the London assembly building at London Pride.

  15. “I don’t see how an LGBT person who cares for LGBT issues could vote for anyone other than Labour.”

    That’s an utterly naive viewpoint. Civil partnerships and the equal age of consent are great, but I couldn’t vote for a party that wants to introduce ID cards, renew the Trident nuclear missile system, puts unelected peers in government, abolished free university education, took part in an illegal, bloody war, promotes religious schools and has plunged future generations into endless debt through borrowing and PFI.

  16. Brian Burton 27 Jun 2009, 6:44am

    Well said, New Labour have advanced Gay rights etc. in the last few years. The Tory fold only advanced their own homophobic cause.
    Robn got it right when he called Gays ‘Selfish Bastards’ who look a gift horse in the mouth.
    The same sex by concenting adults Bill, was past in 1967 and my stomach changed from tight and tence, to relaxed when it finally happened. All gays walked with one foot in prison before 1967, so Gay people in the UK have a lot to be thankful for.

  17. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jun 2009, 8:51am

    Riondo – I’m sorry, but it smacks of desperation. He knows only to well what New Labour to this country under the guardianship of Tony Blair, and he is trying to divert attention from the real issues that face everybody in this country today irrespective of sexuality.

    On the one hand I feel sorry for him that Blair threw him the keys of a locomotive that was running out of control and then jumped, but it was Gordon Brown’s policies as Chancellor that ensured that we were in a weak position to weather the storm that he and he alone thought would never come.

    Well done though to Labour for eventually introducing Europe’s equalities legislation, because not all countries in the Union have as yet embraced it – there’s still a lot of work to do in some of the Eastern European countries. All credit to them for abiding by the ruling from the European Court forcing the government to admit gay men and women into the services. I hope if they are elected for another term, they will abide by a European directive to stop sending back asylum seekers to countries where they know they face torture and possibly death for their sexuality.

    I hope also that if elected in the next term they can start filling the pensions black hole that will see so many people, gay and straight, living destitute in their old age. It certainly will be a challenge when we they have plunged us into the largest amount of debt in the developed world.

    In a way Vulpus is right, it might appear at first glance that selling the gold reserve when gold was at a centuries low price was a little bit like bad business, when arguably it could have used to begin to plug the £130 billion pensions black hole caused after Gordon’s 1997 decision to scrap the dividend tax credit, instead of being used to subsidise a contrived, artificially buoyant economy over the last decade. Being a simple electorate though, we often don’t see the full picture and they’ve no doubt got a shrewd plan for rescuing us at the eleventh hour, well, maybe the twelfth hour now to be fair.

  18. If you’re voting purely on LGBT issues, surely you should be voting for the Green Party. They’ve got the most progressive policies of all the parties.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jun 2009, 12:42pm

    They do come with a bit of an ‘agenda’ though don’t they Jeff ….

    Can never really understand why they align themselves with Labour so often when Labour are talking about building more nuclear power stations. I appreciate that they have to prostitute their vote to lever some support for some of their own policies, but surely a great big nuclear power plant isn’t the most environmentally friendly eco-solution to our energy needs?

  20. Brian Burton 27 Jun 2009, 12:50pm

    Sister Mary Clarence,
    I have no argument with your comments really. Nomatter who takes up the helm, the task is (damned if yo do, damned if you don’t) be all thing to all people! Thatcher left us with poll-tax riots and ‘Bonking Major’ telling me I would have to pay the poll-tax of those who refused to pay it. At present, we have Brown pretending he is everyones friend and giving the impression that he has the God given right to remain as Prime Minister. And so It will go on and on….!

  21. Gee

    I hope it is one love step forward for humanity in the United Kingdom.



  22. Well he’s better than David Cameron, who would just take away our rights. Let’s face it, he’s not the worst prime minister ever, and in fact labour, well old labour, did some really good things. Shame they became greedy, now we have to go in circles again either until the Lib Dems muster up enough support or until labour or the tories gayen themselves out

  23. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Jun 2009, 3:03pm

    “We won’t ever give up on the fight for equality – we are marching with you every step of the way. The Labour government has one simple guiding ideal when it comes to LGBT rights: you can’t legislate love.”

    Nice try Brown, but what about allowing those of us who so choose, to marry instead of forming a civil partnership and how about allowing straights the same right to a partnership if they so choose instead of marrying? Maybe Cameron will take equality to another step, though I doubt it.

  24. Valario: “I don’t see how an LGBT person who cares for LGBT issues could vote for anyone other than Labour.”

    You are a moron. There are many other issues way more important than LGBT ones. Secondly, until people start voting for the “small guys” nothing is going to change, it will just continue to be Labour and Conservative governments flip-flopping with LibDems nipping at their heels. PR would make a huge difference, but it’s just not going to happen unless there are some major governmental reforms, and the current climate is probably the best chance anyone is going to get in our lifetime to actually make a major sea-change.

    Vote for the people you *want*, not the ones you think will get in.

  25. I second RobN’s comments. In the six years I’ve been legally allowed to vote I’ve only ever voted Lib Dem and latterly Green. Neither have ever won in my constituency (although the Greens came close in the Euro elections – just beaten by the pesky neo-fascists).

    While Labour should be my natural party, I could never vote for them in their present form, even if they have been nice to gays since ’97.

  26. nuclear power plants aren’t the most green solution, but they are grenner than say, a coal fired plant. all the major parties have been exposed to have their hand in the till, but are the smaller parties (ie: Greens) any different? time will tell.

  27. I vote for Labour because I feel they represent my values more than any of the other parties.

    However, they are far, far, from perfect and I’m aware of it.

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  29. What a lousy hypocrite this man is!he has never voted for a single item of gay equality legilation in the House of Commons.Me?- I watched the November 2004 debate on the Civil Partnerships Act on the Parliamentary Channel and the Labour side were abysmal in their presentation..they were bored and disinterested.The Tories advocates principally Alan Duncan and Charles Hendry were brilliant especially in talking down the Tory catholics like Widdecombe and Leigh.Frankly it was the Tories wot won it!

    Brown is utterly insincere and just a low confidence trickster ..!”An end to boom & bust”..”Prudence”…don’t believe a word.

  30. PS THe Labour party DID NOT help lift the ban on gays in the forces. That was forced on them by the European Court of Human Rights – and even then, the defence minister grudgingly accepted it saying ‘the law is the law’. Labour happened to be in office at the time, that’s all. How dare he take credit for it.

    having said that, Labour can still do some good: reform the House of Lords, send unelected, unrepresentative faith leaders packing.

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