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Blogger Perez Hilton apologises for homophobic abuse

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  1. Sister Mary Clarence 26 Jun 2009, 5:11pm

    Someone will need to talk me through why Perez Hilton needs to apologise for anything when he is the victim of assault.

    If he tried to assault me, I’d be calling Mr Black Eyed Pea every name under the sun as I kicked the living sh*t out of him.

    If he did assault Perez as I believe he has been arrested and charged for doing, he deserves everything he gets, and if that extends to a little bit of ‘cruel’ language from Perez in the heat of the moment, that he’s got off pretty lightly in my view. I’d have been smacking then f*cker’s head into the curb.

    I think we need to focus on who was actually the victim here.

  2. The apology has nothing to do with the assault and, this charge has been filed and follows its course; it is about using the word “faggot” and about the GLBT community.
    I’ll be glad to teach you many insults that you can use in a fight without offending gays.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 26 Jun 2009, 10:17pm

    Chimel, its all very well to sit at your computer and post comments about how carefully thought out your comments would be in the middle of a situation like that, but in my experience the reality is that you use any and everything at your disposal to protect yourself and hurt your opponent. Its not a game of chess and the finer details of strategy often go out the window.

    You state that it has nothing to do with the assault, however the assault would have raised adrenalin levels causing the brain to fire very differently from in a calmer situation. You may be able to maintain absolutely control under such circumstances, but I would say that both I and Perez are with other 99.9% of the population who can’t.

  4. CJ from St. Pete... 27 Jun 2009, 6:12pm

    The SLUR and ANTIGAY comments were made before he was “assaulted.” If you actually WATCH the video of the altercation he wasnt even punched. He once again is lying to get attention. As a gay man I can no longer support someone who I actually at one time thought was funny. I now think he is sad….

  5. Sis M-C,

    Therefore the same defence is open to a Straight man who says the same thying to a Gay under similar stress?

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jun 2009, 12:36pm

    Kiki, if a gay man is physically laying into a straight man, then yeah, I think he can reasonable expect to get some abuse back, and laying a few ground rules beforehand as you what its cool to say and what isn’t smacks of people who have never been in a fight, or faced getting beaten up on the street, talking about a situation they know precious little about.

    Its all well and good to spout all these high ideals about what to and what not to say, but stand there with someone coming at you with a knife or their fists and feet and, if diplomacy has failed its about making that person stop by whatever means necessary. The situation doesn’t usually allow for someone to start censoring thoughts in the way you apparently require. Baser instincts would be at work.

    No doubt other sections of the community would take exception to other phrases or words. Where do we draw the line? If he uttered “Jesus Christ”, the God squad would be baying for his blood because he took the Lord’s name in vain.

    Mr Black Eyed Pea lost all moral high ground in the situation by resorting to violence. He has been charged for so doing (so clearly CJ the police are not buying your version of events). Perez like anyone else should be able to go out at night without fear of getting beaten up by anyone. It is pathetic that people should rally around the aggressor (which is what you are doing however you perceive it). It disgusts me.

    I hope you never find yourself in the same situation, only to then find that backstabbing, venomous do-gooders in your own community cease the opportunity to piss all over you.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jun 2009, 2:41pm

    oops – ‘seize the opportunity’

  8. I think sister mary clarence is a little intellectually challenged! Moreover, she clearly has a passive aggressive personality. One minute she is spouting hatred and anger, and the next she is claiming to be some time of victim. Sister mary, go see a Doc and get some meds for that, if you don’t, you won’t have friend in the world. Sorry CJ, these freaks, are part and parcel of the “community”! But we should always reach out to them, and advice them to seek help! O yes, and just for the record, no one was coming at anyone with a knife, so your defence is dumb, and without relevance to the situation. Lets keep up the good work, Homophobic comments are never acceptable, just like racist comment!!!, Or would you not agree sister Mary??

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Jun 2009, 9:34am

    James, I just think that some people have got nothing better to do that slag off other people (probably who have done a little better in their lives than themselves).

    Perez was a victim of violent crime (by all official accounts of the situation) and yet he is being demonised by his own community. I am more than happy to forgive any sort tirade that came out of his mouth under that situation – some clearly are not.

    I am not however prepared to forgive the perpetrator of the attack

    Twist that any way you want, James, you pedantic little cretin. You’ve clearly got some issues with comprehending my last posting, so it’s a little bit rich suggesting I’m ‘intellectually challenged’

  10. What a freak fest this whole thing is. They all need to get a life! :)

  11. I can’t see how Sister Mary can defend this idiot, he really is a ludicrous caricature (Hilton that it, though maybe the Sister too). Closest I came to using anything like a homophobic slur in an altercation was when I was in a pub with some colleagues after work one night. There was a neanderthal with another group in there who kept making anti-gay comments really loudly. Now to be fair to him (why? I don’t know now, but let’s be) he didn’t know anyone there was gay, though of course that’s not an excuse. Indeed some of my colleagues didn’t know anyone there was gay!

    Eventually I was so riled I turned around and said to him “shut up, now, or you’ll need to explain to all your friends how a poof shut you up”. As a rubgy-playing 6’4 man I had perhaps challenged his preconceived ideas of us gays, and he did shut up.

    One of my colleagues, an ex-army officer who hadn’t known, overheard the whole thing and was so amused by it he insisted on buying my round.

  12. Having been assaulted twice myself, I find Sinister Mary’s comments odd at best. In the first case, I was knocked unconcious by a professional boxer in a homophobic attack without the chance of uttering any word at all, and the second time was at work by a thief who assaulted me on Luton train station, and the guards hid themselves (in direct contrast to their treatment of Cherie Blair not long after!). I neither case was I abusive towards my abuser, though in the second occasion I was able to resist.

    We need to put Perez Hilton’s remarks into context; yes adrenalin was high, and yes, “faggot” has long been an american perjorative term, although here it is a lump of wood. However, it is always going to be an abuisive term if our…I shudder to say it…”leaders”, like Perez Hilton make it acceptable as a term of abuse. He has apologised, good, now can we arrest the guys who assaulted me? ‘cos so far they have got away with it, thanks to the British Police, who we know are the best in the world…

  13. hmm. mr spellcheck lets me down again.

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 9:24am

    Sorry luv, it ain’t just your spell check ….

    I’m sorry you got assaulted, though I would have to question why people seem to be singling you out for violent acts (possibly something you should be questionning rather than me to be fair), but it has got f*ck all to do with this story really. (Unless of course you are also writing a popular celebrity gossip column on the internet read by millions daily)

  15. I have never abused anyone with homophobic abuse when experienced violence

    others haven’t either

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