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White House to hold gay Pride reception

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Reader comments

  1. Stephen Ramsey 25 Jun 2009, 1:55pm

    I hope the LGBT invitees all attend and give Obama an earbashing about his lack of commitment to equality to date in his presidency. Gesture politics are all very well but for him to compare gay marriage to incest in his defence of the viciously homophobic DOMA law (which he promised to overturn) should be a matter of concern for all gay people.

    The message he needs to hear is that unless he sticks to his promises then he cannot rely on the LGBT vote in 2012.

  2. I support Stephen Ramsey’s comment above. It is time we in the gay community realize the power of our votes.
    However, it is also good to keep working with Obama while the time elapses and he requests the vote again. Then I would suggest a tooth for a tooth. But for him to show the gesture, means there is a possibility that he will gradually get there. We have to acknowledge that these issues cannot be rushed or we will end up with overturns, etc. I think Obama might gradually be warming up hearts, getting favours and preparing the ground through. Regardless, I am not an Obama fan… He had better live up to his promises.

  3. Bishop Ioan 25 Jun 2009, 3:00pm

    I’m with you both! It is time for LGBTQ leaders to attend this pride reception and to point out to Pres. Obama where he is failing to keep the promises he made whilst still a candidate.

    It is sad when people such as Ted Olsen and John McCain are throwing their support to marriage equality and all we get is a deafening silence from the so-called “Fierce Adocate.

  4. Obama is a great man and a wonderful leader, that’s for sure, but he surely can’t be expected to effect such radical changes overnight.
    He is surrounded by biggots and right-wing Christians who all have their own agendas, and the Gay issue is one of the most explosive. Give the man time. As much as we all appreciate the importance of Gay equality, there are many other pressing issues that are demanding of the man’s attention. I’ve every confidence that, if he physically survives his office, then Obama will eventually change the American attitude to homosexuality – but biggotry and rignt-wing political influences throughout the media mean that Gentle Ways Are Best.
    Let’s just wait and see; it happened in the UK eventually – what else can we do but have confidence in this remarkable man.

  5. Barry, he’s “a great man”, “remarkable”, “a wonderful leader”?????
    What has he done in six months?

  6. Simon Murphy 25 Jun 2009, 4:15pm

    Barry – you say: “Obama is a great man and a wonderful leader, that’s for sure, but he surely can’t be expected to effect such radical changes overnight. He is surrounded by biggots and right-wing Christians who all have their own agendas”

    Barry – no-one expects him to effect radical change overnight. But we DO expect him to keep the promises he made prior to the election.

    He promised to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – he could do that TODAY but he chooses not to.

    He promised to overturn the ‘abhorrent’ Defence of Marriage Act. Instead he is fighting to keep it and claiming that repealing DOMA would give status to incest and paedophilia.

    He has not delivered on his promises to LGBT voters and he needs to be reminded that this will be remembered in 2012

  7. Dominick J. 25 Jun 2009, 5:31pm

    Jane maybe he hasn’t shown much for us except show he’s not afraid to invite us to the table and keep taking our insults at every turn BUT for the rest of the country a LOT! We are not his only concern and I appreciate ALL the hard work he’s been doing! May you should be too.

  8. I wouldn’t say Obama is a particularly great man, but he does have the potential to be great by keeping his campaign promises.
    He could halt discharges under DADT by Executive Order until congressional action can be taken. That is something even the right wing bigots would support. He could also work to repeal DOMA rather than let it be defended in such an offensive manner by his own Justice Department.

  9. Dominick J. 25 Jun 2009, 7:40pm

    Karen I would agree with you but as Jane puts it “What has he done in 6 months?” IS NOT a fair question to ask. He has done a lot to undo many of the things Bush did and to has taken on a lot of New issues as well. He has done and been the most agresive President we have had in a Long time. He’s woking on Gay issues, maybe not to our satisfacation BUT he’s doing it. When folks get to the White House for this Pride Reception then once again questions can be made for him to address Publicly.. But to state he has done nothing in his first 6 months is just plain wrong!

  10. Dominick J, being invited to the table for the show of it…… thank you! That’s not CHANGE, that’s not YES WE CAN! Yes, the slogans were vacuous but that’s what people swallowed and voted for. He’s just another politician, no better, let’s not expect anything more despite the skin colour and the easy smile and manner. You’re suffering from delusions if you expect CHANGE from this man. What have we had so far? A gay marching band at the Inauguration (well, gays like a nice parade, right?), Bishop Gene given a sideshow while Rick Warren (of all the priests there are in the States!) is chosen to swear Obama in, no CHANGE on DOMA (in fact it’s made worse!), no change on gays in the military!!!!!!!!!!! Are you living in the real world?

  11. Dominick J. 25 Jun 2009, 10:11pm

    Yes Jane I am living in the real world. I’d like to know if you are?
    You say or think you’ve said this first: “being invited to the table for the show of it” is someone elses words, so are you a parrot and can’t do some thinking for yourself? Yes we’ve been invited to the table, as our Nation looks on, time and time again. When was the first time GAY families were ever invited to the White House for the Easter Egg hunt? When for the first time had the Gay community been invited to celebrate Pride Day at the White House? Stop listening to the “other” activits groups and start thinking for yourself for a “CHANGE”! Let Mr. Obama do his job the best way he sees fit. It’s only been 6 months. For crying out loud I’ve been waiting for decades for something like this real to come and we are closer than we have ever been. Wake up and drink some of that coffee you’ve been smelling!

    Let’s see what happens in the next coming year. DOMA still can be turned around and so can DADT. Be a little more patient and stop your condemnation of this man. BUSH DID absolutely Nothing for 8 years and neither did his no good Republican controlled Congress. I see this man moving the mountain se=ver so slightly but it’s being moved! Give him his credit instead of spitting in his face for it!

  12. David Myers 26 Jun 2009, 2:54am

    I totally agree with Dominick. Bill Clinton tried to change the military policy right away and lost a lot of political capital and still only got this stinkin DADT policy. Give him time to not only properly prepare the way to maximize support, but also to deal with all of the other multi headed problems left to him by the George Bush and the congressional Republicans. Never has so much been asked of one president in such a short time. I have faith that he will do the right thing. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep reminding him of his promises and expressing our anxiety about whether he is going to come through on his promises.

  13. Well, enjoy the Easter Eggs and the White House Tea Party! Have fun!

  14. Dominick J, btw I’d be more careful about using the term “gay families”. The family isn’t gay. The couple raising the children are gay. I have two daughters, both are straight. I wouldn’t say my family is a “gay family”. Why am I making this point to you? Simply that the bigots would like nothing better than for us to admit ourselves that our kids are being ghettoised. Let’s not play into their hands.

  15. Dominick J. 26 Jun 2009, 5:30am

    I understand your point June But then on the other hand a family with a Gay child isn’t a complete heterosexual family either. So even if your a hetero Mom and Dad and your child, or maybe two children are gay doesn’t make them all heteros, thus a hetero family, and so if the dad is gay and the other dad is gay but the child and or chidlren are straight doesn’t make them a straight family or a gay family. It’s a play on words. June. Like the word “marriage”

    I was married and we had two daughters one daughter was gay one was straight. Funny thing when we separted I, the gay man, ended up raising the Straight daughter and my ex-wife the straight one, ended up raising the Gay daughter. A family is a family is a family..

  16. I’m Jane, not June…….but never mind that. I think we’re really agreeing that “a family is a family is a family”, no matter what the composition of the family may be. I always feel uneasy when people talk of the “gay community”, of “gay families”, even, tbh, of “gay pride”, it strikes me we ourselves may be shutting ourselves into the very ghetto that the bigots would dearly love to lock us up in.

  17. Christina Engela 26 Jun 2009, 8:32am

    Give the man a chance.

    Remember he is under tremendous pressure from the religious right who are bitterly unhappy that their little “prohibition” bandwagon has been derailed by their losses in the Election. I am sure they are irked by the sudden favor we find ourselves in at the White House and in legislation there.

    Remember that Clinton also made numerous promises and commitments to the pink community on his election – which he could not fulfill because of this same pressure – brought against him because of his position on our human rights.

    Obama is performing remarkably well by comparison – and far more openly than Bill did, so even if he is slow in delivering I think he has already done an amazing thing for the community, not just in the US but around the world. And this despite criticism from the community he still seems keen on helping.

    I think if he was insincere and just wanted the pink vote to get elected, he would have dropped all our interests as soon as he got into the White House – which clearly he has not.

  18. Dominick J. 26 Jun 2009, 4:05pm

    First Jane, I apologize for misspelling your name, when I glanced up from the key board I looked at the date and wahla there was June.

    We are who we are and I will not be afraid to be myself, and call my self what I am. Yes I can use the “word” Homosexual but the world Knows me as “GAY”. I’m “Gay” and I belong to a “Gay community,” which includes LGBTQ people, and I celebrate who I am every year by contibuting to and being a part of the “Gay Pride” festivities. When we stand together to fight we stand in unity with brothers and sisters, Straight and us as “GAY.” Maybe some day, one day, we can Just “Be.” But for now we must define ourselves as “Gay.”

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