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Tatchell mourns the loss of Pink Paper

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Reader comments

  1. I ran Queer West News which was an online downloadable newspaper for 17 months. I maintained the website, researched the news, interviewed people, and constructed the newspaper from my own pocket. At the end of the day 1 person could maintain the Pink Paper

    Perhaps a similar weekly downloadable newspaper could be produced?

  2. How is the gay community NOT already fragmented and isolating?!

    The lovely old pink paper, a somewhat outmoded but much-loved publication, was not going to be the saviour of the gay community. Great spin from Mr Tatchell though.

    What is this gay community he refers to, exactly? If you could physically pick up the hardcopy pink paper, you are already in the best and worst the community has to offer – the scene! Institutionalised but not isolated, I guess. Which is worse???

    I’ve noticed more and more are withdrawing from the regular scene and into more modern gay/straight mixed and normalised lives. Hurrah for naturalistic social progress!

  3. Hey well I, for one, enjoyed reading the Pink Paper and what everyone was up to across the UK. At least it’s still online.

  4. Why can’t they change it to monthly? You may get more readers that why without spending too much during this recession…

  5. A major source of news and information? Since its acquisition by Prowler, Pink Paper has become a downmarket brochure for the company’s products and spin-offs, padded up with press release reprints and regurgitated mainstream press stories. Call that serious journalism, Peter? Oh, purrrrlease!!!!!

  6. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 11:28am

    Exactly, on line, every damn thing is on line…still, thats progress i suppose!
    Codex (who used to run a Bookstore in the Big Apple,What Happened?) I sence just a touch of Snob value there from you?

  7. As far as I’m aware, different arms of MPG still have to pay for advertising within Pink Paper. So the fact the paper seems to you like a ‘brochure’ is perhaps more indicative of the fact advertising is down in general across the board. Other magazines owned by similar organisations also have to support themselves through ‘in-house’ advertising, as it were. I’m sure if MPG’s subsidiaries hadn’t advertised their products with the paper it would have gone online even sooner. You can hardly blame them for that.

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