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Sarkozy accused of abandoning human rights after Yade is moved to sport

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think this move means the abandonement of a human right agenda by Sarko. Rama Yade (wow, the sexiest minister I’ve ever seen!!!!!!) has spoken out on two or three issues and taken positions that have annoyed the President. It may be simply revenge on her but I think France is commited to human rights, after all Bernard Kouchner, the founder of Médecins sans Frontières, remains as Foreign Minister while Fréderic Mitterrand, openly gay, has become Minister of Culture, an important position in France.

  2. Very good woman, she did such truly appreciated and brilliant work with the UN call for universal decriminalisation. She will be missed I think!

  3. He also got rid of Christine Boutin who is the worst possible bigot. She said some terrible things during the debates on PACS in the Assemblée, about 10 years and is strongly anti-gay.

    Mitterand is a bit more than a TV presenter, btw. He is an intellectual, author, film director and up till now director of the prestigious Villa Medici in Rome.

  4. Zefrog, yes I know, there was a very good documentary on French television (I think Arte) only a few weeks ago with Mitterrand talking about the history of the Villa Medici and of his plans for it, he’ll do a good job as Minister of Culture. Salut!

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