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Gay US Congressman re-introduces workplace discrimination bill

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Reader comments

  1. This link has nothing to do with the story, but thought others might like to see this – strangely it’s not reported on PinkNews

  2. This link has nothing to do with the story, but thought others might like to see this – strangely it’s not reported on PinkNews

  3. Ahw! Bless him

  4. Bill Perdue 25 Jun 2009, 2:52pm

    ENDA was introduced and passed in the house in 2007, just before the last round of elections. To prepare to fight the Republicans and recapture the bigot christian vote they’d used to elect Bush, the Democrats refused to repeal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), quietly dropped the hate crimes bill after it’s passed both houses and gutted and then dripped ENDA. During that time Barney Frank accepted quite a few Republican and centrist Democrat amendments to his already essentially gutted bill, including one that would make it impossible to use ENDA to challenge DOMA.

    Until we get a clear reading from Lambda Legal, the National Center for Lesbian rights and the American Civil Liberties Union about this bill, indicating how it compares to the original ENDA, we should hold off on supporting it or condemning it.

    The original bill was widely supported because it made it easier for ourselves, other minorities and women to sue. The civil rights bills of the 1970’s and later intentionally made it very difficult to sue.

  5. Bill Perdue-

    This is not meant to be a complaint, but I have found that American gay news is superficially reported outside the USA.

    A good and recent example on PinkNews is the story entitled “Stonewall riots deputy inspector claims police were ‘on the side of right’.”, which refers to The Brian Lehrer Show of June 23 where the guests were Stonewall-veterans Danny Garvin and Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt, as well as historian David Carter.

    Instead of giving us an insight into the contents of the show, the only item mentioned by Pink is a confused comment made by an 89-year-old Seymour Pine of the NYC Police Force who attempted to justify the raid by refering to dirty drinking glasses… Consequently the comments made on this story are necessarily misinformed.

    Similarly, the name of Barney Frank is not to be used lightly. He is in fact a heavyweight, has been on the ball since day one, and has always given us an idea of how American democracy functions. It serves no purpose to complain that Obama is betraying the American Gay Community. I don’t believe it works like that. I think it’s up to people like Barney to bring these issues to Congress, and it’s people like him that need our support. Am I anywhere near correct?

  6. Christina Engela 26 Jun 2009, 8:54am

    I just hope for two things:

    That this time the bill will include transgender people as well – as I found the previous attempt especially insulting (because our gay and lesbian fellows decided to abandon us).

    That it actually passes – and does not end up getting repealed or replaced by yet another right wing anti-gay campaign to protect the inane need for some to the “right” to discriminate against others on the grounds of their own religion.

  7. Mihangel apYrs 26 Jun 2009, 9:18am

    Christina Engela:
    I think that’s a bit offensive when you consider firstly how hard the L&G community has worked to ensure that trans rights are supported. Secondly, trans people can marry, L&G people in the UK can only CP: I didn’t see or hear the trans community screaming in our support at that injustice.

    I believe there is a large number of trans people who actually don’t want anything to do with LGB people because they don’t consider themselves yoked with us, that their concerns are different. Until they want something that our added voice may get them

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