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Gay group’s complaint about Canterbury council rejected

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  1. Its not a surprise Canterbury council has its tong so far up the church of England’s ass its practically part of the church!!!

    As for the The Local Government Ombudsman its a quango need I say more!

  2. Brian Burton 25 Jun 2009, 5:28pm

    The old canabury chestnut, it never went away did it? A lot of slanging matches went on last time, so, fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be anouther bumpy ride!

  3. Yeah. Right on. Gay men are the most selfish bastards on the planet that want everything but are never willing to dig into their own pockets. If they want something, they should pay for it and not expect everyone else to. As I said before, if it’s a health, safety or education matter, that’s fine and that should come under the council’s remit, but expecting them to specifically build bars when even straight pubs are closing by the dozen is taking the piss.

    As an ardent atheist, I was always taught “The Lord helps them that help themselves”. You can take that one either way.

  4. Pete & Michael 25 Jun 2009, 8:01pm

    Councils in the UK have at present no statutory duty to provide information for its LGBT citizens, This is why Councils such as Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, in that they have a larger populus of LGBT people will please all minorities of peoples. But not in the Shire conurbations as those councils shy away from decisions that upset the majority vote. This is why the Equality Bill should be supported by all of us and voted for in Parliament.

  5. The Chief Executive of my Council (South Gloucestershire County Council) once said to me that the council is not ‘Statutory obligated’ to promote the gay community and I was hoping that once the new equality bill became law, I could ask her; “Are you obligated, now to promote the gay community?” But it now looks like I won’t get the chance, because the law is not going to come in until after the next General Election and the Tories being the Tories will probably ditch the laws that will help our community!

  6. Yeah. Right on says RobN!!! Never one to miss a chance to slag us off!! I’m amazed at how you manage to put your nasty slant on every single story on Pink News! Gee thanks Robn, but for goodness give it a rest. As has been said – if you’ve nowt nice to say – say nowt!

  7. RobN wrote
    “Yeah. Right on. Gay men are the most selfish bastards on the planet that want everything but are never willing to dig into their own pockets”

    Based on what evidence ?

  8. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 7:19am

    Yea right on,
    Why should’nt Gay People be ‘selfish bastards’ It’s in their make-up of every mincing desire they can muster. RobN epitomizes that selfish gay streak in his whole stance on these threads. (I don’t mean to be offencive in any way RobN.) You are more than detemained to ram your anti ‘queer’ views down peoples throats and fair enough I say. But, you must expect also, people to have oppersite views.

  9. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 7:26am

    I’m watching Sky-News reporting the Death of Michael Jackson aged 50. Genius always dies young!

  10. Christina Engela 26 Jun 2009, 8:48am

    All nasty anti-gay rants I see here aside, who is best equipped to own, run and manage (and promote) a gay venue or bar? A council? Or the pink community?

    You can ponder to whom such a venue would belong – the pink community, or the council?

    In such a case, whose interests would it best serve and represent?

    If the council refuses to promote an existing gay venue, or acts against such a venue, then you actually have reason to complain.

    I think the best thing to do is to make things happen for yourselves and find an enterprising member of the community there to set up a club or bar etc – and support it.

    When you want something done, do it yourself.

  11. Councils often have projects to provide business support and business start up advice. They can’t supply a gay bar but they could support someone looking into setting one up.

  12. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 12:22pm

    I dont like Gay Establishments, they’r full of Gay people!

  13. Bit confused about all the fuss?? Do cities have on obligation to promote gay issues? If so do they also have a duty to promote non gay issues??

    Is not acceptance enough? If a pub bar or venue is a commercial success it will survive if it isnt it wont. Public money should not be spent on such things. My local closed because not enough people used it. I didnt see any demands from the “Pub going community” for local authority assistance or promotion.

    We are all equal and if you want something, do something and dont expect others to do it for you!

  14. Stewart Cowan 26 Jun 2009, 1:31pm

    Hello, I have replied to this story on my blog – Real Street.

  15. This is the first time I agree with something RobN said. Not the part about gay men being selfish bastards. The ones I met were not more so than straight men or women for that matter.

    Yet I find complaining about not getting public funding for setting up a bar (it does not matter whether it is a gay bar or an orthodox Christian bar) somewhat obnoxious.

    Oh, and Richard, not all genius dies young. Goethe for instance did not.

  16. Who the hell is this RobN person who writes “Gay men are the most selfish bastards on the planet”??????? I mean, if that is not incitement to hatred, then nothing is! What a disgusting and evil statement. I think PinkNews should devise a members-only system and exclude all gay-haters like RobN.

  17. The point here is not that the Council is not going to help set up a gay bar but that the Council here in Canterbury is, as another poster has put it very bluntly, right up the arse of Canterbury Cathedral – which dominates Canterbury – so it’s almost impossible to do anything in Canterbury which the backward Cathedral authorities don’t approve of! This is the point. This is what the LGBT community are complaining about. The authorities here in Canterbury want us to keep the lowest of profiles. Canterbury is swamped everyday by coachloads and trainloads of foreign tourists all visiting the Cathedral. The Council just don’t want us “detracting” from the religious chocolate-box image. This is what it is all about and why it is so difficult to get anything gay off the ground in Canterbury.

    If you are gay, avoid Canterbury – unless you’re one of those self-hating Christian gays that is! Then you sneak round the Cathedral hiding your identity and have a whale of a time!

  18. Maybe the best thing is to organise a fortnightly or monthly event, by hiring a gay-friendly venue in the city?

    If people in Canterbury want to do an event and believe that and you are looking for an experienced club DJ at a reasonable price, PM me through Pinknews; see profile under ‘My’ section. I spin a mix of upfront electro / techno / minimal / tech-house, and funky stuff and have a massive repertoire of classic house, disco, 80’s italo disco and hi-nrg. demo mixes available.

    People always want to go out and have a good time, and dance to good music, wherever they are. You don’t need a permanent venue to have a party. Just a funky beat and me to get it started. Then we’ll have some Big Fun. ;-)

    (NB needless to say, just ensure the decks are CDJ 800 / 1000s of course).

  19. Oh yeah, I forgot, contact me through Adrian-T on pinknews personals

  20. Alan, please do not request this, they might actually go ahead and do it!

    Here are three arguments against it:

    1) These comments can be very funny.

    2) A members only system is not infallable by any means: you can just go on and keep creating new accounts as long as you like to. This is what I did to a nice mormon lady who made an excellent little PPT supporting prop8 which she was showing on youtube. She kept deleting my comments and I kept coming back with a new name…

    3) The system would make life harder for everyone else whose comments you like, including yourself.

  21. Andy / Alan: Typical “Democratic Process” I see – Allow everyone a vote / opinion / option except those that disagree with you.

    Yeah, get a nice little cosy members club together with all the people you like and all the opinions you agree with. We don’t want any anti-gays here. Or Tories. Or those earning a decent wage. Come to think of it, I don’t like Lithuanians either, so we won’t have any of them either. Or people with acne. Northerners. Policemen. Or anyone that eats Rich Tea biscuits. Now THERE’S a democracy for you.

    oh, and Alan, I’m not inciting hatred, (like that was even vaguely possible on here) – But I have an opinion, I voice it. I can’t abide the likes of you. Get over it. Oh, And I am gay, so that allows me special dispensation to say “faggot” in public and call gay men selfish bastards. Trust me, I’ve been trying to find one that isn’t for 20 odd years, and I’ve given up. More chance of finding a pork pie at a Bar Mitzvah.

  22. I welcome RobN’s entertaining, ranting posts on these threads. Every now and then our very own resident ‘Victor Meldrew’ makes some interesting points. See things from his point of view, too: if you think music stopped with Genesis, Eric Clapton and Jethro Tull, then going on the scene must be total hell.

    What is the point of commenting if everyone must sing from a hymnsheet? It’s a forum for fuck’s sake. I wonder if those who are squeamish about dissent came off the rugby pitch as kids with snow-white kits.

    If you want a place where everyone must agree with each other you can go to h… no actually, North Korea. Anyone who has a problem with this can pick up the phone, call my number, and suck my thumb.

    x AdrianT

  23. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 6:27pm

    If nothing else, your a comedian. You should be on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks.’…..Oh! it ‘aint gonna rain no more, no more, it ‘aint gonna rain no more…!

  24. RobN wrote
    “Get over it. Oh, And I am gay, so that allows me special dispensation to say “faggot” in public and call gay men selfish bastards.”

    All this “Anecdotal evidence” highlights is that you constantly find yourself mixing with a load of selfish gay men. . . this says more about your judgement then ist does about whether or not all gay men are selfish.

    So if all gay men are selfish . . . Why are you posting threads on this site.!!!

  25. JohnK: “So if all gay men are selfish… Why are you posting threads on this site?”

    Um. Because *I* want to. How selfish is that? Now. Let’s talk about my favourite subject: Me.

  26. “I can’t abide the likes of you. Get over it. Oh, And I am gay, so that allows me special dispensation to say “faggot” in public and call gay men selfish bastards. Trust me, I’ve been trying to find one that isn’t for 20 odd years, and I’ve given up. More chance of finding a pork pie at a Bar Mitzvah.”

    RobN if you are truly gay then you are so consumed by hatred of the gayness in yourself that you can’t possibly locate the goodness in others. You need some serious therapy.

  27. re. RobN’s response to JohnK, post 25, indisputable evidence of a horrifying lack of ethics, no respect for virtue whatsoever. John K asked why RobN posts such hateful comments on this site and RobN’s answer was “Because I want to”. No consideration of whether “I should” was involved.

    This reminds one of the counterfeiters recently jailed in Sweden. Shortly before they were jailed they were interviewed and asked why they engaged in piracy, in illegal file-sharing, in flagrantly disrespecting intellectual property rights, in robbing musicians, artists, and music producers out of their rightful living. The answer was simply, without a moment’s hesitation: “Because I can”, accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders indicating no moral scruples whatsoever, no cultivated conscience.

    Terribly sad. But scum like this exists.

  28. Pat: I am not “consumed by hatred of the gayness in yourself” – I have no problem with gay sex or sexuality, mine or anyone else’s.
    I just despise the selfish, vain and egotistical nature of gay men.

    Eddy: The comment was a joke about selfishness. All gay men are selfish, so QED: so am I. Lighten up, you humourless fuckwit.



    I have just buried a gay person who was one of the most estimable human beings to have lived.

    I know many like him.

    It appears you need to seek such people out.

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jun 2009, 1:20pm

    “And it has also invited you to put forward suggestions for small events that it might help fund, as well as proposals for other events such as exhibitions.”

    As the ombudsman has pointed out the council has discharged its duties (the same duties all authorities have irrespective of whether they are in the shadow of a cathedral or not – and incidentally there’s one in every city as far as I’m aware.

    There is no evidence to point out that gay if groups apply for funding or support they are discriminated against, nor that if gay businesses try to set up they are hampered from doing so, or receive less support than other types of businesses.

    It is not for the local authority to go touting or tendering for people to set up gay businesses, but they should however offer help and support for any that do wish to set up. Something the ombudsman seems satisfied they are actually doing.

    Gay businesses and activities flourish if they have custom, just like straight businesses. So is the issue here that there isn’t actually enough gay custom to ensure the success of gay businesses and gay activities?

    Reading a report on South Coast Indimedia about Canterbury Pride in 2005 it stated:

    “The organising committee had only four members this year and managed to pull off a good event, despite the numerous detractors – often gay men.”

    “Although the starting point for the creation of a community is always from inside rather than from out, the support of the wider gay community was lacking in this case.”

    “Other gay rights organisations were felt to be similarly lacking in their support of this particular event and other small scale events like this one.”

    So it appears it was a flop because it wasn’t supported by the local gay community – hardly the fault of the council.

    I did actually try to go onto the Canterbury Pride website, but it exists in name only, so maybe the pride committee might want to apply for some of the grant funding the council is throwing in a gay direction and get a website set up instead of frittering council tax payers money away on vexatious allegations against the council

    Fantastic, Eddy’s back like (and about as welcome as) a persistent dose of the clap.

    “indisputable evidence”

    To echo Rob’s point – you fuckwit

  31. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jun 2009, 1:23pm

    Eddy – surely the death of a close friend is a personal matter and its not appropriate for you to be using it as a weapon against someone on here in an arguament.

    You really are total trash trash, mate. Utter, utter trash.

  32. Sister Mary Clarence: “Fantastic, Eddy’s back like (and about as welcome as) a persistent dose of the clap”

    That made me literally roar out loud.

    Eddy: So you just buried someone. Personally? With a shovel?
    I think not. You let someone else do it for you. Just like all the others. I’ve had men die in my arms. Shit happens.

    I attempted to seek out decent, honest gay men for over twenty years. Even on the odd occasion I *really* thought I had found someone different, they eventually reverted to their inherent scumbag nature and fucked either me, or everyone else over. Its man’s nature. It’s just that women have straight men so much over a barrel they daren’t do anything else but comply, whereas gay men just move on to the next poor soul with *MUG* tattooed on their foreheads, rub their hand with glee, and screw them both physically and metaphorically.

  33. RobN and Sister Mary Clarence, ask each other for your private email addresses, or devise some way of meeting for a coffee . . . and let love blossom from there.

    You are clearly made for each other.

    I wish you both blissful happiness, and untold hours enjoying your mutual loathing and detestation of all gay men because, as you both quite apparently believe, “all gay men are selfish bastards”. (But not you two, of course.)

  34. RobN, it would seem we are back to our usual dynamics as I fail to understand your comment in 21 above. In 20 I was speaking out for an open forum for everyone to share their views, even if they are hideous like yours. On the other hand, your performance since then has created some agreement between the two of us again: we both think that you are a sad and selfish person. I do think you could benefit a lot from seeking help.

  35. Eddy: Do you have to shout in bold? – You are irritating enough without having to emphasise your point.

    Andy: I mentioned you as you were part of that “sub-thread” that Alan had stated about “memberships” and all that cobblers. I was actually supporting your standpoint. A good debate requires as much variance as you can get. As for seeking help, I assume you are American, as they are the only people stupid enough to actually pay other people to tell them what to think.

  36. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jun 2009, 11:11pm

    SMC: Eddy was quoting personal experience in the same way that RobN does. Surely his evidence that he found a person not a delfish gay shit is apposite comment regarding RobN’s apparent despite and contempt of all gay men.

    I rerain from commenting on RobN’s life experience since I don’t know him. his expectations, and his behaviour in a relationship, but I can say that I have friends I love and trust, I have a friend who means as much to me than a son would, who loyally skypes once a week from the far east DESPITE not having to.

    We all have different experiences, but RobN’s have soured him in such a way that he may actually drive people from him.

    Your comments re Canterbury are worth reflecting on, though I know from experience that the Church – even, or especially, its gay clergy – is intrinsically homophobic, and too willingn to use its influence in the secular world.

    And welcome back, I may disagree with you, but your comments are worth reading.

  37. RobN wrote
    “I attempted to seek out decent, honest gay men for over twenty years. Even on the odd occasion I *really* thought I had found someone different, they eventually reverted to their inherent scumbag nature and fucked either me, or everyone else over.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    If you have been looking for honest gay men for the last twenty years and not found one, I think blaming gay men is a convenient way of having to avoid what may be your failure in judgement and an inability to recognise genuine people.

    If you keep ending up with gay men who are scumbags that fuck you over, I think blaming gay men is a convenient way of having to avoid the reality that at some level you may wanted to be treated badly. Otherwise why keep entertaining scumbags?

  38. Sister Mary Clarence, Eddy says that he has just lost a dear friend who was obviously loved by others . . . and you response with “what did you bury him with, a shovel?” Are you entirely without human compassion?

    RobN, I think you need to search hard for the reasons why people you have got close to have all rejected you.

    Love, Suzy.

  39. John K: “My failure in judgement?” That’s a bit rich and very presumptuous. Do you assume I just go out trying to find these arseholes? Well I can tell you now, I could randomly pick anyone in a bar, and guarantee they would turn out just the same. Trust me, I know. I’ve done it.

    Like most people, I always retained a certain sense of hope and optimism, just on the vague chance that maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was going to the wrong places. Or the wrong chatrooms. Or the wrong classified ads. But after you’ve been kicked in the nuts again… and again… and again.. you begin to form a conclusion. It’s like continually sticking your finger in an electrical socket and wondering why it hurts, but trying once more just in case it may not hurt the next time.

    I don’t spout these comments off the top of my head as some sweeping generalisation. I have been with many hundreds of guys and NOT A SINGLE ONE has demonstrated any redeeming qualities. That’s why I gave up even bothering ages back. I’d rather be celibate and single than put up with that crap any more.

    I don’t deny I have an abrasive personality these days, but I was not always like that. Maybe if you don’t like me, you can actually blame all the other selfish bastards out there that indirectly turned me into what I am now.

    Anyway. Back to the plot. Gay men are selfish bastards. Particularly in Canterbury. Discuss.

  40. When are you going to stop blaming gay men and take a look at what you are doing in your relationships with them?

    If you constantly end up with bastards . . . what is it about you that needs to be a victim?

  41. When are you going to stop blaming gay men and take a look at what you are doing in your relationships with them?

    If you constantly end up with bastards . . . what is it about you that needs to be a victim?

  42. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jun 2009, 12:45pm

    Suzy – no I didn’t, what I said was ….

    “Eddy – surely the death of a close friend is a personal matter and its not appropriate for you to be using it as a weapon against someone on here in an argument.”

    And I stand by that. I’m sure the family and other friends of the deceased would be nothing short of delighted that Eddy has chosen to trivialise his death by roping him into an argument on here. Its offensive, and however forthright or rude I or Rob can be, I think that shows an utter disrespect for the feelings of those close to the deceased. Once again people are using these pages like they are a private little debating forum with no concern for who reads them.

  43. RobN, I think they call people like you misanthropes? anyway, you sound very depressed, sweetie. And I think you are projecting. It looks like you have somehow managed to alienate everyone you have ever got near to. I’ld love to help you and tell you what you are doing wrong but, hey, I haven’t seen you in action – nor am I ever likely to.

    Sister Mary Clarence, sorry if I got your words wrong but it looked pretty like you were fully agreeing with RobN about what Eddy was saying about his friend who was obviously loved by lots of people. I don’t think there was anything wrong in Eddy giving you that example to disprove what was being said. In fact, I would say that having obviously just come from wherever and witnessing lots of people having celebrated a gay person’s life, Eddy’s example was pretty strong evidence that all gay people including lesbians are no way “selfish bastards”.

  44. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jun 2009, 4:23pm

    Apology accepted, however we’ll have to disagree over Eddy trivalising the death of someone in the way he has (in my view)

    I would also disagree that it provides strong evidence of anything, other than the fact that Eddy has crawled out of the gutter. We have no idea whether the deceased was the kindest person in the world, or a complete shit. Eddy is the only one here that knows that. He used it in his argument precisely for this reason and because in view of the situation people would feel it inappropriate to argue the point in any details, because it is a sensitive subject.

    Hence my view that using the death of a close friend to win an argument only goes to show what a contemptible individual he is.

  45. Sister Mary Clarence . . . I really think that Eddys Testimony was to try and help RobN not win an argument.

    Eddy’s Friend sounds like a wonderful individual, and when Eddy shared this with us this can only add to the importance, significance and memory of a life now lost. Far from a cheap attempt to win an argument, or deingration of a precious human life. Remembering those that have been lost is an important element of what is is to be human . . . perhaps you have never lost any one close.

  46. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Jun 2009, 10:25am

    John, perhaps I have and would be sickened to read about that death posted on a site like this by someone who has trying to win an argument with a cheap below the belt attack.

    Once again though, we’re off topic and on Eddy

  47. RobN: “I’ve had men die in my arm”

    No doubt bored to death, or committed suicide, because they had to listen you your retarded bile.

  48. “I have been with many hundreds of guys and NOT A SINGLE ONE has demonstrated any redeeming qualities.”

    Thats because YOU don’t have any redeeming qualities, you naturally attract the same or encourage the same qualities in these people. The most obvious answer is that these people were alright blokes, but they just all though you were a complete and utter arsehole.

    All of us do, and we don’t even know you!

  49. Linda: Thanks bitch. I hope one of your best friends dies of a long, painful and contracted AIDS related death. Or possibly yourself.

  50. Well RobN, I’d glad suffer a horrible dead if it meant not having to listen anymore the utter f–king nonsense of an unmitigated penis like yourself, cheers. With a bit of luck, you have it yourself, and we won’t have to endure your painful bitching too much longer. We live in hope.

  51. Linda: Sorry love. I plan to be around a whole lot longer yet.
    You really are the pits. That’s why you deserve me.
    I am your hell on Earth.

  52. “I am your hell on Earth.”

    Don’t flatter yourself, twat. You are clearly in your own hell. And you’re just not that fucking smart to be MY hell, you monotonous freak.

  53. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 7:04pm

    Cheers for the comments apYrs.

    Id it just me or has this thread gone a bit further off topic than they usually do

  54. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2009, 7:05pm

    oops – ‘Is it’

  55. Pumpkin Pie 1 Jul 2009, 5:56pm

    [“My failure in judgement?” That’s a bit rich and very presumptuous.]

    You having bad judgement for 20 years is more presumptuous than every gay man in the western world being selfish scumbags for an entire generation (probably more)? Typical RobN “logic”.

    [Maybe if you don’t like me, you can actually blame all the other selfish bastards out there that indirectly turned me into what I am now.]

    This is quite possibly the most deliciously hilarious RobN-ism I have ever come across. It is entirely representative of your misanthropic, self-centred world-view, and I shall endeavour to bring it up where appropriate in future.

    “I’m a homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racist jackass, but don’t blame me, blame the world that created me! Immigrants are all benefit-stealing criminals, but let’s not blame their environment or circumstances, they love every second of it and they’d do it again!”

    I shall continue to blame you for being the way you are, as others have gone through worse and not ended up hating the world. Say, if gay men made you hate them like this, how did bisexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and immigrants make you hate them? If you always held such unpleasant views of others, I can’t imagine many decent people wanting to be in a relationship with you. If you only came to hold these views after your “nastification”, then why are you blaming all these other people for what the gay male community has supposedly done to you? No, I don’t buy your story one bit, I’m afraid.

  56. Rob Neal, in all sincerity I suggest you consider how many gay and/or lesbian people you personally know well who are teachers, lecturers, social workers, doctors, nurses, scientists, or writers or lawyers or activists etc. Might it be that for whatever reason your social interaction may have been limited to only a rather shallow bunch of gay and lesbian people – who may indeed be part of the “me, me, me” section of society that you seem to be referring to?

  57. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Jul 2009, 10:44pm

    Possibly he comes across people like you though Eddy and loses all faith in humanity.

  58. Are you angling, Sister, for how I am in the flesh? OK. Here’s your answer. Guys who are not obsessed with the shallow and fickle are generally attracted. They find me fun, serious, genuine, and an inspiration. I have quite a string of wonderful friends.

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