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Northern Ireland

Prejudice against gays rising in Northern Ireland

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Reader comments

  1. So what is new about this abhorent place! Is it really that hard for gay people to leave for more tolerant climes? Northern Ireland the land of the Catholic and Protestant hatreds is NO place for ANY self-respecting person. Ditch such a waste of space and let all of the rotters sink into the stench of a few worthless counties. Gay people in this day and age have choices and ‘moving” is one of them!

  2. I guess because secterianism is no longer politically correct in Northern Ireland the poeple of the Province still feel a need to continue their long and noble tradition of bigotry. This is where Romanian immigrants, gypsies, the disabled and gays have been so useful.

  3. Not really surprising, considering Ireland is one of the last bulwarks of unenlightened Christianity, where both Church and State officials push their homophobic agenda at their hearts’ content.

  4. Simon Murphy 24 Jun 2009, 2:16pm

    Har Davids. Don’t lump the Republic of Ireland in with Northern Ireland.

    The south is just as enlightened as England on subject of homosexuality. Or perhaps you are one of the last bulwarks of unenlightened British xenophobia towards the Irish?

  5. I thought perhaps my instinct might be unfair, but actually it’s the same as the first few comments…

    Northern Ireland people seem to be prejudiced against each other in any way they can… they’re just experts in prejudice. I’m not sure why Eire would want Northern Ireland, but while it does, I’d vote to give it to them… maybe even pay them to take it.

  6. Tim Robinson 24 Jun 2009, 3:12pm

    My boyfriend moved from Northern Ireland to London almost 20 years ago and said he would never move back. They are not happy unless they are hating someone!

  7. Simon Murphy 24 Jun 2009, 4:28pm

    #5: Tsuchan: “I’m not sure why Eire would want Northern Ireland”

    I don’t think they do to be honest. Why would they want to finance that security and sectarian mess? In principle a united Ireland makes sense. In practise most people in the Republic think ‘Oh let Britain deal with that…”

  8. Well, the influence of the Church is declining, so you can’t blame the Church! Going by the statistics of church attednace, few of the respondents go to church….

  9. @Brenton I have lived in Northern Ireland all my life. I have friends, family, and a career here. I have as much right to live here as Iris Robinson and her ilk. The only way things will change is when people oppose the bigotry.

  10. That’s a heck of a rise, 14% to 23%! Sadly doesn’t surprise me though. We’ve all seen the totally disgusting behaviour of local Belfast people towards their small Romanian population, including the vandalism of the church offering refuge to them.

    I wouldn’t visit Belfast in a million years the way things seem to be there just now, not even if I was offered a £1 million to do so.

  11. Hang on a minute! Before you all get on your high horses about Northern Ireland, you might just pause for a moment and reflect on your own locality. Of course there is plenty wrong with Northern Ireland – just as there is also plenty wrong with England, Scotland and Wales. What about the election of BNP candidates recently, not to mention the numpty mayor of Darlington. What about the Tory Party making alliances with overtly homophobic parties in the European Parliament? Since when did everywhere else become such a wonderfully tolerant Utopia?

    First of all, regarding the survey, I would like to know the wording of the question?
    Secondly, was it a personal interview or an anonymous and private box-ticking exercise?
    Thirdly, the survey questioned only 1071 people out of a population of 1.7 million, so even with careful selection it may not be a representative sample of the population as a whole.

    In face-to-face interviews people very often answer questions in a perverse fashion, not always in a truthful way in case their answers give an impression they might not wish to give. There’s also, of course, the possibility of a degree of sheer bloody-mindedness … the equivalent of answering incorrectly in an election exit poll!!

    Before you jump in to slag off a whole population you might like to consider that 23% expressed homophobic views … that means 77% did NOT!!!
    It’s a shame it’s not still 86%, or higher, but with mouthy politicians and preachers, who often represent nobody but themselves, we can be thankful the [apparent] decline is not greater.

    I’ve lived in Northern Ireland for the past 40 years, and all-in-all it’s a GOOD place to live, and there are good people here. Utopia exists only in the imagination!!!

  12. #7 Simon: Yes, that sounds very plausible to me. (^_^)

  13. 11 AndySam said:
    “…Before you jump in to slag off a whole population you might like to consider that 23% expressed homophobic views … that means 77% did NOT!!!…”

    Hmm, this doesn’t say 77% were not homophobic… the only test was who Northern Ireland people minded living next door to. They weren’t even asked about having their children taught by a gay teacher, about whether they approve of gay marriage or gay adoption. Just consider it:
    – 23% of Northern Irish people wouldn’t even want me to live next door because I’m gay
    – 23% of North Irish people wouldn’t even want me to live next door because (if I’d lived there) I’d be an immigrant
    – 6% of people wouldn’t want me to live next door to me because I have a different religion… heck, as I’m an atheist you can probably take a multiple of that figure!

    And according to the article, 1 in 5 gay, lesbian and bisexual people in Northern Ireland have actually been attacked in the last 5 years.

    Sure, not all Northern Irish are are homophobic, but this 23% has to be just the tip of an iceberg.

  14. Vo Dong Cung 26 Jun 2009, 6:27am

    Why don’t make the poll asking Northern Irish residents would they mind when living next to Catholic priests

  15. Will you peple stop with your bashing of Northren Ireland all ready i live there and yes im gay and yes i get classed as and disabled OH and this will come as a shock IM PAGAN /WICCAIN like all polls you can not take this as 100% fact or as repeasenting the whole of Northren Ireland yes ofc we have people like Iris robbinson here and others like her but for the most part its a good place to live tons of gay bars and freindly people yes like any were there are a few haters of anyone diffent

    i have only ever been attcaked once and it was not because i was gay but because i looked like a easy target to attcked for money because im not very tall and it was a bunch of kids after money witch they never got i happned to be a black belt in ju jitsu

    any way my point is you lot are judgeing every one over here as the same we are not and thats un fair we have eqaul rights civl parterships and tons of postive attuides towards others (forgive my bad spelling) there are some peple who will never chnage but there are those who will oh and before any one says no i am not new to here nor am a troll or a hater i have comented on here a few times and i have been comeing to this site form the end of 2007 i dont coment much mostly due to my spelling (back to my point) I could just as easyly say all you english are the same as the BNP and the Torries but i dont as i know thats not ture

    as for why people dont leave here its because we have firends faimly jobs and we have as much right to live in the country we were bron is as anyone else saying that yes i would move to be with my other half just as he would move here to be with me we are still working out what the best move for us would be

    blessings of love and light to you all

  16. Gil Grissom 28 Jun 2009, 3:53pm

    Brian R, well said, gay/wiccan and also Irish, it is sad that prejudice has reared its head once again, but i have to remember that human beings, as a species, are constantly with flaws, and although we can write and speak of a utopia, it is, and will be for many years, a pipe dream. All we can do is stand by each other, no matter what and help, support and love. Thats what il do, even if people chastise me for it.
    Blessed Be

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