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Pink Paper suspends printing

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Reader comments

  1. Sadly when you can news online there is not much point duplicating it via printed media. Unfortunately the demise of The Pink Paper is probably due to

  2. Yes I agree – you logon to pinknews and it’s constantly updated – the pinkpaper website has a haphazard approach to updating it’s new content.

  3. I really enjoyed picking up my copy of the Pink Paper. The sad thing is that Pink Paper reached a wider community than Pink News, as could be found in librarys, and local council offices. I really hope that they develop their online website, and thrive in the future, and continue to the leading voice of our community

  4. Oh, poor Pink Paper. I also wish them well.

    (Although I have to admit, as they don’t have RSS feeds, I’ve never been prompted by a story to visit their web site, as I am 20 times a day with PinkNews.)

  5. That’s a shame when the only decent gay UK publication can’t get enough business whilst Boyz, QX and others thrive because of the advertising of rent boys. I guess it shows where gay men’s priorities really lie (as if we didn’t already know).

  6. Damn! I was so close to getting my college to distribute it as well!

  7. Pink Paper went relentlessly down-market to chase the pink pound, but I think it overestimated just how low the gay community’s intelligence had been dumbed down in recent years and went too far, as witnessed by piles of left over copies every fortnight. It’s hyperbolic headlines often made The Sun look high-brow, and its grubby appearance left a lot to de desired. Say what you like about QX and Boyz, but at least they don’t pretend to be anything other than depthless, sleazy scene mags with IQs in minus digits, but The Pink Paper as serious journalism? Come on!! All it ever did was regurgitate mainstream press stories and automatically print verbatim the press releases of gay rights organizations and health charities without questioning their policies and decision-making processes which impact on us all. Oh, and last but not least, we Pink News readers don’t get black ink-stained fingertips when leafing through these pages!!

  8. Easier to read Pink news as it’s updated through-out the day. I’ve not read the PP in years

  9. I hope the move to web publishing works out well for them. We need a range of voices for the LGBT media – and regardless of how PinkNews may be easier to catch up on, there is something rather lovely about a physical paper which I’ll miss.

    It’s hard to be objective about something that had such an impact in making you feel less isolated in the pre-net days though. In the early 90s, I remember I would travel ten miles every week to read it in the nearest library that would carry such material, even though I would then rage at how poor its bi and trans representation was and the endless “no bisexuals” personal ads!

  10. Jen: “I would then rage at how poor its bi and trans representation was and the endless “no bisexuals” personal ads!”

    Maybe that’s because most gay people are not willing to put up with others that demonstrate no commitment to their sexuality, many bisexuals being already married. You can’t have chips AND rice.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 25 Jun 2009, 10:46am

    for goodness sake RobN, don’t generalise so blatently, it’s clumsy and appears ignorant.

    I appreciate that you may have gone through life getting closely involved with gay men who were shits, but the majority of the ones I know practice love to their partners and loyalty to their friends, AND support trans, bi, other people.

    Sex does flit across most men’s minds quite a lot (we are programmed to be promiscuous), but equally it isn’t the most important thing for MOST of us; eventually most of us come to realise that people are more than a squeeze.

    Please try to be less contemptuous of gay men. your points are interesting if provocative, but your throway insults mean that you are not taken seriously.

  12. The website will need a lot of work if they are to continue online as well its very amateur.

  13. Mihangel: Jean-Paul Satre says it better than I ever could:

    “Hell is other people”

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