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Google discreetly celebrates Pride month

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Reader comments

  1. Am I the only loser who felt compelled to try that out with various search terms? *blush*

    I don’t see the point of it only appearing for specific search terms though. Does Google often do that? I’ve only ever noticed the commemorative stuff at the top that appears for various events or anniversaries and which seems to stay there regardless of what I search for.

  2. ahhh; I wondered why that was comming up.

    I thought It might have soemthing to do with pride season, or it being 40 years since stonewall, but I wasn’t sure.

    Iris: no, I double checked it too. And I guess they wanted it to be subtle or something. Google is accessable in a lot of contures, some of which commenly foster extream homophobia, so it makes good business sence to make it inobvious. (Sucks, but truth).

  3. How camp is that
    Yes I typed in football and no line
    I then typed in transsexual and there it was
    Shame it is only for pride in June.
    it is pride in New York this Sunday wish
    I was there again
    Happy pride to all all over the world
    Lady Tanya

  4. Lovely.
    Google has been doing these discreet things more often, they did it previously to celebrate the birthday of Tetris (with a logo only when you searched).

    My brother used to work for Google, the company donates to quite alot of charities (including GLBT ones, they proudly sponsor Pride).
    Just a few things most people probably don’t know.
    Lovely company, from what I’ve heard.

  5. Oh woopy friggin’ do!
    Like a rainbow bar occasionally pops up with no indication about what it is or what it represents. Other people use rainbows as well you know, (either that, or My Little Pony has turned into a dyke) – If Google are going to demonstrate support for LGBT issues, then do it and stop poncing about with these pointless trivialities.

  6. Cheer up Rob, the new series of Last Of The Summer Wine is on.

  7. Lezabella: Ah! Now I know where I saw you. Aren’t you the one with the wrinkled stockings? ;o)

  8. Ha ha yes! Nora Batty all the way! :)

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