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Catholic agency to cease new adoptions over gay parents

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Reader comments

  1. Okay – their choice.

  2. Such a lost, tsk, tsk.

    Now maybe the vatican can concentrate on persuading the great ayatolah in Iran to stop butchering its young, or are we afraid to get our gold lamé liturgical vestments bloody.

  3. David North 24 Jun 2009, 5:16pm

    “In 2003 the Vatican claimed that it was “gravely immoral” to place children with same-sex couples.”

    I would say it was much more immoral to deny children loving homes in order to satisfy a personal bigotry.

  4. Brian Burton 24 Jun 2009, 5:53pm

    How any country can still let these Catholic pervs, who have had to pay millions in compenceation look after children beggars belife!

  5. Good riddance.
    When we look at the endemic abuse of children in the Catholic Church (by people ranging from the lowest care workers right up to Catholic priests & leaders) over the past 50 years alone they have proved themselves hypocritical and unfit to be involved in the care of children.
    The Vatican said it’s “gravely immoral” to place children with same sex couples!? I think it’s “gravely immoral” to place children with the Catholic Church, given their history.
    THEY are the last people in the world who should be consulted about children’s rights after the horrors they are responsible for, the horrors they covered up and the horrors they allowed to continue for decades. Good riddance.

  6. anyone who puts their bigotry over the needs of children should be kept well away from kids. dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  7. Why is Ann still allowed to breathe.?

  8. Simon Murphy 24 Jun 2009, 7:26pm

    Wow – those catholic organisations really hate children.

  9. Good riddance to them. If they cannot provide their service without discrimination then they should not be providing the service at all.

  10. “Ann Widdecombe…described the Sexual Orientation Regulations as “ludicrous…a sign of the Britain we are in. If you do not subscribe to the prevailing orthodoxy you might as well be living in the Soviet Union.”

    So, the pendulum has swung from the stranglehold the church has held on all matters secular since the 3d century. ‘Til now, you toed the line of the Catholic Church’s prevailing orthodoxy. And, you might as well have been living under the Taliban. The irony is delicious.

    Most Catholics don’t have anything to do with pedophilia. But, it’s still child abuse to brainwash impressionable underaged children to the Catholic Orthodoxy so that, even when of discerning age, they’re already too infused with the stain of original sin and all the other learned, self destructive, institutionalized codependence traits to escape a stigma indelibly impressed on their most basic biological functions. Systematic immersion in mystical cultism results, even if the person escapes the organization later in life, in otherwise unexplainable depression, guilt for realizing that the brainwashing was all just a bunch of hooey and a host of further emotional and psychological insults to wellbeing.

    Under no circumstances should children be exposed to mystical explainations of the way things are. If religion is so universally wonderful, persons old enough to achieve critical thinking will necessarily gravitate to it. no? America has the right idea in the separation of church and state, at least.

  11. After the Ryan report most people will be sighing a huge sight of relief.

    As for Widdecombe, 30 votes out of over six hundred for Speaker reflects her credibility in Parliament.

    All the best.

  12. Nathan –

    Your formidable astuteness derives from your own infant baptism?
    Very well said – 5 stars!

  13. Edward in Los Angeles 25 Jun 2009, 1:16pm

    Someone should tell Ann Widdecombe that the prevailing orthodoxy is one of tolerance for all people, and apparently she doesn’t have any tolerance for gay parents. On another note, is she aware that her rant is being read across the world this morning? Does she live in a bubble or is she just proud of being a bigot?

  14. @ Edward – I think the not-so-beautiful Ann Widdecombe is just proud of being a bigot. She’s evangelical about bigotry it seems.

  15. Here in the USA, in Boston Massachusetts, the Catholics quit placing children in adoptive homes because of the law stating they had to place children in gay/lesbian homes IF THEY TOOK PUBLIC MONEY! So they quit. The Mormons continue as an adoption agency, continue to discriminate against same sex homes, and do it with their own money – no public tax money. The Catholics wanted to discriminate against te gays and lesbians and wanted us to pay for that discrimination with our own taxes! We don’t mind the Mormons … they are willing to pay for their own hatreds … fine by me in the USA. Sounds like you are more radical in the UK.

  16. RCC hates puberty and by inference “mature” sex. No wonder so many sickos gravitate toward the church, free spending its reputation with little punishment until they get caught….by those who see the light. It’s quite funny that most angels in medieval oil paintings resemble five-year-old androgynous boys/girls, no?

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