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BBC Director General promises stars including Chris Moyles will follow strict new guidelines

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Reader comments

  1. has anyone seen my new editorial guidelines? Where did i put…

  2. If people actually listened to Chris Moyles’ show, they would know he is anything but homophobic.

  3. The issue is bigger then Chris Moyles. Gays and lesbians get very poor value from their license fee. Where are our lives represented? The only visible gay men on the BBC are all cut from the same camp cloth: Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Dale Winton, Four Puffs and a Piano. The recurrent gay character on Eastenders is a pumped up, promiscuous vanity case incapable of sustaining a long term relationship. Sure campness and indiscriminate relationships are part of gay culture but where is the balance? For the average gay teenager the BBC offers no role model or hero, no positive messages – just the like of bully boys like Moyles and Ross to perpetuate the tired stereotypes.

  4. Chris Moyles is just part of a bigger issue with the BBC: the real lack of value it offers to it’s gay and lesbian license payers. Gay men on the BBC fit an enduring, consistent and limited stereotype: Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Dale Winton, Four Puffs and a Piano are the latest in a long line of the camp, effeminate character who’s sexuality is on show but never celebrated. Eastenders only resident gay character is the muscled up, promiscuous Christian incapable of long term loving relationships beyond his “fag hag” Roxie. As for lesbians, I am struggling to come up with one positive or negative person that has any visibility at all. It’s not that camp and promiscuity is not a significant component to some gay lifestyles, but where is the balance? For the gay teenager struggling to define him or herself in a positive manner all too often all the BBC has to offer is the like of bully boys Ross and Moyles – and that is simply not good enough.

  5. When I read the headlines, I assumed he was being forced to avoid Burger King….

  6. “Last month, the BBC’s highest paid star, Jonathan Ross apologised …”

    No he didn’t apologise. He said he was mortified that people would think he was being homophobic, but that does not amount to an apology. When he said what he did, he inadvertently revealed his real opinion of gay people.

  7. Brian Burton 25 Jun 2009, 6:25am

    Ha! Haaaa! Don’t make me laugh Mr. D.G. You are a refugee from the ‘soft porn’ channel 4. There’ll be no changes there!

  8. The DG was asked in the interview about homophobia and avoided the issue, even after the interviewer, Steve Hewlett, asked specifically about “homophobic banter.” So it’s still not clear whether the BBC has any objection to Jonathan Ross’ Hannah Montana comment, which the BBC defended saying that Jonathan Ross is “not homophobic in any sense.”

    Also regarding humiliation, I still don’t know whether the BBC is against humiliating minorities. For example, when Jonathan Ross makes fun of his house band, does the BBC recognise that he might at the same time be humiliating many people from the LGBT community? Does the new report answer that question?

  9. Let’s not hold our breaths. The fact is that media pundits are allowed to abuse and stereotype gay people in a way which would get them the sack in a minute if they tried it with ethnic minorities. And the general points above are true – rounded and realistic portrayals of our lives and relationships are like hen’s teeth.

  10. “The only visible gay men on the BBC are all cut from the same camp cloth: Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Dale Winton, Four Puffs and a Piano. The recurrent gay character on Eastenders is a pumped up, promiscuous vanity case incapable of sustaining a long term relationship”

    You forgot John Barrowman.

    So yeah, it must be very tough having ‘only’ 9 prominent gay men on the BBC.

    Must be really hard for you.

    Atleast us lesbians have………….? – Not one.

    Stop complaining, there’s 9 TV personalities there respresenting you, all of them quite funny, especially Norton and yet us lesbians are invisible!

    It’s a disgrace.

  11. @10

    1)Claire Balding
    2)Sandy Toksvig
    3)Pam St Clement
    4)Mary Portas

    Are four high profile ladies that spring to mind.

  12. Claire Balding: So we have a sports presenter who is on now and again and who doesn’t mention or flaunt her sexuality as it has nothing to do with her job.

    Sandy Toksvig : Not on TV much atall!

    Pam St Clement : An actress who plays a straight woman. Her character is straight. Unlike Christian.

    Mary Portas : Married to chemical engineer and Unilever executive Graham for 13 years. So she could be or IS bisexual. Again, her sexuality is private.

    Anyway my main point being that none of these are chat-show hosts like Carr and Norton who’s camp ‘gay persona’ is the main reason they’re successful (along with the fact that they’re funny), nor do these women have their own specials about being gay a la Barrowman.

    These women ‘happen’ to be gay but that is not their main attraction. Norton and Carr are camp, open and make jokes about who they are as they are TV hosts and meant to speak about themselves . These women’s sexuality is private as it has nothing to do with the roles they play or jobs they do.

    There are no lesbian characters in Eastenders. Sue Perkins or Rhona Cameron do not have their own chat shows like Ellen Degeneres in the U.S.

    Ellen flaunts her sexuality, makes jokes about it, talks about it, talks about Portia and is very open about it. Lesbians have NO ONE like that here.

    That’s the difference.

  13. So the BBC is going to pull the plug with regards to the 4 poof then?

    I can’t find any guidelines!

    guidelines filetype:pdf

  14. “So the BBC is going to pull the plug with regards to the 4 poof then?”

    Ross said he’s ditching them because, as he put it on 12 June 2009, “who wants a house band that spends most of its time sniffing your crotch and trying to hump your leg?”

  15. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 7:41am

    If Lesbians are anything close to being like you…NO THANKS!

  16. Brian your ‘wit’ astounds me.

    You’re boring mate.

  17. Seriously Brian, what’s your fucking problem?

    Countless times I have defended gay men on this site from dickhead Muslims and dickhead Christians. I don’t have to, lesbians to them are a minor ‘problem’ to deal with after ‘sodomites’, it’s you boys who are in the direct firing line of these people; and time after time I defend you.

    And for what? To be insulted!

    If you’ve got a problem, say it and I’ll try and fix whatever it is I’ve done.

    If you diasagree with my opinions, say so.

    Don’t resort to lame insults mate, it’s fucking infantile and gets us nowhere.

    You’re coming across as a complete arse.

  18. Brian Burton 27 Jun 2009, 6:59am

    My problem is, people like you who cannot string a sentence together without using the ‘fuck’ word….a low vocabulary no doubt?

  19. This is after your commnt here and your comments on the Richard Quest thread where you’re using personal insults after personal insults, I’ve tried to reason with you but it just seems in your infantile mind you just want to name-call and argue:

    I say the ‘fuck word’, big deal, that’s what adults do- they swear. Toughen the fuck up and get over it.

    You’re speaking about MY vocabulary? I’ve pulled you up so many times regarding your lexical and syntaxical errors it’s not even funny.

    1) You use ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ meaning ‘you are’. You obviously can’t differentiate between the two.

    2) You spell ‘straight’ as ‘streaght’. Are you joking when you do this? How old are you, really? Most eleven year olds know how to spell this word.

    3) You called me ‘LAZabella’ at first because you obviously couldn’t read ‘LEZabella’ properly.

    So drop the attitude, you’re not funny, you’re not witty and you have a level of English akin to an 8 year old.

    I can only assume that your parents were siblings given your stupidity and rudeness, I mean I can just imagine you now Brian, on a lovely sunny day……wandering into McDonalds, ordering a cheeseburger then saying “hold the cheese”, I can even imagine you Brian, in all your glory, working in an M & M factory but then getting fired for throwing all of the W’s away; stuff like that you know. I just feel sometimes Brian that a little advice could help you in your every day life, for example, just because 90% of all accidents happen around the home-doesn’t mean you have to move! Sherlock Holmes is NOT a housing project, pay-per view does NOT mean staring t a piece of paper, and you can’t read an audio book, Brian.

    Did those help? I hope so.

    I also hope that you learn some manners and pull your head out your arse as I’m imagining it’s already like a wizard’s sleeve you prostitute.

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