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TransLondon to march at Pride ‘under protest’

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  1. I am getting fed up with the constant drama TransLondon inflict on me as a trans woman. TransLondon are a group of radical trans feminists looking to impose its own agenda on the trans community and wider world. I wish the pride committee would stop giving them a platform and a air of legitimacy.

    Plenty of trans groups work in cooperation with pride but their voices get drowned out by the shouting of the likes of TransLondon.

    So pride please stop paying attention to those like TransLondon who just shout the loudest, and pay attention to those who really want to cooperate and build unity.

  2. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 2:45pm

    TransLondon is being disingenious here and this latest update is obviously solely for publicity.

    I wonder did they change their mind about participating when they realised that the parade would go ahead whether they wanted to participate or not and that many other trans people would participate whether TransLondon participated or not.

  3. abi, translondon talk for no one but translondon. you dont want them to represent you? dont join.

    sounds like pride sorted itself out. good.

  4. theotherone 24 Jun 2009, 9:28am

    good point xaria: if you don’t like the group don’t join.

    Personaly I like a bit of ‘radicalism.’

  5. Dru Marland 24 Jun 2009, 12:38pm

    Wondering is good, Simon. If you make the logical progression from wonder and take the trouble to inform yourself on the subject (it’s surprisingly easy to do), you might avoid getting egg on your face. Here, have a tissue. :-)

  6. Jack Holroyde 24 Jun 2009, 12:40pm

    I’m glad this is over as well. As Campaigns Director at Queer Youth Network, we had a number of meetings with our Trans Youth London group, who voted unanimously to march. Trans London’s motives seemed to be completely opaque – more of an argument over funding and direction than serious matters like ‘Toiletgate’ and other transphobic events.

    I can’t help but ask on a personal note – when is the trans community going to unite and move forwards together? Infighting does nothing for a cause, and all I seem to see is PFC doing one thing, TransLondon doing another, both completely condemning the actions of the other.
    The trans community needs a Leader – and fast.

  7. I agree Jack (sup?), the trans community is far too divided. It’s guilty of in-fighting and bitching and never quite knowing what its aims are. I’m hoping this changes soon.

  8. David Henry 24 Jun 2009, 6:55pm

    Sorry Jack can you give examples of what you have described? The criticisms aimed at the Trans Community are completely unjustified and without merit. PFC (Press for Change), TransLondon and the Queer Youth Network work very closely together and although we have different ideologies and ways of working as a collective all and other provide a powerful voice in uniting many different people. The same can be said of any section of society. How many “leaders” can you name in the “bi community” or the “asian community” for example?

    Only when the LGBT community itself (including Pride London and it’s board white middle class of directors) unites behind the Trans community that is an integral part of it can anyone demand the trans community to do the same.

    Jack is correct in saying “Toiletgate” (assault of trans people by security guards at Pride last year) was a very serious matter but as Pride and TransLondon will both tell you it been dealt with and everyone involved is now aware of how not to let it happen again, but I’d hardly saying serious concerns around lack of funding and involvement for crucial community groups and services aren’t important either.

  9. so TL is being ‘disingenuous’? Interestingly pre-emptive use of the polite word for lying Simon Murphy. You dont work for Pride by any chance do you? Perhaps you would like to ask the Deputy Mayor of London who has been disingenuous after what was said at the Quarterly LGBT meeting at City Hall two weeks ago.

    Not sure how bringing a report back, having a vote and publicising it is disingenous, to be honest. We just wanted our decision to rejoin to be as widely known as the boycott. Incidentally, Paul Birrell’s response saying that a number of entrants had to pull out and that the drag queen float was separate from the ‘Trans Presence’ as originally planned is completely at variance with what Diana had announced then taken off the table in answer to our and several other groups reaction, and has no basis in fact whatsoever.

    Michal, TransLondon facilitator

  10. Black Hawk Down 25 Jun 2009, 12:29am

    It’s good to see someone is taking on the gay elite. The apathy and complacency within the gay community is despicable when you bear in mind homophobia is on the increase – a phenomenon white middle class gay males do not experience.

    The transgenders are the special forces of the LGBT movement. Hooo Haaa!

  11. thinking on this it occurred to me that the biggest wounding in all our communities is silence. we all know the dangers of silence and what it is to be misrepresented. the events at Stonewall 40 years ago were a very loud shout against the silence that had stifled us for many years. and we march, as far as i understand, to remember those who had the courage to make that shout. a lot of us now enjoy a more comfortable life because of those who were noisy and rowdy, took a risk and said this is not who i am and it is not right.

    on re-reading the original TransLondon press release it seems to me that what they were doing is drawing attention to misrepresentation and the lack of diverse expression within Pride. even if TransLondon do not represent the whole of the Trans community (and i am sure they don’t) their voice is still a valid one and, given the tradition we are celebrating, one that we ought to be embracing as showing up fault lines and blindnesses within our greater community (where there does seem to be a fear of some parts of the Trans community). the fact that their tone has become more insistent just shows that our organisations with more power to control representations of our community are still missing the point. it would be wonderful if our major organisations such as stonewall, pride etc carried out grass roots consultations with groups expressing concerns with marginalisation and used this to explore new structures of policy and decision making. this would demonstrate real community leadership. although the process might not always be easy it has the potential to broaden our community and help us find a place where we find unity in celebrating diversity.

    this now seems to be happening between Pride London and TransLondon which i find really hopeful. and whilst they may not speak for everyone i thank TransLondon for keeping alive the spirit of Pride.

  12. Thanks Steven, Black Hawk Down, David Henry, Dru Marland, theotherone, and Xaria for your lovely, positive and supportive comments. Let’s hope that we can put this difficult patch behind us and build on the greater understanding that now exists between Pride and some of the more marginalised sections of the LGBT community, including trans groups like TransLondon.

    Dear Abi, Simon Murphy and Jack Holroyde. It is a pity that you feel the way you do about the action TransLondon members voted to take. I feel sure that if you knew the facts, you might feel less impatient with us. Can I make it clear that TransLondon has never claimed to represent anyone except its members who voted on this action. Also, TransLondon has been completely open and honest about the reasons for the actions. You only have to read our press releases.

    May I also say how please the organisers and members of TransLondon are that Pride have changed their policies in light of our concerns – it shows that Pride can listen and respond fairly.

    In addition, I am pleased to say that TransLondon have been included in discussions and a meeting between Stonewall and trans organisations with a view to achieving greater mutual understanding and respect as well as coordinating our campaigns on important matters like equality law.

    As to TransLondon’s relationship with Press For Change, the two organisations work constructively and amicably together. Despite what Jack rather puzzlingly says, TransLondon has never condemned the work of PfC and neither, as far as I am aware, have PfC condemned TransLondon. TL contributed along with lots of other groups and thousands of individual trans people, to PfCs recent research for the Equality Bill campaign. I have been in several discussions and meetings with Stephen Whittle recently and, while we may not always agree on everything, I have the utmost respect and affection for him.

  13. Would that be all 12 of you then Christina?

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