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Perez Hilton asked to apologise over ‘gay slur’

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe PinkNews should change their photo of Perez, he’s not a fat bastard anymore he’s lost a lot of weight since then!

  2. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 23 Jun 2009, 12:03pm

    The fact the Perez used Twitter to broadcast the incident shows that this man is focused on fame and fortune and not on legitimate reporting or providing relevant news.

    It was sick to see he attacked the Black Eyed Peas star in a video asking for the police to be called instead of using the emergency services directly. Does he seriously think he will get more fans this way?

    The video in the article truly shows the celebrity lifestyle is chavy, and pathetic. This man cries homophobia when he wants and uses his sexuality against people.

    Perez is just a boy, who cried wolf!

  3. Another camp ugly fat nobody in the news – just what the gay community needs.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 23 Jun 2009, 2:36pm

    can a shrieking publicity-mad queen be homophobic?

    It may be abusive in tone but I doubt whether PH is using it as anything more than a bitch-slap or an outing.

  5. Look at the idiot, faggot and thug comes to mind, a supersize, ugly,fat,common- as- grass wannabe who i doubt any decent human being would touch even if it was with a wooden spoon! Get some excercise mate.

  6. What a joke. Using Twitter to ask for the police. I personally believe his 15 minutes of fame are long gone.

  7. Why give the prat anymore publicity?

  8. just seen a picture so he is now a camp not-so-fat ugly nobody.

  9. I don’t see why camp is an insult? I’m not camp myself but I’ve never really gotten that. Gay is gay. Camp as an insult is usually used by “straight acting” wanks that aren’t very comfortable with themselves, always worrying about what the “gay community” needs even though they’re barely a part of it. You’re just like mr perez, minus the “camp”. Pot, meet kettle?

  10. I was never into Black Eyed Peas in a big way. Now I am their number one fun! That revolting, vile slug should wriggle back under the ground forever and give humanity the chance to evolve back into the more intelligent species it was before his puerile form of pop culture hit the airwaves.

  11. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 6:46pm

    Is his name HIL-TON or HILT-OUNCE? Whatever it is I don’t give a Toss about these ‘Plastic’ yucky creeps.

  12. I am going to be crude here, but Perez Hilton is a f***ing t**t who should do us all a favour and p*ss off.

    Apologies all! x

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